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Hereford Dyocess
Starie Richd
Richard Starie of neen Sollars in the County of Sallop and Dyocess aforesaid yeom[an] being of good and perfect memory praised be God doe make and ordaine this my last Will and Testament in manner and forme following [that is to say] First I renounce frustrate and make void all former Wills heretofore at any time by me made and sealed and doe order and appoint this to be my last Will and Testament. Item as to such worldly estate as the Lord hath entrusted me with my will and pleasure is it should be imployed and be and remaine to and for the use of my dear and loveing wife Drusilla Starie and my four daughters that is to say Margaret Elizabeth Martha and Elianor Starie in manner following (vizt) I[te] pes[?] as to that part of the estate of land wherein I __ live and am possessed off that is not contained in the joynture and settled upon my said wife I give bequeath and devise unto my said wife Drusilla and for and dureing the terme of her naturall life or other wise untill the day of her marryage with any second husband which shall first happen so be and imployed by her dureing the said terme (determinable upon marryage as aforesaid) for the maintenance of my said daughters and for the giveing and bestoweing upon them such education as becometh their degree and after such decease or immedately upon such marryage (which shall first happen as aforesaid) the same to be equally divided amongst my said daughters and the survivor or survivors of them or either or any of their heires that shall be then liveing and to be and remain to them and their heires forever. Item as to the rest residue and remainder of all and singular any temporall estate goods chattells household stuff implements of husbandry bonds bills debts dues or demands or sumes of money whatsoever to me belonging or in any wise appertaineing (after my debts and funerall expenses are fully paid and discharged) I freely give and bequeath unto my said wife Drusilla for and towards the further mainenance breeding up and educating my said daughters aforesaid with free liberty at any time in her life (before such second marryage) to dispose and give any of the said personal or temporall estate to any of the said or any of their heires then living and in such measure and quantity as she in her motherly care and discretion shall think fit to e divided amongst them only and not to any other child or children by any other husband or to any other person or persons whatsoever provided always and upon condicon and it is my will and meaning and I doe hereby order and appoint that if it shall happen my said wife Drusilla shall marry a second husband after my decease that then and from immediately upon such marryage made as aforesaid all the said temporall or personall estate goods chattels implements of husbandry bonds wills debts dues and demands or sumes of money whatsoever before mentioned[?] together with such improvement or advantage that shall be made thereof by the said Drusilla until such time of marryage or shall be in the possession or in any wise belonging or appertaining unto the said Drusilla before such marryage (except such parte thereof that shall be disposed or given to any of them before the said marryage at her discretion as aforesaid) I hereby give and bequeath and my meaning is shall remaine and be unto my said four daughters and the survivor or survivors of them or any of their heires then living to be equally divided amongst them at or upon the day of the said marryage or within 28 dayes next after the said marryage. Lastly I doe hereby make constitute and appoint my said dear and loving wife sole and only Executrix of this my last Will and Testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto putt my hand and seale the twenty seaventh day of June anno domini] 1712. Richard Starie. Sealed subscribed and acknowledged in the presence of Edward Jordan the marke of John Grime Jno Starie.
Probatum fuit testum retroscript apud Ludlow 19 die mensis May anno dom[ini] 1713 …… Drusilla Starie vid. ….


1713 May 19
T[estamentu]m Rich[ard]i Starie nup[er] de Neen Sollars in Com[itis] Salopia et Dioc[esia] Hereford de[ce]s[si]ti p[ro]bat[um] fuit p[er] Drusilllam Starie vid[ua] ejus relicam et iur[at] cora[m] surrogato supradicta eodem die
Neen Sollars

[Will of Richard Starie recently of parish of Neen Sollars in Shropshire deceased probate granted to Drusilla Starie widow and relict]