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+Hannah Sterry, Head, Curteus Widow, 74, born Boddington, Glo

East Dean
+Belson Green
Alfred Sterry, Head, 23, Coal Miner, born Flaxley Glo
Julia Sterry, Wife, 21, born East Dean Glo
Soloman Sterry, Son, 4m, born Aberstruth Monmouthshire

East Dean
Saw Mills
+Thomas Sterry, Lodger, unm, 20, Journeyman Sawyer, born Longhope Glo

East Dean
+6 Hawthorns
Abraham Sterrey, Head, 41, Haulier, born Mitcheldean Glo
Eliza Sterrey, Wife, 41, born Lea Glo
George Sterrey,Son, unm, 20, Coal Miner, born East Dean Glo
Thomas Sterrey, Son, unm, 19, Coal Miner, born East Dean Glo
Elizabeth Sterrey, Daughter, unm, 15, Serv, born East Dean Glo
Isaac Sterrey, Son, 12, born East Dean Glo
Martha Sterrey, Niece, 9, East Dean Glo
John Sterrey, Son, 9, born East Dean Glo
Sarah Ann Sterrey, Daughter, 4, born East Dean Glo
Mary Ann Sterrey, Daughter, 2, born East Dean Glo

East Dean
+Westbury Brook
Charles Sterry, Head, 25, Ironminer, born Longhope Glo
Elizabeth Sterry, Wife, 24, born Huntley Glo
Louisia Sterry, Daughter, 4, born East Dean Gloucestershire East
Selia Sterry, Daughter, 1, born East Dean Gloucestershire East

East Dean
^^William Sterry, Head, 66,  Shoemaker, Minsterworth Glo
Ann Sterry, Wife, 67, born Awre Glo
Sarah Ann Sterry, Granddaughter, 15, born Awre Glo

East Dean
High St
+Joseph Sterry, Lodger, Unm, (no age), Slept at Longhope, born Longhope Glo [Lodging with Mary Ryland, unm, 44, School Mistress, born Bridge St Bristol with two other lodgers]

Winter Sterry, Head, 30, Hallier, born Longney Glo
Emma Sterry, Wife, 34, born Eastington Glo
Thomas Sterry, Son, 7, born Cambridge Glo
Fredric C Sterry, Son, 5, born Eastington Glo
Anne M Sterry, Daughter, 3, born Cambridge Glo
Kate Sterry, Daughter, 1, born Eastington, Glo

Gloucester Barton St Mary
+Morton St
Charles Sterry, Head, 40, Warehouse Man, born Tibberton Glo
Mary Sterry, Wife, 40, born Glocester Glo
Earnest A Sterry, Son, 7, born Glocester Glo
William H Sterry, Son, 3, born Glocester Glo
Sarah A Sterry, Daughter, 14, born Glocester Glo
Ellen A Sterry, Daughter, 11, born Glocester Glo
Julia M Sterry, Daughter, 9, born Glocester Glo
Amelia J Sterry, Daughter, 5, born Glocester Glo

Gloucester Barton St Mary
+William G Bennet, Head, 38, Grocer, born Westbury on Severn Glo
Emma S Sterry, Servant, 21, Housekeeper, born Westbury on Severn Glo

Regent St
+Margret Sterry, Head, Widow, 59, Laundress, born Glasgow Scotland

Gloucester Barton St Mary
+Sarah L Sterry, Servant, 17, born Broad Oak Newnham
( Servant to John D. Barrett and family)

Gloucester Kingsholm St Mary
+16 Trokesbury Road
Samuel Sterry, Head, 70, Groom, born Tiberton Glo
Esther Sterry, Wife, 58, Laundress, born Standish Glo

Gloucester St John the Baptist
+William Sterry, Boarder, unm, 26, Journeyman Carpenter, born Holy Trinity Glo
(Boarding with John Hyett, shoemaker and wife.)

