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tenth[?] day of july in the yere of oure lord mcccccxlv I thomas stary burford in the deoses of burford beying syke in body notwstandyng[?] bying[?] make my last wyll & testament in thys manor as[?] folows[?] fyrst I commend my body to be buryd in the churchyard of Burford aforesayd i[te]m my wyll is that mesuage that I dyelem[?]dubee & the barne spavud[?] with the apurtynents __ lese therof taken of john lachas__[?] _entylmer[?] so that the sayd __ my son xl s of legall money of england who by the sayd Nycolas acording to thys my last wyll & testament. i[te]m my wyll is that in paynys[?] in the mayntenyng of the sayd premisses[?] for the syid[?] nycolas ___ pay the costes & charges of the syd[?] __ __ that be halfe soe that my son & to hys assignes all my grownd[?] modoys[?] & putting __ apurtynens thereto belongyng acordyng[?] to the lesses[?] therof to me the sayed thomas & hys assines to have & inioys the same ___ of all the terme of the lesse hereof it[em] my wyll is that nycolas shal have wonte[?] lett or int_msitie[?] all such _atelys whych ys br_wen[?] __ howse as in my pastmeys[?] i[te]m my wyll is that all my goods __eferent[?] __ in to thyrd equal p[ar]tes & the first p[ar]te thereof I geve [se]cond p[ar]te I geve & bequeth to Thomas my son & the thryd p[ar]te I __deyne equally betwxt them too nanstandyng[?] my wyll is that __ conpatio_[?] of all my sayed yves[?] duryng her lyfe and __er __yed[?] nycolas thomas _watr[?] & an my chyllrene In manor as is __ make nicolas & thomas my sonnes my one & lawfull executors[?] __ & testiment to be fullfilled w[ith] the effects & these beying wytnes[?] ___ john mays[?] richard[?] starye