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22 Addison Place (HO107/1473/274)
Sinclair Hendrie, Head, 63, Mason, born Scotland
Harriet Hendrie, Wife, 49, born Gloucester Gloucestershire
Henlen Sterry, Daur, Mar(?), 30, Wife(apparently added), born Gloucester Gloucestershire
Richard Hendrie, Son, unm, 22, Mason, born Deptford Kent
Sarah Hendrie, Dau, unm 13, scholar, born Stafford Essex
Murrion Hendrie, Dau, 11, scholar, born Strafford Essex
Thomas Hendrie, Son, 8, scholar, born Hatfield Essex
George Hendrie, Son, mar, 28, Mason, born Maidstone Kent
Sarah A Sterry, G Daur, 7, scholar, born Westminster Middlesex
William Sterry, G Son, 5, born Deptford Kent
Henery Bollingbrook, Visitor, unm, 22, Mason, born Witham Essex
[Note see 1841 Hertfordshire]

Holborn (St Andrew)
*32 Liquorpond St
William Story (sic), Head, 38, Pastry Cook, born Bridgam Suffolk
Lucy A Story, Wife, 34, born Bletchingly Surry
Lucy A Story, Dau, 15, born St Pancras
William Story, Son, 13, born St Pancras
Alfred Story, Son, 11, born St Pancras
Mary A Story, Daur, 5, born St Pancras
Edwin Story, Son, 3, born St Pancras
Mary Baker, Servt, 23, House Servant, born Whitechappel (sic)

Kensington Town
26 Sussex Place (HO/107/1468/35)
**Maria Sterry, Serv, 19, Servant, born Yoxford Suffolk
(With Horace C Downer(?), Stockbroker)

St Anne Soho
408 Oxford Street (HO/107/1510/123)
Emma Starrey, Servant, Unm, 18, House Servant, born Little Argyle St
(With James Ball, Head, aged 73, Music Publisher born St Anne Westminster, his son Herbert, aged 38 and wife Eliza, aged 34)

St James Square
##23 Tichbourne Street (HO/107/1484/49)
Rebecca Starie, Head, Widr, 40, Stationer, born Kensington Middlesex
John Starie, Son, 8, born St James Middlesex
Rebecca Starie, Dau, 6, born St James Middlesex
Caroline Rogers, Serv, Unm, 21, born Shoreditch Middlesex
Isabella Jeffreys, Serv, Unm, 16, born St James Middlesex

St James Square
+3 Apple Tree Yard (HO/107/1484/187)
Frederick Sterray, Nephew, Unm, 18, Tailor, born Glouster
(With Stephen Lightfoot, Head, aged 43, Tailor, born Pervent, Gloucestershire, his wife May, aged 47, born Lea Herefordshire, his daughters Adelaide aged 16 born Lea, Herefordshire and Elizabeth aged 10 born St Pancras Middlesex and his son Walter aged 6 born St Pancras)

St Marylebone
+Portman Barracks (HO/107/1488/817)
Charles Sterrey, Private Soldier, unm, 25, born Ross Herefordshire
(Living with many other army soldiers. Captain and Adjt was Fredk A Stephenson)

St Marylebone
Cavendish Square
Upper Wimpole, 3 Street (HO/107/1487/314)
**Sarah Sterry, Serv, unm, 24, born Suffolk
(With Catherine J Mapribanks, head, widow, aged 68, householder, born East Indies, her daughter, Lucy Parker, unmarried, aged 36, also born East Indies and six other servants)

St Marylebone
St John's (including St John's Wood Barracks)
36 Grove Rd (HO/107/1491/120)
Mary Ann Sterry, Wo[widow?], 59, Housekeeper, born Norfolk N K [not known] [In same household with Mary Arnold, Servant, 17, born London and William Dalson, Visitor, 58, Coal Merchant, born London. Position in household not stated.]

St Marylebone
6 Little Exeter St (HO/107/1490/455)
John Sterry, Head, 65, Carpenter Jrn, born Norfolk
Cecilia Sterry, Wife, 47, born Wiltshire
Cecilia Sterry, Dau, unm, 19, born Marylebone
Julia Sterry, Dau, 8, born Marylebone
Susannah Sterry, Dau, 3, born Marylebone
Marcy Sterry, Dau, 8m, Marylebone

St Marylebone
95 Gloucester Place (HO107/1489/507)
**Mary Ann Sterry, serv,widow, 49, cook, born Halesworth
(With Thomas Bourke(?), aged 50, Policeman, born Great Yarmouth. Norfolk. His wife Laura Maria, aged 48, was also born Halesworth.)

St Pancras
Gray's Inn Lane
##17 Ampton St (HO/107/1495 17/687)
Thomas Starey, Head, 65, Retired Coal Merchant, born Westminster St Anns
Mary Ann Starey, Wife, 66, born St Marylebone Middlesex
James R Starey, Son 27, Unm, Apishant(?) Minister of District Church Regent Sq, born Croydon, Surrey
Mary Ann Till, Serv, 25, unm, General Servant, born Harwich Essex

St Pancras
Somers Town
3 Little George St (HO/107/1496/500)
Sarah Sterry, widow, 77, Formerly laundress, born St Marylebone Middlesex
(At same address as Richard Lawrence, 32, Brewers Labourer, born Watlington, Berkshire. Her relationship to him is not stated.)

Tower Hamlets
#37 Trinity Sq (HO/107/1546/648)
Henry Sterry, Head, Unm, 52, Merchant , born Finsbury Middlesex
John Sterry, Brother, Unm, 45, Merchant, born Leyton Essex
Elizabeth Sterry, Sister, Unm, 55, (no occupation stated) born Crutchfriars(?) Middlesex
Charles Sterry, Brother, Unm, 39, (no occupation stated), born Leyton (crossed out), Essex
Living with the family are three servants: Richard Chulley, Ann Talbor & Ann Gribbons

2 Cockspur St (HO107/1481/92)
**Jas Masterson Sterry, unm, 23, Assistant Draper, born Lowestoft Suffolk
(The firm of Halling, Pearce and Stone, a company employing over 40 drapers and carpet and furniture salesmen)


+ = Longhope, Gloucestershire, UK line
* = Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK line
# = Ruardean, Gloucestershire, UK line
** = Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK line
## = Burford, Shropshire [Starie/Starey]