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Central London District School (RG9/781/143)
Eliza Sterry(?), Scholar, 14, (Birthplace not stated)

8 Kensington Park Gardens (RG9/19/32)
+Caroline Sterry, Serv, unm, 39, House Servant, born Ross Herefordshire
(With James Moul, Tea Broker and family)

##46 Rathbone Place
Joseph Hn Starie, Head, 53, Bookseller, born Marylebone Middlesex
Hester Starie, Wife, 53, born St Martins Middlesex
Joseph Thos Starie, Son, unm, 21, Bookbinder, born Bloomsbury Middlesex
Mary Hester Starie, Dau, unm, 19, Milliner, born Bloomsbury Middlesex
Kate Starie, Dau, 17, unm, 19, Milliner, born Bloomsbury Middlesex
Thomas Parker Starie, Son, 15, Bookseller, born Bloomsbury Middlesex
Margaret Sarah Starie, Dau, 13, Scholar, born Bloomsbury Middlesex
William Starie, Son, 11, Scholar, born St Martins Middlesex
Kate Haverson, Sister in law, 49, Widow, Booksellers Assistant, born St Martins Middlesex
Sarah Parkinson, Serv, unm, 26, General Servant, born St Pauls Covent Garden
Emily Jane Meyers Aubery, Serv, unm, 18, General Servant, born St Marys Newington Surrey
Edward Clare, Lodger, Mar, 49, Professor of Music, born Norwich Norfolk
Morris Grossman , Boarder, unm, 19, Upholsterer, born Roschan Hungary

15 Norfolk St
##John Starie, Servant, unm, 18, Shopman, born St Jas. Westminster [with Charles Jeans, Pawnbroker & Silversmith employing 3 men]

38 Oxford Terrace (RG9/9/32)
+Elizabeth C Sterry, Visitor, unm, 21, born Gloucester Gloucestershire
(With Susan Williams, Landed Proprietor)

St Giles (parish)
(City of London)
54 Gower St (RG9/171/5)
Frances Holden, Wife, married, 57, Wife of Luther Holden regisd Upminster in Essex, born Romford Essex
#Frances Sterry, Niece, unm, 20, born Upminster Essex
Elizabeth Gardener, Cook, married, 45, Cook, born Cubert Cornwall
Mary Ann Joyce, Serv, unm, 23, Parlour Maid, born Kerry Ardfisk Ireland
Sarah Seaggins, Serv, unm, 30, Housemaid, born Stowmarket Suffolk

St James (parish, City of Westminster)
15 St James Square (RG9/63/34)
#William Sterry, Head, unm, 58, Landed Proprietor, born Romford Essex

St Mary Aldermary (parish)
City of London (RG9/223/18)
19 Addle St
**Hannah Sterry, Lodger, Married, 61, born Lowestoft Suffolk (Presumeably Hannah Masterson visiting her son William Jex below with her daughter Rosa)
(With Thos Truman, Boarding House Keeper and family with servants and lodgers)

St Olave (parish of Olave Silver St)
City of London
**21 Noble St (RG9/223/18)
Wm J Sterry, Head, 30, Warehouseman, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Catherine Sterry, Wife, 30, Liskeard Cornwall
Rosa Sterry, Visitor, unm, 17, born Lowestoft Suffolk

St Marylebone [St Matthew Parish]
20 Grove Terrace (RG9/86/46)
William Corry, Head, 36, Joiner, born Cornwall
^^^Sarah Corry, Wife, 36, born Sibthorne[sic]
William Corry, Son, 8, Scholar, born Middx
Charles Corry, Son, 2, born Middx
^^^Maria Sterry, Servant, unm, 27, House Servant, born Suffolk
Sarah Price, Widow, 74, born London
Sarah B Price, Widow, 40, born Hampshire

##Thames Street
William Starie, Head, 51, Surveyor (County District) to Her Majesty's works & Public Buildings, born London
Jane Starie, Wife, 44, born London
Jane Starie, Dau, unm, 23, born Kennington Surrey
Mary Elizth Starie, Dau, unm, 22, born London
Agusta [sic] Marie Starie, Dau, unm, 20, born Kennington Surrey
Fanny Starie, Dau, unm, 18, born Kennington Surrey
Emily Sophia Starie, Dau, unm, 16, born Chelsea Middlesex
Lucy Harriett Starie, Dau, 14, born Chelsea Middlesex
Ellen Starie, Dau, 13, born Chelsea Middlesex
Edith Starie, Dau, 11, born Chelsea Middlesex
Wm Cork[sic] Starie, Son, 8, born Chelsea Middlesex


** = Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK line
+ = Longhope, Gloucestershire, UK line
# = Ruardean, Gloucestershire, UK line
^^^ = Pakefield, Suffolk, UK line
## = Burford, Shropshire, UK