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In the name of God Amen
I Thomas Starie of Bewdley in the county of Worcester Grocer being of a disposeing mind and memory doe make this my last Will and Testament in manner following (vizt) my soul I hope will returne to God who give it my body I committ to the earth to be buried and my estate I dispose of as followeth (vizt) Imprimis I give to Mr John Prattinton and his wife and to Mr Thomas Prattinton and Mrs Mary Prattinton his son and daughter and to Mr William Crump and to every of them one guinea apiece. Item I give to my niece Anne Starie on[e] hundred pounds. Item I give to my said niece and her heirs for ever all that messuage or tenement with the appurtences called Poulters tenement seituate in Tilsop in the County of Salop which my late father John Starie purchased of Sr John Robinson. Item I give to Thomas the son of Samuell Wall and Margarett his wife five pounds. Item I give to the said Samuell Wall and Mr John Prattinton ten pounds to be by them laid out and distributed two and amongst such poor persons of Bewdley aforesaid as they shall think fitt in manner following (vizt) one half part thereof in bread to be made by the said Samuell Wall and the other in money. Item I give to my sister Elizabeth Morris all those my household goods and linnen which are in her possession and to her son Thomas Morris my desk of books. Item all the rest of my personall estate after my debts legacies and funerall expenses are apid and satisfied I give to my brother John Starie and my sister Morris equally to be divided between them share and share alike and all the rest of my reall estate not before divised I give and devise in manner following (vizt) one moyety thereof to my said brother for life and from and after his decease then to his son William and Thomas Starie and their heirs for ever equally to be divided between them and the other moyetie thereof to my sister for life and after her decease to her son Thomas and Phillip Morris and their heirs for ever equally to be devided between them share and share alike. Item I appoint my said brother and my brother in law Mr Thomas Morris joynt executors of this my Will which I declare to be my last Will and Testament. In witness whereof I have here unto sett my hand and seal and published this to be my my last Will and Testament the twelfth day of April anno dom. 1728. Tho: Starie, Signed sealed published and declared by the above named Thomas Starie as and for his last Will and Testament in presence of us who subscribed our names as witnesses thereot in his sight and at his request John Giles the marke of John Hammond William Crump

Probatum fuit h[uiusm]o[d]i t[estamentum] Ludlow 15[?] die mensis Aug[us]ti anno dei 1729 coram venti viro edro Wynn legum dce revdi in Christo patris at dm dni Henrici puine D[ioces]ia Hereford Epi[scopal] Vicar xc p Johen Starie et Thommum Moriss Ex[ecutor]es et quibus et primitus de bone et at deplone et necnon de vero et coram Mr Johes Griffith clito cl: M: Surro[gato]: et iurat salvo juro ayiuscidq

[Summary only]
Will Thomas Starie, Bewdley, grocer, made 12 Apr 1729 to niece Anne Starie £100 and Poulters tenement which purchased by late father; sister Elizabeth Morris to have household goods and some to her son Thomas; residue to brother John Starie and sister Elizabeth Morris equally. Will proved 5 Aug 1729.


1729 Aug 5
Tes[tamen]tum Thoma Starye nup[er] p[ar]oc[h]ia de Ribsford defunct[us] proba[tum] fuit p[er] Joh[ann]em Starye et Thoma Morris executores xt[?] iurat cora[m] surro[gato] [su]p[radic]ta eodem [die]
[no value listed]

[Will of Thomas Stary recently of parish of Ribsford deceased probate granted to John Stary and Thomas Morris executors. No inventory(?)]