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#Grange Rd (HO107/1047/5 fol 33)
Henry Sterry, 39, Surgeon, born county
Ellen Sterry, 35, not born county
William Rudland, 20, Surgeon, not born county
Richard Ashdown, 20, M.S., not born county
Maria Russell, 20, F.S., not born county
Jane Daniell, 25, F.S., not born county

#Gunscott St, Alscott Place
Samuel Sterry, 70, Surgeon, not born county
Mary Sterry, 60, not born county
Mary Greenwood, 12, born county
Maria Angel, 30, F.S., born county
Ellen Rhodes, 21, F.S., not born county

**7 Printer's Place (HO107/1048/6 fol 48)
Johanna Sterry, 35, Ind., not born county
Robert Sterry, 13, born county
Johanna Sterry, 10, born county
John Sterry, 5, born county
Mary Wright, 70, Ind., not born county
Maria Gibbs, 35, Ind., not born county

**23 Jamaica Row
William Sterry, 49, Sail Maker, not born county
Betsy Sterry, 41, not born county
John Sterry, 31, Mariner, not born county
Eliza W Sterry, 19, born county
William Sterry, 17, Sail Maker, born county
Betsy Sterry, 12, born county
Adelaid Sterry, 10, born county
Eliza Sterry, 7, born county
James Sterry, 5, born county
Eliza Ackhurst, 24, F.S., not born county
Ann Reeves, 20, F.S., not born county

Grange Walk (HO107/1049/2 fol 17)
Edwd Sterry(?), 50, Porter, born county
Sarah Sterry(?), 40, Hat Trimmer, born county
Sarah Ann Sterry(?), 20, Hat Trimmer, born county
Elzth Sterry(?), 19, Hat Trimmer, born county
Eliza Sterry(?), 17, born county
Mary Sterry(?), 13, born county
Edwd Sterry(?), 9, born county
Emily Sterry(?), 7, born county
E Jas Sterry(?), 3, born county
Note: Although Ancestry have transcribed this surname as 'Sterry' this is unlikely as there is no sign of the family in the 1851 census nor does it correspond to any known Sterry family in the area at this time.The writing is unclear and is probably not Sterry.

#Oakfield Lodge (HO107/1078/9 fol 28)
Richard Sterry, 50, Merchant, not born county
Ann Sterry, 50, born county
Ricd Sterry, 20, born county
Charlotte Sterry, 12, born county
Maria Merrywithen, 30, Governess, not born county
Mary Norman, 30. F.S., born county
Mary Stead, 30, F.S., not born county
Mary Church, 25, F.S., not born county
Mary Ledger, 20, F.S., not born county
Robt Chumlen, 20, M.S., not born county

South end (HO107/1078/5 fol 22)
#Eliza Sterry, 12, Pupil, born county (With 23 other pupils and staff under direction of two schoolmistresses, Maria and Sarah Palmer.)

##North Dorset Place [HO107/1055]
William Starie, 30, Builder, born Surrey
Jane Starie, 20, not born Surrey
Harriett Starie, 30, not born Surrey
Jane Starie, 4, born Surrey
Mary Starie, 2, not born Surrey
Augusta Starie, 8 mnoths, born Surrey
Mary Jackson, 20, F[emale] S[ervant], not born Surrey
Jane Stephens, 15, F[emale] S[ervant], not born Surrey

***Granby Place (HO107/1061/3 fol 5)
James Sterry, 35, Fishmonger, born county
Caroline Sterry, 35, born county
Mary Sterry, 8, born county
Caroline Sterry, 4, born county
Henry Sterry, 3, born county
James Sterry, 1, born county

**Lambeth St James
William Stearey, 30, Greengrocer, born Surrey
Jane Stearey, 40, born Surrey
William Stearey, 5, born Surrey

#Garden Grounds opposite Trinity Terrace
Trinity Square (HO107/1065/4)
Henry Sterry, 35, Oilman, born county
Jane Sterry, 25, not born county
Jane Sterry, 6, born county
Joseph Sterry, 5, born county
Elizabeth Wilkins, 25, F.S., born county
Jane Glover, 20, F.S., born county
Harriet Fisher, 20, F.S., not born county

Ockley [parish]
Ockly Street (HO107/1081/2 fol 8)
Thos Sterry, 50, Ag Lab, born county (With Martha Garard, 65, not born in Surrey; her son David Garard, 25, Ag Lab and Wm Comber, 55, Ag Lab - all born in County)

Southwark (St George the Martyr)
Pitt Street (HO107/1086/4 fol 6)
Elizabeth Sterry, 60, not born county (No occupation given. With William Hollis, 35, General Dealer and family)

Paragon (HO107/1068/2 fol 40)
Elizabeth Sterry, 25, F.S., not born county (With Alexander Bayne, 45, Audit Office and family)

# = Ruardean, Gloucestershire, UK line
** = Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK line
*** = Lambeth, Surrey, UK line
## = Burford, Shropshire, UK