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This is the link page for writings by and about Sterrys.


Rev Peter Sterry (1613-1672), chaplain to Oliver Cromwell (Ruardean line)

Rev Nathaniel Sterry (1644-1698) (Peter's younger brother) (Ruardean line)

Arthur William Sterry (1883-1944), Actor and Early Australian Film Director (Bury St Edmunds line)

Thomas Sterry Hunt (1826-1892), Chemist and Geologist (Stonington line)

Theophilus Sterry (1823-1866) (Bury St Edmunds line)
A labourer from Suffolk who joined the mad gold rush to Australia in the 1850's, taking his young family half way around the world in search of fortune and a better way of life.

John Steward Sterry (1834-1908) (Lowestoft line)
Ship Owner, Coal Merchant

Sir Wasey Sterry (1866-1955) (Southwark line)
Knt Bachelor(1925), C.B.E.(Civil; 1918), M.A. (Oxon.), Barrister-at-Law, Chief Judge at Khartoum 1903-15, Legal Sec. Sudan 1917, Acting Gov-Gen. 1923, 1924 and 1925; Judge of H.B.M.'s Supreme Court in Egypt, 1928, received dec. 3rd class Medjidie from H.H. the Khedive of Egypt 1907; Order of the Nile (2nd class). Genealogist.

Charlotte Sterry (1871-1912), Champion of Wimbledon Britain's First Olympic Tennis Winner (Southwark line)

Samuel Sterry (1848-1896) (Longhope Line)

David Chaplin Sterry (1832-1904) (Southwold Line)

John Sterry Baker lived an extraordinary life as a runaway convict from the Moreton Bay penal settlement near present day Brisbane who then went on to live with a local Aboriginal tribe for the next almost 15 years in the Darling Downs area. He was probably the first white man the local Aboriginals had ever met. They took him for the returned spirit of a deceased member of their tribe. (Probably Bury St Edmunds line)

Publications by Sterrys

Written by Daniel Sterrie [Lowestoft line] in 1586, this sonnet commemorates an historical event. 

Alice Sterry was born in Lowestoft in 1908 and educated at a 'good old fashioned private school' for girls. She lost all reading sight in 1950, registered as partially blind and learned Braille. She began practising touch-typing about a year ago. Her interests are English literature, history, music and all things East Anglian. She contributed the following very Angliaphile article Avaunt Ye Curmudgeonly Critics to East Anglian Magazine Volume 13 October 1954. [With a special thank you to David Sterry for digging this one out from the Bury CRO archives.]

Jack Sterry [Longhope line] has published several books on the Round Tower churches of Norfolk and Suffolk. See Norwich City Bookshop for a list of his publications to date.

William Sterry [1837-1906; Worcestershire, UK line] travelled by ship from England to Canada in 1873 and for a time worked as a platelayer on Canadian railways. The following year he emigrated to Cape Town in South Africa and initally lived rough in a tent in the bush working on the new rail line from Wellington to Worcester on the Western Cape. Within twelve months he had worked his way to a permanent position as Way Inspector and brought his family out from England to stay indefinitely. His descendants still live in Cape Town. He kept a personal diary from 1873 until he retired in 1899 that provides a unique insight into his remarkable life. Many thanks to his g.g.grandson for providing a copy of William's diary and making it available here.

Publications about Sterrys

Richard Sterry, an "oil-man" or "oil and colorman" of Southwark, Surrey supplied the shop of Thomas Turner, shopkeeper of Easse Hoathby, Sussex and he appears several times in The Diary of Thomas Turner. Richard Sterry (1733-1786) is on the Southwark Sterry line.

Cyril Sterry (1902-1993, Bury St Edmunds Branch) is cast as a rather taciturn and serious-minded character in the story of two English travellers in the late 1930s. In the book titled 'Skye High', the authors Hesketh Pearson and Hugh Kingsmill meet up with Cyril Sterry on the island of Skye and spend a few days together exploring the area. The book is really an excuse for rambling but witty dissertations on religion, literature and politics in the steps of Johnson and Boswell. An extract from the book is included here.

Love Knots and Near Neighbours was written by David Jones and first published in Family Tree Magazine in the Autumn 2009 edition. David Jones tells of an amazing coincidence, when he was contacted by someone with common ancestors in the 17th century. David is the 6x-grandson of Richard Sterry and Jane Pitstow who married at All Saints Church, Longhope on Friday 30 January 1685/86 [Longhope line]

Sterry Genealogies

The Sterry Family of America 1670-1970 by Walter Burges Smith, printed privately in Israel for the author, 1973. Includes the Connecticut Clan, descended from Roger, of Stonington by 1670, and the Maine Clan, descended from Samuel, of Ipswich [Mass.] by 1753, with mention of other Sterrys and the family in England back to 1190 [Sturry]

This seminal book on Sterry Genealogy has been published online as an ebook by the Genealogical Society of Utah aka FamilySearch. Copyright free the entire book of 368 pages in pdf format can be freely viewed online or downloaded. You need to either login or create a free account on FamilySearch to view.