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+Brick House
Samuel Sterry, Head, 62, Farmer o/key(?)10 acres Employing 2 labourers, born Huntley Glo         
Ann Sterry, Wife, 62, born Westbury on Severn Glo
Thomas Sterry, Son, 32, Ag Lab, born Blaisdon Glo
Samuel Sterry, Son, 26, Carpenter, born Blaison Glo
John Sterry, Son, 24, Glazier, born Blaisdon, Gloucestershire, England
Samuel Sterry, Grandson, 16, Ag Lab, born Blaisdon Glo      
Elizabeth Dowding, Servant, unm, 56, General Servant, born Westbury on Severn Glo

+Withey Bridge (HO107/1974/19)            
William Sterry, Head, 56, Ag Lab, born Longney Glo
Hannah Sterry, Wife, 60, born Boddington Glo 

+16 Great Norwood St
Eliza Sterry,  Head, unm, 39, Governess, born St Nicholas Glocester Glo            
Fanny Sterry, Niece, 6, born St Michels Gloucester Glo   

+Dymock Village
Thomas Sterry, Head, Mar, 68, Tailor & Toll Gate collector, born Longhope Glo 
Mary Handy, Dau, Mar, 21, Governess, born East Dean Glo
William Handy, Son, 13 month, born Deptford Worcestershire

East Dean
+Hazely Hill
Abraham Sterry, Head, 31, Coalminer,born Mitcheldean Glo
Eliza Sterry, Wife, 31, Lea, born Herefordshire
George Sterry, Son, 10, Scholar, born Dean Forest Glo
Thomas Sterry, Son, 9, At home, born East Dean Glo
Elizabeth Sterry, Daur, 5, At home, born East Dean Glo
Isaac Sterry, 3, Son, At home, born East Dean Glo

+Harry Hill
Amos Sterrey, Head,  24, Collier, born East Dean Glo 
Charlotte Sterrey, Wife,  44, born West Dean Glo     
Peter Price, Son-in-law, unm, 18, Collier, born West Dean Glo
Thomas Price, Son-in-law, unm, 14, Collier, born West Dean Glo
Mary Ann Price, Daughter-in-law, 13, born West Dean Glo
Elizabeth Price,  Daughter-in-law, 9, born West Dean Glo  
+Ruardean Hill
Hannah Sterry, Head, Widow, 70, Proprietor of Houses, born East Dean, Glo  
Philip Nicholls, Son, unm, 43(?), Coal Miner, born East Dean Glo        
Dinah Goode, Servant, unm, 12, House Servant , born East Dean Glo

East Dean
+Abraham Sterry, Head, 31, Coalminer, born Mitcheldean Glo
Eliza Sterry, Wife, 31, born Lea Herefordshire
George Sterry, Son, 10, Scholar, born Dean Forest Glo
Thomas Sterry, Son, 9, At home, born East Dean Glo
Elizabeth Sterry, Dau, 5, At home, born East Dean Glo
Isaac Sterry, Son, 3, At home, born East Dean Glo
Henry Meck,  Lodger,  unm, 59, Quarryman, born Ruardean Glo 

+Lea Bailey Hill
Sarah Sterry, Head, Mar, 53, born Westbury on Severn Glo
Elizabeth Sterry, Daughter, unm, 14, born Dean Forest Glo

Blakeney Hill
^^William Sterry, Head, 58, Common Carrier, born Minsterworth Glo
Ann Sterry, Wife, 58, born Blakeney Glo
Edwin Sterry, Son, 6, born East Dean Glo
Sarah Ann Sterry, Granddaughter, 4, born East Dean Glo

+Ryecroft St (HO107/1962/344)
William Sterry, Head, 27, GWR Porter, born Ross Herefordshire
Ann Sterry, Wife, 22, born Elmore Gloucestershire               
Ellen Sterry, Daur, 3, born Gloucester St Mary Glo      
Louisa Sterry, Daur, 4(?) mo., born Gloucester St Mary Glo  

+Kingsholm St Mary
Tewkesbury Road (HO107/1961/366)
Samuel Sterry, Head, mar, 59, Labourer, born Tibberton Glo
Esther Sterry, Wife, mar, 68, Laundress, born Standish Glo
Hannah Polston, Sister, mar, 59, born Standish Glo

