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In the name of God Amen the nyneteenth daie of Aprill 1641 I John Stary the elder of the Hem in the parish of Burfed in the countie of Sallop and dioces of Hereford yeom[an] beinge sicke in bodie but of good and p[er]fecte memorie thanks be given unto almightie god I doe make and ordeyne this my last will and testament in manner and forme followinge revoking all other wills and testaments whatsoever First I comend my soule to Almightie god my creator and to Jesus Christ his sonne my redeemer by whose merits I trust to be saved and in the resurrected[?] to rise againe and to be numbered amongst the elect & penityne[?] in glorie with the blessed Angels and Elchants[?] And as to concerninge my bodie I give it over unto the earth whence it was taken and to be buried in Christian buriall in the churche or church yard of the said parishe of Burfed by the discrecon of myne executor hereafter named. And whereas god of his great goodnes hath endowed me with worldlie goods and estate far above my deserte and beinge willinge to settle and bestow the same uppon my children whoe shall succeede me or to passe the same unto them that noe variance or concern shall hereafter arise or grow between them. Item I give devise and bequeathe unto my youngest sonne William Stary his heirs assigns forever all that messuage & tenement w[i]th the  apple __[?] comonlie called the wood rowes and all lands meadowes leasowes[?] pastures & hereditaments with thapp__ [?] there unto belonginge mye w___[?] __etie bought and purchased of one Mr Manning ___[?] of Detton in the countie of Salop and are[?] scyttuate [situate?] and beinge within the parish of Corley and Cleobury most[?] ___ in the said countie of Sallop And alsoe one lease assigned unto me bf[?] the said messuage tenement[?] and lands by Blanch my sister nowe wief of Thomas Nicoles of Burfed in the said countie of Sallop and all my estate interest and title in & to the said lease of assignement[?] with the fee simple & inheritance thereof as bradlie[?] I have herein devised together with all deeds evidences & writings concerning the said messuage tenements lands before specified. Item I give & bequeath unto my oldest daughter Anne Starie the some of three scoore pounds of current money of England to be paied unto her by my executor hereafter named within halfe a yere next after my decease. Item I doe give and bequeathe unto my daughter Frances Starie the some of threescoore pounds of lyke lawfull money to be paied unto her within half a yeare next after my decease. And if it shall happen eyther of my said daughters to decease before the half yeare shall be expired in w[hi]ch there porcons before said shalbe paied accordinge to this my will then then my will is that the porcon of her dyinge shall remayne and be trulie paied unto my said children viz John Stary William Starie & the survivors my daughters equallie to be devided by them together with the said porcon threescore pounds ___ bequeathed unto her. All the rest of my goods cattles chattles creeditts and howshould [household] stuffe unbequeathed my debts & funeral expenses discharged I give and bequeath unto my sonne John Stary who I doe ordeine make & constitute to be full & sole executor of this my last and testament not doubtinge but he will see this my last will trulie p[er]formed[?] And I doe also make and hatelie [heartily?] desier [desire?] my good frend and honest neighbour Francis Holland of the Fearne[?] to be overseer of this my said last will & testament hopinge that he will helpe and assiste my said Executor to see this my will on[e] day respectefullie accomplished as I trust him. In wittness whereof I have unto this my last will putt my hand and seale the daie & yere first above written 1641
signed Johis Stary senior
Read sealed published & delived in the presense of us viz
Francis Holland
Richard Starie
Robert Tomlins
Richard Jones
William Penny
20[?] die[?] mensis Octob[ris] 1641 corum[?] dno Broad[?] __
Probata fuit __ testamentum[?] ____ John Starie __ executus in eadem __ commiss__ fuit et est ___ _____ ___ ___ [Probate granted 20? Oct 1641 to John Starie Executor]