Gloucester St Mary de Crypt
James Taylor, Head, unm, 27, Professor of Music, born Gloster Glo
Sarah Taylor, Mother, Widow, 57, House keeper, born Matson Glo
Sarah Taylor, Sister, 33, Teacher of Music, born Gloster Glo
Susanah J Taylor, Sister, 16, Scholar, born Gloster Glo
Ann Sterry, Servant, 18, House Servant , born Blaisdon Glo

Gloucester St Michael
+12 Bell Lane
William Sterry, Head, 57, Carpenter & Joiner, born Gloucestershire
Mary Ann Sterry, Wife, 48, born Gloucestershire
Frederick T Sterry, Son, unm, 18, Carpenter, Glo
Frances M Sterry, Daughter, unm, 16, Dressmaker, born Gloucestershire
John Henry Sterry, Son, 14, born Gloucestershire
Daniel Sterry, Son, 11, born Gloucestershire
Eliza Sterry, Daughter, 8, born Gloucestershire
Walter Sterry, Son, 4, born Gloucestershire
James Morris, Boarder, 63, Clerk to Grocer, born Gloucestershire

+Partiers Row
Mary Thomson, Head, Widow, 76, Property in Houses and Funds, born Gloster Glo
William Thomson, Son, Unm, 41, Life Annuitant, born Gloster Glo
Edwin Butt, Grandson, 15, Carpenter, Gloster Glo
Thomas Butt, Grandson, 13, Scholar, Gloster Glo
Mary Butt, Granddaughter, 10, Scholar, born Gloster Glo
Lydia Sterry, Servant, Unm, 17, House Servant, born Longhope Glo

+Church St
Eliza Sterry, Head, Wid, 43, born Westbury on Severn Glo
John Sterry, Son, 16, Errand Boy, born Westbury on Severn, Glo
Sophia P Sterry, Daughter, 9, Scholar, born Westbury on Severn Glo
Francis W Sterry, Son, 7, Scholar, born Westbury on Severn Glo
Walter T Sterry, Son, 5, born Gloster Glo
Joseph Hill, Boarder, unm, 22, Labourer, born Cam Glo
Thomas Gabb, Boarder, unm, 19, Labourer, born Upton Glo

Gloucester St Nicholas
+Black Swan Beer House, Westgate St
Geo Sterrey, Head, 34, Black Swan Beer House, born Longney Glo
Martha Elizabeth Sterrey, Wife, 33, born Brookthorp Glo
Hannah Sterrey, Daughter, 8, born Gloucester Glo
George Sterrey, Son, 6, born Gloucester Glo
Albert A Sterrey, Son, 3, born Gloucester Glo
Ann Patterson, Visitor, 29, born Tredegar Wales
Ann Llewellyn, Servant, unm, 25, born Churcham Glo
Esther Little, Visitor, unm, 23, Laundress, borm Upton St Leonard Glo

Gloucester St Owen
+John Wakefield, Head, Widr, 66, Ag Lab, born Hatherley Glo
Harriett Wakefield, Daughter, unm, 26, born Gloucestershire
Charlotte Sterry, Visitor, unm, 64, borm Newent Glo

+10 Green Dragon Lane
Mary Blais, Head, Wid, 52, House Proprietor, born Gloucestershire
Edmond Farmer, Boarder, unm, 20, Clerk in Corn Trade, born Coleford Glo
Mary Ann Sterry, Servant,  unm, 16, House Servant, born Longhope Glo

+10 Green Deacon Lane
Mary Blais, Head, Widow, 52, House Proprietor, Glo
Edmond Farmer, Boarder, Unm, 20, Clerk in Corn Trade, born Coleford Glo
Mary Ann Sterry, Servant, Unm, 16, House Servant, born Long Hope Glo

+Mill Turnpike Road
from Cirenr to Fairford
John Sterry, Head, 38, Longhope, Miller, born Gloucestershire
Emma Sterry, Wife, 38, born Cheltenham Glo
Emmanuel Sterry, Brother, unm, 23, Miller, born Longhope Glo
Walter Sterry, Son, 13, born Longhope Glo
John Sterry, Son, 12, born St Lukes Gloucestershire City
Emma Sterry, Daughter, 9, born St Lukes Gloucestershire City
Charles Sterry, Son, 7, born St Peters Cheltenham
Mary Jane Sterry, Daughter, 5, born St Peters Cheltenham
Fanny Sterry, Daughter, 3, born Ampney Crucis Glo
Robert Sterry, Son, 1, born Ampney Crucis Glo