+Barton St Mary
Barton Terrace
Mary Sterry, Head, Mar, 30, born Barton St Mary Glo               
Elizabeth Sterry, Dau,5, born Barton St Mary Glo                        
Sarah Sterry, Dau, 3, born Barton St Mary Glo    
Ellen Sterry, Daughter, 1mo, born Barton St Mary Glo 

Barton St Mary
Barton Terrace
Margart Sterry, Head, Widow, 20(?), Laundress, born Ireland

+Westgate Street (HO107/1961/253) 
George Sterry, Head, 25, Publican, born Longney Glo            
Martha Elizabeth Sterry, Wife, 23, born Brookthorpe Glo
Thomas Ward, Visitor, Married, 30, born Brookthorpe Glo                               
Mary Ward, Visitor, Married, 30, born MHampton Glo 
Mary Ward, Visitor, unm, 22, born Brookthorpe Glo         
James Fletcher, Visitor, unm, 30, Rail Labourer, born Coalpool Shropshire 

+Bell Lane
William Sterry, Head, 47, carpenter/builder, born Gloucester Glo
Mary A. Sterry, wife, 38, born Gloucester Glo
Walter Sterry, son, unm, 15, Carpenter, born Gloucester Glo
William Sterry, son, unm, 16, Carpenter, born Gloucester Glo
Benoni Sterry, son, 13, scholar, born Gloucester Glo
Elizabeth C Sterry, dau, 11, scholar, born Gloucester Glo
Frederick T Sterry, son, 8, scholar, born Gloucester Glo
Frances M Sterry, dau, 6, scholar, born Gloucester Glo
John H Sterry, son, 4, scholar, born Gloucester Glo
Daniel Sterry, son, 1, infant, born Gloucester Glo     

+21 St Aldate St
Elizabeth Tucker, Head, Widow, 66, Straw Bonnet Maker, born Bristol Glo
Ann Sterry, Sister, Widow, 68, born Bristol Glo
John Morris, Nephew, Mar, 43, Paper Hanger, born Gloucester Glo
Eliza Morris, Niece, Mar, 47, born Bristol Glo          
Fredrick Sandford, Visitor, unm, 20, Solicitor's General Clerk, born Winchester Glo

+Columbia St
John Sterry, Head, 28, Miller, born Longhope Glo
Emma Sterry, Wife, 28, Miller's wife, born Cheltenham Glo
Walter Sterry, son, 3, Miller's son, born Longhope Glo
John Sterry, son, unmarried, Miller's son 1 Gloucester

+Bristol Rd
Thomas Sterry, Head, 29,  Capt of a Vessel, born Longley, Glo        
Charlotte Sterry, Wife, 39, born Longley Glo  

Highnam Court
Thomas Gambier Parry, Head, Widower, 45, Esq & Justice of the Peace, born Chelsea Middlesex
Lucy Anna Parry, Daughter, 9, born Boyfordberry Herefordshire
Charles Hubert Parry, Son, 3, born Bournmouth Dorset
Mary Anne Stanbridge, Servant, Widow, 47, Housekeeper, born Leicester
John Haimes, Servant, 49, Married, Butler, born Edgeworth Middlesex
Georgiana Payne, Servant, unm, 20, Cook, born Bayford Herefordshire
Mary Parker, Servant, unm, 33, House Maid, born Tower London
Jane Greening, Servant, unm, 20, Under House Maid, born Highnam Glo
Charlotte White, unm, 14, Third House Maid, born Budford Glo
+Mary Sterry, Servant, unm, 21, Kitchen Maid, born Newent Glo
Hannah Nunn, Servant, 20, Nurse, born Walpole Suffolk
Rosanna Gardener, Servant, 20, Nursery Maid, born Stroud Glo
Frederick Plows, Servant, unm, 23, Toolman, born St George Hanover Sq London
Edward Welfar, Servant, unm, 34, Coachman, born Kingmore Sussex
William Harris, Servant, 25,  Groom, born Hartpury Glo

+Hill (HO107/1959/567)
Ann Sterry, ____, Mar, 31, Labourer, born Upleaddon Glo
Henry Charles Sterry, Son, 1, born Huntley Glo

+John Sterry, Head, widower, 58, Mason Master, born Huntley Glo
Ann Sterry, dau, unm, 30, Household work, born Longhope Glo
William Sterry, son, unm, 27, labourer, born Longhope Glo
James Sterry, son, unm, 24, Shoemaker, born Longhope Glo
Emanuel Sterry, son, 12, Scholar, born Huntley Glo
John Sterry, grandson, 1, base born, born Huntley Glo

Emanuel Sterry, Head, unmar, 44, Farm Lab, born Longhope Glo

Thomas Harper, Head, 52, Carpenter & Wheelwright Master, born Longhope, Glo   
Nancy Harper, Wife, 54, Labourer, born Huntley Glo      
Joseph Harper, Son, 13, Work at home, born Huntley Glo  
Ann Sterry, Granddaughter, 8, born Blaisdon Glo 

+121 The Spring
Charles Sterry, Head, 24, Hallier, born Longhope Glo
Hannah Sterry, Wife, 36, born Longhope Glo
Eli Sterry, Son, 3, born Longhope Glo 
Caleb Sterry, Son, 1, born Longhope Glo

+153 The Spring (HO107/1959/591) 
John Sterry, Head, 71, Labourer, born Longhope Glo       
Ann Sterry, Wife, 61, born Newent Glo     
George Sterry, Son, unm, 23, born Longhope Glo            
Charles Sterry, Son, unm, 20, Lab, born Longhope Glo
Lydia Sterry, G'dau, 6, born Longhope Glo      
Mary Ann Sterry, G'dau, 5, born Longhope Glo

+Sarah Sterrey, Head, unm, 40, born Longhope Glo

+James Sterry, Head, 51, Occupation of 8 acres, Longhope Glo
Eliza Sterry, Wife, 46, Taynton Glo 
Charles Sterry, Son, unm, 23, Ag Lab, Taynton Glo
James Sterry, Son, unm, 21, implied(sic) at home, born Longhope Glo
George Sterry, Son, unm, 18, implied(sic) at home, born Longhope Glo

Thomas Sterry, Head, 46, Lab, born Longhope Glo    
Elizabeth Sterry, Wife, 32, born Longhope Glo
Thomas Sterry, Son, 13, born Longhope, Glo                    
Emmanuel Sterry, Son, 7, born Longhope Glo                
Samuel Sterry, Son,  2 , born Longhope Glo        
Clemmentina Mary Sterry, Daughter,  5 months, born   Longhope, Glo

+The Spring
Joseph Sterry, Head,  48, born Longhope Glo    
Jane Sterry, Wife, 37, born Monmouthshire Wales             
Joseph Sterry, Son, 7, born Longhope, Glo                   
Jane Sterry, Daughter, 4, born Longhope, Glo            
Sarah Sterry, Daughter, 2, born Longhope Glo            

+Thomas Bullock, Head, 59, Wood Turner, born Blaisdon Glo
Ann Bullock, Wife, 62, born Blaisdon Glo                     
Charles Bullock, Son, unm, 22, Wood Turner, born Longhope Glo
John Sterry, Lodger, unm, 22, Wood Turner, born Longhope Glo

Emanuel Burcher, Head, 76, Farmer, born Blaisdon Glo
Sarah Burcher, Wife, 52, Poultry Dealer, born Longhope Glo
+Phebe Sterry, Servant, unm, 17, House Servant, born Longhope Glo
Emanuel Burcher, Son-in-law, unm, 20, born Blaisdon Glo

+Highgreen (HO107/1963/9)
William Sterry, Head, 60, Farm Labourer, born Longney Glo
Hannah Sterry, Wife, 57, born Harescombe Glo

Lower Slaughter
+William Bryan, Head, Widr, 43, Farmer of 600 acres and employing 24 labourers, born Lower Slaughter Glo
Eliza Bryan, Niece, 24, born Lower Slaughter, Glo                   
Ann Sterry, Serv, unm, 31, House Servant, born Longhope Glo, England

+High St
Harriett Blunt, Head, unm, 76, Landed Proprietor, born Mitcheldean Glo           Elizabeth Dowle, Servant, Widow, 51, Cook Maid, born Cardiganshire Wales
Mary Ann Kitchen, Servant, unm, 30, Parlour Maid, born Churcham Glo
Charles Sterry, Servant, unm, 18, General Servant, born Longhope Glo

