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[Hereford Diocess] I John Starie of the Redfoard in the parish of Burford and County of Salop Yeoman do make & ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following (that is to say) I do renounce frustrate and make void all Wills formerly by me made or sealed and I do hereby declare and appoint this my last Will and Testament. Item I give bequeath grant confirm and devise unto my son Thomas Starie now liveing in Bewdley in the County of Worcester Batchelor all my houses lands messuages tenements peices or p[ar]cells[?] of land & premises with all & every their appurtences whatsoever to me my heirs or assigns belonging or in any wise appurtaining and either in law or equity now in poss[ess]ion or revercon situare lying and being within the parish of Coreley in the said County of Salop and now in the poss[ess]ion of me the said John Starie or my undertenants to have and and to hold all and singular the said houses messuages tenements lands and premises with all and every the appurtences togeather with all the revercon and revercons remainder and remainders thereof unto the said Thomas Starie and his heires and assignes for ever And to the only proper use and befoof of him the said Thomas Starie his heirs & assignes forever at for and under the rents and servies thereof due & of right accustomed. Item whereas I stand engaged to pay unto Thomas Morrice my son in law the summe of an hundred pounds after my decease if my daughter his now wife survive me or any child or children of hers then liveing and whereas the said Thomas Morrice hath received in part of the said hundred pounds in stock of catle implements of husbandrey and in the moiety or one half of the goods and household stuff then belonging to me and in my poss[ess]ion at the time of their marriage the summe of fifty pounds according to an agreement & bargain then made between us and to be again to me repaid if I survived my said daughter in manner as aforesaid now my will and meaning is and in and for the consideracon of the payment of the other fifty pounds unto the said Thomas Morrice after my decease if my said daughter survives as aforesaid by my Executor hereafter named that all the rest residue and remainder of the other moiety or one half of the said goods and household stuff that was then in my poss[ess]con at the time of the marriage of my said daughter and since in the use and occupation of the said Thomas Morrice and his wife by my consent and allowance until otherwise by me disposed of togeather with the whole and every part of all other goods properly belongng or in any wise appurtaining to me not intended or meant to be divided as my desk and books and such other things that have not been wholy in their poss[ess]ion since the said marriage or hath been p[ur]chased or procured by me since the said marriage togeather with all other the bonds bills or security to me made or sealed for the payment of the several summe or summes therein menconed and all debts dues and demands rents or arrears of rent whatsoever to me owing or of right belonging togeather with all my right title or interest to a certain messuage cottage or tenement lately by me p[ur]chased of John Robinson Esqr heretofore commonly called or known by the name of Powlters Tenement situate lying and being in the township of Tilsop in the said parish of Burford and County of Salop and now in the poss[ess]con of me the said John Starie and my undertenants togeather with all the lands and other the appurtences thereunto belonging after the paym[en]t of the said fifty pounds and all other my debts and funeral expences are paid and discharged I freely give devise and bequeath unto my said son Thomas Starie to have and to hold to the said Thomas Starie his heirs & assigns for ever and to his and their only proper use and befoof which said Thomas Starie I do make constitute and appoint sole and only Executor of this my last Will and Testament In witness whereof I have wrote the same with my hand and have hereunto put my hand and seal the twenty third day of July in the 13th year of the reigne of our sovereigne Lady Anne by the grace of God Queen of Great Britain xc [etc] anno d[omin]i 1714. Jon Starie Sealed subscribed and acknowledged in the presence of Abel Gilly snr Abel Gilly Jnr Philip Gilly

Probatum fuit hu[ius] mo[d]i test[amen]tum apud Ludlow 27 mensis spetembris anno d[omin]i 1720 coram venti viro Edwardo Wynn l[egatum] d[octore] rev[erendum] in Christo pris ac d[omi]ni dici Phillippi pwissne Di[ocesi]a Hereford Epi[scopal] Vicar in __ gent xc [etc] p Thomam Starie ex[ecuto]rem xc cui xc primit[us] de bene xc de pleno xc nernon de verno xc vero primam Mr John Griffith clico A M surro[gatus] xc iurat iuro cujinang)

[Summary previously supplied]
Will John Starie, Redfoard, Burford, yeoman made 3 [this is incorrect] July 1714; son Thomas Starie a bachelor now in Bewdley ... lands in parish of Coreley; son in law Thomas Morrice ... messuage known as Powlters in the township of Tilsop in the parish of Burford in possession of me John Starie; son Thomas Starie senior is sole executor. Proved 27 Sep 1720.


1720 Sep 27
Tes[tamen]tum Johis Starie nup[er] de Burford in Dioc[esia] Hereford de[ce]s[si]ti p[ro]batum fuit p[er] Thoma Starie ejus filium et executorem iurat coram surro[gato] [su]p[radic]ta eodem die
Inv null

[Will of John Starie recently of parish of Burford in Shropshire deceased probate granted to Thomas Starie his son and executor. No inventory(?)]