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 From the third quarter 1837 all births, deaths and marriages in England and Wales were registered centrally by the Registrar General. These have been indexed by the General Register Office (GRO), now part of the National Archives.

Civil Registration entries for STERRY and STERREY Births 1837-2007, Marriages 1837-2005 and Deaths 1837-2007 have been extracted and can now be searched. The death index now includes the age at death 1837-1865 and full forenames and the birth index includes full forenames and Mother's Maiden Name from 1837-1911. With much thanks to Kathy Sterry, Heather Robb and David Sterry for helping with extracting and typing these indexes. Thanks also to with much thanks to the Guild of One-Name Studies for providing the STERRY archive storage and search facility.

Civil registration of births, deaths and marriages in Scotland commenced in 1855. STERRY births, marriages and deaths from 1855-2006 have been extracted from the Scotlands People website and are included here. Much thanks to David Sterry for extracting these records.

In addition to the GRO records above, local county Record Offices maintained their own indexes of civil registration records. Each quarter since 1837 these original local BMD indexes were re-transcribed and sent to the General Register Office (GRO) in London, where they were re-indexed into a national catalogue. The Local BMD Project has placed many of these local records online. More recently, FindMyPast have also placed some of these local civil records on-line. STERRY events have been extracted from the local civil records on FMP for Derbyshire.

There are some further GRO indexes for England and Wales containing records of British citizens overseas, the deaths of those serving in the armed forces during the two world wars and births and deaths of people at sea, amongst others.

The following have been searched for Sterrys:

GRO Consular (Overseas) Birth Index 1849-1900
No Sterrys located

GRO Army Return Births 1881-1965 [Source: Find My Past, with additional information by John Todd]
*1904 [baptised 1904] Frederick David Sterry, Place of Birth: Bareilly (Pakistan), Regiment: RA Bareilly, Vol: 306/519, Page: 220/10 [Page: 279]
*1905 Sep 15 [baptised 1905] Ivy Agnes Sterry, Place of Birth: Kamptee (Pakistan), Regiment: RA, Kamptee, Vol: 306/519, Page: 220/10, Date of Baptism: 1905 Oct 7 [Page: 283] [Field Artillery (RFA) 62 Battery] Recorded as a child of marriage No 6058 Farrier Sergt. David Sterry (English), Bachelor and Alice Louisa Macklin (English). Spinster.
*1909 [baptised 1909] Jack Reginald Sterry, Regiment: Nowshera (Pakistan), Page: 123
*1911 [baptised 1911] Gwendoline Iris Sterry, Regiment: Nowshera, Page: 112 [FMP has place of birth Muree]
1924 [baptised 1926] Neville James Sterry(?), Place: Rangoon
+1956 Julia M E Sterry, Station: Imtarfa [Malta], Page: (13) 2
+1956 Russell E J Sterry, Station: Imtarfa [Malta], Page: (13) 2

GRO Births Abroad 1966-1994 [Source: Find My Past]:
1973 Jan 9 Fiona Joy Sterry, Mother’s Maiden Name: Symonds, Post: Dusseldorf, Vol C, Page: 0716
1974 Nov 28 Taryn Sterry, Mother’s Maiden Name: Ballus, Post: Barcellona, Vol: C, Page: 3657
**1980 Apr 21 Hazel Anne Sterry, Mother’s Maiden Name: Hoare, Post: Abu Dhabi, Vol: C, Page: 4168
1991 Aug 18 William Brian Sterry, Mother’s Maiden Name: Mably, Registration: BAOR (British Army of the Rhine?), Post: F, Page: 1291

GRO Consular Marriages 1849-1965 [Source: Find My Past]:
#Wasey Sterry, Spouse’s Surname: Bonfils, Consulate: Cairo, Page: 866

GRO Army Marriages 1881-1955 [Source: Find My Past]:
*1903 David Sterry, Station: Campbellpore, Page: 166
John Todd located the following additional information on this marriage:
Marriage out of the UK Command of the 34th Battery RFA at Bareilly
C of E Church Campbellpore (Pakistan)
*1903 Aug 5, David Sterry (English), 24, Bachelor, Farrier Sgt, Residence: Campbellpore, Father: David Sterry, Blacksmith and Alice Louisa Macklin, 20, Spinster, Residence: Campbellpore, Father: Frederick Macklin, Q.M. Sergt R.E. By banns. Wit: Edwin Dazely, D Scully
+1946 Neville F H Sterry, Spouse’s Surname: Hannega, Station: Holland, Page: 1731
1955 Sterry, Peter D J, Spouse’s Surname: Albon, Station: Nicosia, Page: (10) 31

GRO Marriages Abroad 1966-1994 [Source: Find My Past]:
1976 Gillian A A Sterry, Spouse’s Surname: Clark, Post: BAOR, Vol: F, Page: 0012
1989 Denise Sterry, Spouse’s Surname: De Speluzzi, Registration: Tegucigalpa (Honduras), Page: A7 9346A

GRO Deaths Abroad 1966-1994 [Source: Find My Past]:
+1967 Henry W Sterry, Age: 62, Registration Post: Cape Town, Vol: C, Page: 370

GRO Army Return Deaths 1881-1945:
**1902 Beverley Sterry, Station: Jbansi [India], Aged 31, Ref. 269
+1913 Ronald E.A. Sterry, Station: Alexandria, Aged 2, Ref 271
%%%1944 John F. Sterry, Station: Cuttack, Aged 36, Ref 171

GRO Marine Deaths 1837-1965 [Source: Find My Past]:
1882 Thomas Sterry, Age: Adult, Name of Vessel: City of Limerick, Page: 87
1888 John Sterry, Age: 17, Vessel: Search, Page: 154
**1891 Joseph Sterry, Age: 76, Vessel: Tempo, Page: 124
**1916 Horace Sterry, Age: 18, Name of Vessel: Ivanhoe, Page: 94

GRO Consular (Overseas) Death Index 1849-1945:
No Sterrys found. Located Mathew STEREY(1866-1870), Riga, Aged 4 Ref. 1129

Foreign and Overseas Registers of British Subjects, 1627-1965 [Ancestry]
Nairobi, Parklands
%%%1908 Sep 3 Robert William Barnes [Father] Herbert William Barnes, Mechanical Engineer, English [Mother] Edith Sterry, English [Informant] E Sterry, Parklands

See separate page for GRO Indexes to War Deaths 1914-1921 and 1939-1948

* Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK line
+ = Longhope, Gloucestershire, UK line
# = Ruardean, Gloucestershire, UK line
** Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK line
%%%=Worcestershire, UK line