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In dei no[min]e amen: the third day of may in the yere of our lord god one thousand five hundred foure score and two I Nicholas Stary of Weston in the parishe of Burford in the county of Salop and dioces of hereford beinge somwhat deceased of body but of good and p[er]fecte remembrance thanks be to god therfore doe make my last will and testament in man[ner] and forme followinge viz Firste I geve my soule to Almighty god my creator and to Jesus Christe myne only redeemer and savior by whose death and passion I truste onely to be saved and my body to be buried in the church yard of Burford Item I geve and bequeth to Richard Stary my cosin __ne[?] _vaent[?] ffyve pounds Item I geve and bequeth to Elizabeth Stary daughter to my brother Walter Stary six pounds Item I geve and bequeth to every one of my godchieldren six pence Item all the residue of my goods and chattells moveable and unmoveable wth the lease of myne house I geve bequeth fully and wholly to Margaret my wief finding my syster Anne sufficient meate and drinke and lod[g]inge during the lief of the same[?] Anne of my same[?] lease doe so longe confirme furthermore I doe confirm[?] predeme[?]  and make the said Margaret my wief my sole and full executrix of this my last will and my brother Thomas Stary to be oversee that this my laste will be truely p[er]formed abd done. Witnes at the makinge hereof
John Obrongston[?] gent
___ Walker
___ Wymarton[?]