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1851 - SURREY

#10 Grange Rd(?) HO107/1562/425)
Henry Sterry, Head, 49, Surgeon, born Bermondsey Surrey
Ellen Sterry, Wife, 48, born Old Brentford Middlesex
Isabele Kincane, Visitor, unm, 48, Housekeeper, born Spitalfields Middlesex
Henrietta Bearde(?), Serv, unm, Cook, born Clerkenwell Middlesex
Mary G Surmers, Serv, unm, 23, Housemaid, born Bermondsey Surrey
James Weeks, Serv, unm, 18, Errand Boy, born St Saviours Surrey

#1 Alscott Place Grange Road (HO107/1561/39)
Samuel H Sterry, Head, 79, Retired Surgeon, born Shenfield Essex
Mary Sterry, Wife, 75, born City Middlesex
Mary A England, Serv, unm, 22, General Servant, born Walworth Surry
Ann Sweney, Serv, Widow, 40, Cook, born St Georges Surry

Lambeth [parish]
2 Queens Row (HO107/1575/380)
Sarah Sterry(?), Serv, un, 15, born Brixton Surry
(With Mary Tiley(?) and family)

#Addiscombe Road (HO107/1601/409)
Mary Sterry, Head, unm, 68, Fund Holder, born City of London
Sarah Sterry, Sister, unm, 62, Fund Holder, born City of London

#London Rd, Oakfield Lodge (HO107/1601/456)
Richard Sterry, head, 66, Oil merchant for Southwark, born London
Ann Sterry, Wife, 63, born Hertford Hertfordshire
Richard Sterry, son, unm, 29, born Southwark Surrey
Alfred Sterry, son, unm, 28, Oil merchant in Southwark, born Southwark Surrey
Priscilla Sterry, dau, unm, 23, born Peckham Surrey
(Also staying with family were Elizabeth Green, a Needle Woman and several house servants: Eliza Ayling, Emma Barnett, Elizth Martin & Elizth Berry.)

***4 Mindmill Row (HO107/1569/377)
James Sterry, Head, 40(sic), Costermonger Greens, born NK (not known?)
Caroline Sterry, Wife, 42(sic), born Lambeth Surrey
Mary A Sterry, dau, 19, Costermonger Greens, born Lambeth Surrey
Caroline Sterry, dau, 16, Costermonger Greens, born, Lambeth Surrey
James Sterry, son, 12, school, born Lambeth Surrey
Henry Sterry, son, 13, school, born Lambeth Surrey
John Sterry, son, 11, school, born Lambeth Surrey
Emma Sterry, dau, 5, school, born Lambeth Surrey

20 Gloucester St (HO107/1571/45)
Joseph Sterry, 22, unm, Servant, born Lambeth
(With James Keepey[?] and family)

**Denmark St, 5 York Place (crossed out) (HO107/1574/579)
Robt Sterry, Visitor, mar, 24, soap maker, born Bermondsey soap maker
Anna Sterry, Visitor, mar, 22, born Bermondsey Middx(sic)
Adelaide Sterry, Visitor, 20, born Bermondsey Middx(sic)
Onslow Sterry ,visitor, 4, born Bermondsey Surrey
Dunnell Sterry, visitor, 2, born Bermondsey Surrey
Mary A Sterry, 3 mo, born Bermondsey Surrey
(With Thomas Andrews, 33, Asst Messenger Court of Bankruptsy, born St Martins, Middlesex and family)

%3 York St (HO107/1563)
Eliz Sterry, head, 47, shoe binder, born [?]
Geo Sterry, son, 15, book binder, born St Geo Surrey
Caroline Sterry, dau, 14, book folder, born St Geo Surrey

**12 Fredk pl (HO107/1563/431)
Joanna J Sterry, head, Widow, 45, Annuitant, born Sandwich Kent
Robt W Sterry, son, unm, 22, tobacconist , born Bermondsey Surrey
Joanna W Sterry, dau, 19, Professor of Music, born Rotherhithe Surrey
John W Sterry, son, 14, Brokers Clerk, born Rotherhithe Surrey
Maria Gibbs, Sister, Widow, 50, Annitant, Canterbury Kent

#156 High St (HO107/1563)
Joseph Sterry, head, 51, oilman, born Bardfield Essex
Sarah Sterry, wife, 51, born Battersea Surrey
Eliza Sterry, dau, unm, 21. born Southwark Surrey
Wm Sterry, son, unm, 17, born Southwark Surrey
Mary Holmes, Visitor, unm, 52, born Earith Hants
Ann Myer, Visitor, unm, 28, Servant, born Cleobury Mortimer Salop
Willm Edmunds, Visitor, unm, 24, Shopman, born Spitalfields
Frederic Bird, Visitor, unm, 19, Clerk, born Yorkshire


** = Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK line
# = Ruardean, Gloucestershire, UK line
% = Bermondsey, Surrey, UK line
*** = Lambeth, Surrey, UK line