+Church Lane
Thomas Sterry, Head, 39, Railway Porter, born Longney Glo
Charlotte Sterry, Wife, 41, born Longney Glo
Elizabeth Sterry, Daughter, 9, born Hardwicke Glo
Daniel Sterry, Son, 7, born  Hardwicke Glo
Elizabeth Smith, Lodger, unm, 65, Pauper, born Badgworth Glo

Little Lonnon (same census page as immediately above)
+Emanuel Sterry, Head, unm, 53, Day Labourer, born Longhope Glo

+Huntley Hill
Ann Clark, Head, unm, 40, Frock Chaker, born Huntley Glo
Esther Clark, Sister, unm, 38, Frcok Chaker, born Huntley Glo
Samuel Sterry, Lodger, Married, 36, Carpenter, born Blaisdon Glo
Harriot Sterry, Wife, 34, Carpenter’s Wife, born Huntley Glo

+Little Lonnon
John Sterry, Head, 67, Mason, born Huntley Glo
Elizabeth Sterry, Wife, 62, born Huntley Glo

+Huntley Hill
Sarah Reece, Head, Wid, 64, Retired Labourer, born Westbury on Severn Glo
Ann Sterry, Daughter, mar, 40, born Upleadon Gloucestershire
Thomas Sterry, Son-in-law, 44, Day Labourer, born Longhope Glo
Henry Sterry, Grandson, 11, born Huntley Glo
Charles Sterry, Grandson, 9, born Huntley Glo
John Sterry, Grandson, 6, born Huntley Glo

Littleworth Street
William Merrell, Head, 60, Shoemaker, born Gloucestershire
Ann Merrell, Wife, 45, born Hucclecote Glo
Ann Merrell, Daughter, 15, born Gloucestershire
Abbina Merrell, Daughter, 13, born Gloucestershire
Henry Ward, Lodger, mar, 30, Smith, born Yorkshire
Sarah Ann Ward, Wife, 33, Smith, born Chepstone Mon
Joseph Henry Ward, Son, 27, Smith, born Bridgwater Somerset
Charles Boughton, Lodger, 24, Joiner, born Clowne Glo
Mary Ann Boughton, 24, Lodger, born Yeoval Somerset
+Benjamin Sterry, Lodger, 23, Carpenter, born Gloucestershire
+Maria Sterry, Lodger, 23, born Good Easter Essex

+Thomas Sterrey, Lodger, mar, 44, Ag Labourer, born Longhope Glo
(lodging with the Hendy family)

+Little London
Charles Sterrey, Head, 34, Rate Collector, born Longhope Glo
Hannah Sterrey, Wife, 46, born Longhope Glo
 Eli Sterrey, Son, 13, Longhope Glo
Caleb Sterrey, Son, 11, born Longhope Glo
Mary Ann Sterrey, Daughter, 9, born Longhope Glo
Sarah Sterrey, Daughter, 7, born Longhope Glo
Charles Sterrey, Son, 5, born Longhope Glo
Anna Sterrey, Daughter, 3, born Longhope Glo

+Slad, 4 Holywell Row
Thomas Sterrey, Head, 58, Labourer, Longhope Glo
Elizabeth Sterrey, Wife, 43, born Longhope Glo
Mary Sterrey, Daughter, 10, born Longhope Glo
Iraham Sterrey, Son, 6, born Longhope Glo
Eli Sterrey, Son, 2, born Longhope Glo

+Holly Bush House
James Sterrey, Head, 60, Farmer, born Longhope Glo
Eliza Sterrey, Wife, 54, born Taynton Glo
James Sterrey, Son, unm, 31, Ag Labourer, Longhope Glo
George Sterrey, Son, unm, 28, Ag Labourer, Longhope Glo
Frederick Hancocks, Boarder, 10, born Cheltenham Glo

+Hopes Hill
Mary Ann Parry, Head, Widow, 51, Seamstress, born Longhope Glo
Samuel Parry, Son, unm, 21, Cripple, born Longhope Glo
John Parry, Son, 12, Ag Labourer, Longhope Glo
Emanuel Sterrey, Boarder, unm, 16, Carters Boy, born Longhope Glo
+Kings Head Inn
Samuel Drinkwater Sterrey, Head, 28, Glazier & Painter, Blaisdon Glo
Mary Ann Sterrey, Wife, 24, born Aston Ingham Herefordshire
Mary Ann Sterrey, Daughter, 11mo, born Longhope Glo
Eliza Hardwick, Visitor, unm, 17, born Linton Herefordshire

