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Immigration Records 1925-1935

This index does not include the names of returning Canadians, tourists, visitors and immigrants en route to the United States.
(Source: Library and Archives of Canada)

Date of Arrival Name Age Sex Nationality Port of Arrival Ship
1914 Feb 14 Claud Rowland Sterry 26 M Br Halifax Doric (White Star Dominion)
1927 Aug 21 7 Beatrice Sterry 45 F En Quebec Alaunia (Cunard)
1928 Oct 12 Agnes Sterry 46 F En Quebec Duchess of Athol (Canadian Pacific)
1929 May 26 John Wm. Sterry 16 M En Quebec Regina (White Star Dominion)
1930 Oct 12 Ivy Sterry 30 F En Quebec Athenia (Anchor Donaldson)
1930 Aug 1 Grace Sterry 21 F En Quebec Duchess of York (C.P.O.S.P
1932 Walter Sterry 35 M En Quebec Antonia (Cunard)