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In the name of god amen the eighteenth daye of February in the yere of our lord god one thousand sixe hundred and fower [four] I Humfrey Stary of Buraston w[i]thin the parish of Burford in the Countie of Salopp being sicke in bodye but of good and p[er]fecte remembrance praysed be god doe ordayne and make my testam[en]t contayninge herein my last will in manner and forme following viz first I comend my soule into the m[er]cifull hands of all mightie god And my bodye to be buryed in the churchyard of Burford aforesaid Item my will is that Margaret Stary my wief shall have the house wh[ere] I dwell in the Myll and custoudy lande thereunto belonginge withall and singular profitts and comodities thereof duringe her naturall lief. Alsoe I give unto her one cowe, my beste bedd in the howse with the appertenuts[?] and two coffers of napy[?] ware to use and bestowe at her pleasure. And to use any my houshould stuffe herein given to my executor for longe as she shall live. Item I give and bequeath unto Nicholas Stary my sonne one baye horse and the greatest pann in the house[?] or xls [40 shillings] in money at his choise to be paied or delived unto him within short space after the pbacon [probation?] of this my said testam[en]t. I give alsoe unto him the table boord and foormes which are in my dwellinge howse fower [four] dishes of pewter and all such tools as are comonly used about the weyll [well]. Item I doe divise give and bequeath unto Richard Stary my sonne all my free lands which I bought of Francis Kerry of Kyther Muster gent comonly known by the name or names of Pill Hill and Pill Close adioyninge [adjoining] to a river or water called Corne Brooke situate lyeing and being within the parish of Knighton in the Countie of Worcester with all and almanner of deeds evidencs and writings contayninge the same and all howse [whose?] profitts and comodities in or upon or belonginge to the said lande to have and to hould the said free landes deedes evidence writings howse [whose?] profitts and comodities with the appertenuces thereunto belonginge or app[er]tyninge unto the said Richard Stary my sonne his heires and assig[ne]s forew[ith] to thouly[?] use and behoost of him the said Richard Stary his heires and assignes forewith payeinge the some of xv li [15 pounds] towards the dischardgeinge of the legacies hereby bequeathed is my goode will not extend to satisfye the same. Item I give and bequeath unto Anne Stary my daughter fortie pounds in money, one pott, one pan, one bedd and that thereunto belongeth sixe dishes of pewter fower [four?] gawces [?] and one candlestick to be paied and delived unto her within one yere after my decesse. Item I give and bequeath unto Edward Stary my sonne twentie three pounds in money the best pott in the howse & one paier of sheets to be paied and delivered unto him within one yere next after my decesse And also the some of three pounds more to be paied unto him within the space of six yeres next after my death. Item I give and bequeath unto John Stary my sonne twentie three pounds in money one coffer and one paier of sheets to be paied and delivered unto him when he shall accomplishe the aige of twentie and one yeres. Item I give and bequeath unto Thomas Stary my sonne twemtie three pounds in money and one paier of sheets to be paied and delived unto him when he shall zccomplish the age of twentie
and one yeres. Also I give unto the said Thomas one heyfer with a white face. And my will and  true meaninge is that if the said John and Thomas Stary or sister of them shall happen to decesse before he or them shall accomplish the age of xxi yeres that then the porcon and porcons of him or them soe decessinge shall remayne to the rest of all his brethren devivinge equally to be devided amongst them.  Item I give unto Anne Stary daughter of George Stary of Hynts xx s [20 shillings] Item I give unto John Stary of the Hemm v s [5 shillings] And to his sister Blanche Stary v s [5 shillings] Item I give unto Margaret Stary of the Hem iii s iii d [3 shillings and four pence] Item I give unto Johan Hughes iii s [3 shillings]. I give unto Elizabeth Harp ii s [2 shillings] Item I give unto any of my god children unmarryed xii d [12 pence] a peece the said John Stary and Elizabeth Harp only excepted. Item I give to the
parish church of Burford xii d [12 pence] And to the chappell of Buraston other xii d [12 pence] Item I give unto my overseers hereafter named x s [10 shillings] legacie. Item all the rest of my goods chattells and chattells moveable and ymmoveable heretofore in this my will not given or bequeathed I give and bequeath unto the said Richard Stary my sonne my debts and financial expencs paied ad discharged which said Richard my sonne I doe ordayne and make executor of this my last will and testament expecting[?] he will see the same dulye p[er]formed And I doe ordaine and make Richard Stary of the Hem and Humfrey Mantle of Hynts overseers of the same not doubtinge but they will take paynes herein as my especiall trust in them is.

Debts owinge unto the testator as followeth
Richard Hill of Bickley gent iii li xviii s [3 pounds 18 shillings]
Mrs[?] Elinor Hill of the same x s [10 shillings]
Alsoe borrowed in her husbands lief tyme xxx s [30 shillings]
Francis Heycop[?] v li [5 pounds]
John Hunte xv s viii d [15 shillings 8 pence]
Henry Stary of Weston xxxv s [35 shillings]
William Harp x ls [10 pounds]
John Peny of Nether Aston iii li x s [3 pounds 10 shillings]
John Chilver Clerk xvi s [16 shillings]

16 May 1605 apud Ludlowe probatum fuit ... testamentum .. iurato executor ....comissa fuit ... [Probate 16 May 1605 at Ludlow]