William Sterrey, Servant, unmarried, 38, Carter, born Huntley Glo
(With Mary Ann Bullock and family)

+Dursley Cross
John Sterrey, Head, 80, Ag Labourer, born Longhope Glo
Ann Sterrey, Wife, 70, born Newent Glo
George Sterrey, Son, Unm, 35, Labourer, Longhope Glo

Ann Sterrey, Head, Unm, 41, Labourer,  Longhope Glo               
John Sterrey, Son, 10, born Longhope Glo
Robert Sterrey, Son, 8, Longhope Glo                 
Mary Sterrey, Daughter, 3, born Longhope Glo

John Sterrey, Head, Wdr, 38, Ag Lab, born Longhope Glo
Charles Sterrey, Son, 12, born Longhope Glo
Charlotte Sterrey, Daughter, 11, born Longhope Glo
Wallace Sterrey, Son, 5, born Longhope, Glo

+Royal Spring
Joseph Sterrey, Head, 59, Farmer, born Longhope Glo
Jane Sterrey, Wife, 46, born Monmouthshire Wales
Joseph Sterrey, Son, 17, Wood Turner, born Longhope Glo
Jane Sterrey, Daughter, 14, born Longhope Glo
Sarah Sterrey, Daught, 12, born Longhope Glo
John Sterrey, Nephew, 30, Wood Turner, born Longhope Glo

William Sterry, Head, Wid, 70, Farm Labourer, born Longney Glo

+Newerne St
Richard Sterry, Head, 37, Carpenter, born Blakeney Glo
Eliza Sterry, Wife, 29, born Lydney Glo
William Sterry, Son, 5, born Lydney Glo
Richard Sterry, Son, 1, born Lydney Glo

+Merrin Street
Thomas Baldwin, Head, 66, Labourer, born Abinghall Glo
Ann Baldwin, Wife, 70, born Lea Line(?), Glo
John Sterry, Lodger, 34, Painter Glazier, born Blaisdon Glo
Patience Sterry, Lodger, 33, Schoolmistress, Huntley Glo

+Cliffords Mesne
Mary Sterry, Head, Wid, 62, born Newent Glo
William Sterry, Son, unm, 24, Thatcher, born Newent Glo
George Jones, Grandson, 9, born Maisemore Glo

+Station Road
John Sterry, Head. 28, Grocer’s Assistant, born Broadoak Westbury on Severn Glo
Elizabeth Sterry, Wife, 27, born Newnham Glo
William Henry Sterry, Son, 1, born Newnham Glo

+King Street
Alice Sterry, Head, 45, Fishmonger, born Minsterworth Glo
William Hawkes, Nephew,  unm, 25, Fishmonger, born Minsterworth Glo
Alice Benett, Niece, 10, Scholar, born Minsterworth Glo

William Chandler, Head, 22, Butcher employing 3 men, born Ashelworth Glo  
James Fisher, Servant, unm, 22, born Tothington Glo                  
Miles Sterry, Servant, unm, 17, born Newent Glo  

Westbury on Severn
+Sophia P Hart, Head, Married, 25, Dress Maker, born Westbury Glo
Charles S Hart, Son, 2, born Westbury Glo
Rosabella Hart, Daughter, 2m, born Westbury Glo
Mary Sterry, Mother-in-law, Widow, 55, Westbury Glo

Westbury on Severn
+Mary Sterry, Servant, unm, 19, Housemaid, born Westbury Glo
(Living with Noah Carter, Farmer and family)

Lymonds Farm
+Samuel Sterry, Servant, 13, Ag Lab, born Westbury on Severn Glo
(With William Ayland, Farmer of 69 acres)

Westbury on Severn
+Walter Sterry, Servant, 13, General Servant, born Westbury Glo
(With William Butler and family)

+ = Longhope, Gloucestershire, UK line
^^ = Minsterworth, Gloucestershire, UK line