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1861 - SUFFOLK

*Boorfields (RG9/1149/20)
William Sterry, Head, 45, Ag Lab, born Rickinghall Suffolk
Mary Sterry, Wife, 45, [Ag] Lab Wife, born Cotton Suffolk
David Sterry, Son, unm, 20, Ag Lab, born Rickinghall Suffolk
Harriet Sterry, Daur, 15, born Rickinghall Suffolk

*Poplar Hall (RG9/1155/107)
John Sterry, Head, 52, Farm Bailiff, born Rickinghall Suffolk
Maria Sterry, Wife, 40, Farm Bailiff's wife, born Rickinghall Suffolk
Phillip Sterry, Son, 19, unm, Ag Lab, born Rickinghall Suffolk
Neomia(sic) Sterry, Daur, 14, born Rickinghall Suffolk
John Sterry, Son, 12, born Rickinghall Suffolk
Eliza Sterry, Daur, 9, born Rickinghall Suffolk
Martin Sterry, Son, 7, born Rickinghall Suffolk
Martha Sterry, Daur, 6, born Rickinghall Suffolk
Mary Ann Sterry, Daur, 3, born Debenham Suffolk

*Back Lane (RG9/1155/106)
Thomas Sterry, Head, 42, Ag Lab, born Rickinghall Suffolk
Elizabeth Sterry, Wife, 36, born Walsham Suffolk
Elizabeth Sterry, Daur, unm, 19, born Walsham

Fore Street (RG9/1155/103)
Elizabeth Sterry, Servt, unm, 25, Housemaid, born Monk Soham
(With Lionel W Moore, Surgeon and family)

**Swan St (RG9/1135/65)
Robert Sterry, Head, 46, Bricklayer, born Southwold Suffolk
Sarah Sterry, Wife, 41, Laundress, born Groton Suffolk
Kate Howe, Dau-in-law, unm, 18, Laundress, born Groton Suffolk
Robert Sterry, Son, 15, Bricklayer, born Groton Suffolk

**New Nelson Street (RG9/1187/231)
Mary A Sterry, Wife, 54, barmaid, born Southwold Suffolk
Thomas Sterry, Son, unm, 26, Seaman Mer. Ser., born Southwold Suffolk
Edward Sterry, Son, 15, Seaman Mer. Ser., born Beccles Suffolk
Woodard Sterry, Son, 13, Scholar, born Beccles Suffolk
Alfred Sterry, Grand Son, 11, Scholar, born Beccles Suffolk

Factory Lane (RG9/1187/147)
**Ann Sterry, Head, Widow, 59, Beetster, born Lowestoft Suffolk
James Taylor, Lodger, married, 69, Twinespinner, born Lowestoft Suffolk

**37 Crown Street (RG9/1187/150)
Timothy Sterry, Head, 34, Twinespinner, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Ann Sterry, Wife, 32, born Oulton Suffolk

**1 Strand Cottages (RG9/1187/15)
Robert Sterry, Head, Wr, 53, Brewer, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Louisa W Sterry, Daur, unm, 23, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Emma M Sterry, Daur, unm, 22, born Lowestoft Suffolk
John Love Sterry, Son, 16, Grocer (ap), born Lowestoft Suffolk
Samuel W Sterry, Son, 11, Scholar, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Anne Ward, Sister in law, unm, 61, Housekeeper, born Lowestoft Suffolk

**Beach (RG9/1187/4)
Frederick Sterry, Head, 26, Rope Maker, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Sarah Ann Sterry, Wife, 25, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Frederick Sterry, Son, 2, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Susannah Sterry, Daur, 9mo, born Lowestoft Suffolk

110 High St (RG9/1187/171)
**James Sterry, Head, mar, 58, Fish Merchant, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Eliza J Bayly, Sister in law, mar, 40, Fundholder, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Ann Aldred, Serv, unm, 33, House Servant, born Benacre Suffolk

**10 New Nelson St (RG9/1187/199)
Jane Sterry, Wife, married, 27, Mariners Wife, born Mutford Suffolk
William Sterry, Son, 4, born Lowestoft Suffolk

**1 Nelson St (RG9/1187/61)
John Sterry, Head, 59, House Proprietor, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Mary Sterry, Wife, 55, born Yarmouth Norfolk
Mary A Sterry, Niece, 20, unm, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Mary S Seulthorpe, Counsin, unm, 9, scholar, born London Middlesex
Mary A Yallop, Serv, unm, 29, Servant, born Lowestoft Suffolk

**2 Nelson St (RG9/1187/61)
Martha Sterry, Head, Wid, 50, Lodging House Keeper, born Oulton Suffolk
Mary Sterry, Daur, 24, unm, Milliner, born Lowestoft Suffolk

5 Nelson St (RG9/1187/61)
Mary Ward, Head, unm, 64, Lodginghouse Keeper, born Lowestoft Suffolk
**William H Sterry, Nephew, 14, Scholar, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Jacob Thurtell, Lodger, unm, 59, Gentleman, born Bradwell Suffolk

Rickinghall Inferior
*Robinsons Farm (RG9/1144/110)
Robert Sterry, Head, 52, Ag Lab, born Rickinghall Suffolk
Lydia Sterry , wife, 43, born Rickinghall Suffolk
Anthony Sterry, Son, 14, Ag Lab, Rickinghall Suffolk
George Sterry, Son, 9, born Rickinghall Suffolk
John Sterry, Son, 5, born Rickinghall Suffolk
Louisa Sterry , Daur, 2, born Rickinghall Suffolk

Rickinghall Inferior
*Walsham Road (RG9/1144/109)
Robert Sterry, Head, 24, Ag Lab, born Rickinghall Suffolk
Emily Sterry, Wike, 23, born Botesdale Suffolk
David Sterry, Son, 1, born Rickinghall Suffolk
William Sterry, Son, 3mo, born Rickinghal Suffolk

Rickinghall Inferior
Rectory (RG9/1144/109)
*Elizabeth Sterry, Serv, unm, 21, Parlour Maid, born Rickinghall Suffolk
(With Richard C Maul, Rector of Rickinghall and family)

Rickinghall Inferior
Broom Hills (RG9/1144/111)
*James Sterry, Serv, 12, Groom, born Rickinghall Suffolk
(With Nathaniel C Simpson, Farmer's Son 160 acres employing 7 men and 2 boys)

Rickinghall Inferior
Bury Road (RG9/1144/108)
*Martin Sterry, Head, Widr, 79, Ag Lab, born Rickinghall Suffolk

**Yoxford Rd (RG9/1181/56)
Nathaniel Sterry, Head, Head, 38, Gardener, born Sibton Suffolk
Maryann Sterry, Wife, 37, Gardener's Wife, born Sibton Suffolk
George Sterry, Son, 6, Scholar, born Sibton Suffolk
John Sterry, Boarder, unm, 30, Ag Lab, born Sibton Suffolk
William Pull, Lodger, mar, 32, Painter and Glazier, born Binham Town Norfolk

**nr East Green St (RG9/1183/54)
William Sterry, Head, 60, Joiner, born Southwold Suffolk
Elizabeth Sterry, Wife, 55, born Yoxford Suffolk

*Long Green (RG9/1149/123)
Mary Ann Sterry, Servt, unm, 18, General Servant, born Rickinghall Suffolk
(With Charles Y Browne, Grocer and Draper and family)


* = Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK line
** = Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK line