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Yarmouth Roads
Vessel 'William & Ann' (RG9/4452/18)
**James Sterry, Married, 58, Master, born Southwold Suffolk
Joseph Jenner, Married, 34, Mate, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Samuel Sterry, Single, 18, Seaman, born Beccles Suffolk
James Bemment, Single, 19, Seaman, born Lowestoft Suffolk

Kentish Knock North
**Vessel 'Minx of Yarmouth' (RG9/4452/17)
George Catt, Married, 27, Master, born Yarmouth Norfolk
Ely Whincup, Married, 33m Mate, born Ormesby St Margaret Norfolk
William Henry Philmore Hill, Married, 49, Able Seaman, born Plymouth County of Devonshire
James William Sterry, Unmarried, 20, Ordinary Hand, born Southwould(sic) Suffolk

At Sea
**Vessel 'Redwing' (RG9/4446/87)
Joseph Sterry, 45, Married, Master, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Robert Orsborn, Married, 39, Chip(sic) Mate, born Yarmouth Norfolk
Thomas James Turner, Married, 31, AB Seaman, born ___?
Dancad Scott, not married, 20, AB Seaman, born Ambroath Scotland
Samual Harris, Married, 31, AB Seaman, Trerose(?) South Wales
Mank(?) Smith, Married, 25, AB Seaman, South Shields Duraham(sic)
J H S Allen, not married, 17, aprentes(sic), born Agearson(?) London Middlesex
Joseph Sterry, not married, 15, aprentes(sic), born No Shields Northumberland

** = Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK line