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In the name of God Amen the 3 daye of December in the yere of Our Lord God one[?] m v hundreth LXXII that I Walter Stary of the p[ar]yshe of Burford in the Dyoses of Herford beying seke in bodye have be hyft[?] in p[er]fecte mynde & good rememberence doe make thys my last wyll and testament in maner & forme folowyng Fyrst I bequeth my soule to Allmyghty God & my body to be buryed in the churchyard of Burford It[em] I geve & bequeth all my goods moveable & unmoveable to my daughters Ellizabeth & Joan & to be devyded equally betweyxt them It[em] my wyll & desyer ys for the instanth[?] of God that my brother Nycoles shall have the kepying of Ellisabeth & my brother Thomas the kepyng of Joan & theyre pareyans[?] __ them to _yansse[?] them & __ytt accordyng to thyre dyscresyan I do ordeyne constytude[?] & make my brother Nycoles & my brother Thomas my soolle executors to __ thys my last wyll & testament be truly p[er]formyd for the nyd & hellpe of my poore chyldren & Thomas Stary of the Nashe overseer.
Detts that be owyng unto me
Robt Hooke 1111s viiid
___ Neyfe[?] iiis vid
Humfrey Syntorn[?] xls
Rychard Wyat vid
John Anngyll[?[ vid
___[?] Nashe xls

Detts that I doe owe
Tomy Pystane[?] ___ xxvs viiid
Ryched Rowley iiis iiiid
Ryched Stockwell[?] vs

These beyng wyttnes
Thomas Dyoke
Humfrey Smythe
Thomas Stary