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In the name of god amen the xxvi th [26th] day of October the sixth yeare of the rainge [reign] of our sovereigne Lord James kinge [ie 1608] of England France & Ireland & of Scotland the two & fortieth I Margaret Stary of Buraston Mill in the p[ar]ish of Burford and Countie of Sallopp Widowe beinge sicke in body but whole in minde of good & p[er]fect memory praised be god doe ordaine constitute & make my will & testament in manner and forme followinge. First I doe commend my soule into the mercifull handes of allmighty god and my body to be buried in the churchyard of Burford Item my will is that Edd Stary my sonne shall have all the p[ro]fit & comoditie of the Mill from & after the time of my decese until the feast of the Purification of our blessed Lady the Virgine commencing [?] candlemas day next ensuinge the date hereof ___ thereof [?] mayntayninge house keping & discharginge all other duties that may happen to be due & payable for the aforesaid Mill. Also I give unto Edmond on[e] fether bed __ bowster [bolster?] and on[e] blanckett on[e] coffer in the new [?] soller [cellar?] and the most pter [portions?] of the stufe therein & on[e] red [?] spotted gilte [?] Item I give & bequeth unto Nicholas Stary my sonne xx s [20 shillings] & on[e] red [?] swine Item I give unto John Stary my sonne x s [10 shillings] in money & one greate coffer two pillowes & on[e] canvesse. Item I give unto Anne Stary my daughter all the niteress [nightdress?]  or pte [portions?] that I have in on[e] browne heyfer on[e] fowell & all furs hemps & flax that is in my dwellinge house on[e] coffer full of hempe only excepted w[hic]h shall be equally devided betweene Edmond Stary & John Stary my sonnes. Item my will is that all such linens that be[?] in on[e] greate coffer & all such linen cloth & wole [wool?] w[hi]ch in my dwelling howse shall be equally devided amongst all my children. Item all the rest of my goodes both moveable & unmoveable and heretofore not bequeathed my debts being paid & my funerall expenses discharged I give & bequeath wholly & psellinall [?] unto my sonne Richard Stary whom I doe ordaine constitute & make my whole executor for this my last Will & Testament Witnesse to the same Edward Starie and Anne Starie

Probatum fuit testamentum infrascriptum coram venabili viro mageo Jacobi Baptie legat doctore officials ... apud Lodlowe xxiiii to die mensis Novembris anno die 1608 ... juramente dict Richd Starie ... testamento nominat ... fit et .. administrand salvo iuro ..... [Will proved 24 Nov 1608 at Ludlow by Richard Starie]