+Miller St
Herbert F Jones, Head, 35, General Practitioner, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons & Licentiate of Apothecaries, born Malmesbury Wiltshire
Emma E Jones, Wife, 29, born Luckington Wiltshire
Hannah Ella Cresswell, Visitor, unm, 31, born Luckington Wiltshire
Charlotte Sterry, Servant, unm, 53, House Servant, born Newent(?), Glo

+Broad St
Robert Wintle, Head. 57, Cordwainer, born Newent Glo    
Sarah Wintle, Wife, 51, born Gloucester Glo
Harriett Wintle, Daughter, unm, 28, born Newent Glo    
William Wintle, Son, unm, 22, Cordwainer, born Newent Glo        
John Wintle, 21, Son, unm, Draper, born Newent Glo
Hannah Maria Wintle, Daughter, 17, born Newent, Glo                           
Edward Wintle, Son, 14, born Newent, Glo            
Helen Fontes, Visitor, 25,  School Mistress, Cheltenham Glo
Walter Charles Woodward, Visitor unm, 22, Bath, Jeweller, born Somerset
George Sterry, 17, Newent, Cordwainer's Apprentice, born Gloucestershire

+Cliffords Mesne
Jarvis Sterry, Head, 51, Thatcher, born Newent Glo
Mary Sterry, Wife, 51, born Newent Glo
William Sterry, Son, 15, born Newent Glo
Hannah Sterry, Daur, 12, born Newent Glo
Miles Sterry, Son, 7, born Newent Glo

+Clifford's Mesne
Charles Sterry, Head, widow, 56, Farmer 3 acres, born Newent Glo
Mary Higgs, Servant, widow, 43, Housekeeper, born Lassington Glo

+Little Haresfield (HO107/1963/97)
James Wright, Head, 52, Blacksmith, born Arlingham Glo
Anne Wright, Wife, 50, born , Gloucester Glo
Mary Anne Sterry, Lodger, 14, born Longney Glo

King Street
+Alice Sterry, Head, mar, 32, Fishmonger, born Minsterworth Gloucestershire
William Hawkes, Nephew, unm, 17, Fishmonger, born Minsterworth Glo

Taynton (HO107/1960/200)
+STERREY  John, Head, mar, 30, Ag Labourer, born Taynton Glo        
STERREY Eliza, Wife, mar, 26, born Huntley Glo      
STERREY Charles, Son, unmar, 3, born Longhope Glo
STERREY Charlotte, Dau, unmar, 8 mth, born Taynton Glo  

Westbury on Severn
+Hill Farm
Eliza Sterry, Head, mar, 33, Sloop owner's wf, born Westbury on Severn Gloucestershire 
Eliza Sterry, Dtr, unm, 13, born Westbury on Severn Glo
Emma Sterry, Dtr, unm, 11, Scholar, born Westbury on Severn Glo
Charles Sterry, Son, unmarried, 17, Scholar, born Westbury on Severn Glo
Sarah Sterry, Dtr, 9, Scholar, born Westbury on Severn Glo
John Sterry, Son, 7, Scholar, born Westbury on Severn Glo
Sophia Sterry, Dtr, 1, born Westbury on Severn Glo
Ann Wintle, Visitor, unm, 18, born Westbury on Severn Glo

Westbury on Severn
+Elizabeth Child, Wife, Mar, 32, Waterman Wife, born Glocester Glo
Thomas Child, Son, 2, born Westbury Glo
James Child, Son, 1mo, born Westbury Glo
William Sterry, Lodger, Mar, 43, Retired(?) Waterman, born Westbury Glo   

Westbury on Severn
+Mary Sterry, Head, Wid, 45, Waterman's Wid, born Westbury on Severn Glo 
William Sterry, Son, unmarried, 24, Mariner, born Westbury on Severn Glo
Sophia P. Sterry, Dtr, 13, Scholar, born Westbury on Severn Glo
Mary L. Sterry, Dtr, 9, Scholar, born Westbury on Severn Glo
Sarah L. Sterry, Dtr, 7, Scholar, born Westbury on Severn Glo
Walter H. Sterry, Son, 4, Scholar, born Westbury on Severn Glo

+ = Longhope, Gloucestershire, UK line
^^ = Minsterworth, Gloucestershire, UK line