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Prior to federaration in 1901, each colony was responsible for its own census. Australia's first census was the 1828 New South Wales census. For privacy reasons, all census from 1911 until 1991 were destroyed after statistical information was collected. The 2001 census was the first census that allowed personal information to be retained but only on a voluntary basis. Few Australian census records have survived.

Sterrys have been extracted from surviving census as below.

New South Wales

1828 census No Sterrys. [Source: FamilySearch]
1841 census [fragment only] [Source: FamilySearch]
[County] Bourke [Town] Newtown [Name of Householder, Employer of Servants or person in charge] Robert Sterry [Place of Residence] Newtown [Head of House and Proprietor] Robert Sterry [Dwelling House built of Stone or Wood] Wood, unfurnished, inhabited, 2 free persons residing.
1891 census [Source: FamilySearch]
[County] Cumberland [Census District] Balmain
+4 Evans Street
E Sterry, 1 male, 2 female
1901 census [Source: FamilySearch]
[County] Mitchell [Census District] Wagga Wagga [Sub district] South Wagga
*Baylis Street
William Sterry, 3 males 4 females

South Australia

1841 census No Sterrys [Source: FindMyPast]


1841 census [fragment only] [Source: FamilySearch] No Sterrys [Note: In 1841 Victoria was part of NSW]


1841 census [fragment only] [Source: FamilySearch] No Sterrys [Note: In 1841 Queensland was part of NSW]

Northern Territory

1881 census No Sterrys [Source: FindMyPast]
1891 census No Sterrys [Source: FindMyPast]
1901 census No Sterrys [Source: FindMyPast]
1911 census
No Sterrys [Source: FindMyPast]
1921 census No Sterrys [Source: FindMyPast]

+ = Longhope, Gloucestershire, UK line
* = Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK