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9 Darling Ter (RG10/640/36)
Fort Rd
**Hannah A Sterry, Head, Wid, 42, Retired, born Rotherhithe Surrey

^249 East Inda Rd (RG10/572/78)
William Sterry, Lodger, unm, 22, Joiner, born Ipswich Suffolk
(With George Henry Clark, Coffee House Keeper and family)

2 Grove Place (RG10/90/23)
Patrick Sterry, Head, 61, Bricklayers Labourer, born Ireland
Margaret Sterry, Wife, 45, Laundress, born Ireland

125 Packington St
Packington Towers (RG10/291/24)
**Onslow Sterry, Servt, unm, 25(35?), Barman, born Surrey
(With William Humphries, licensed victualler, and several other servants)

4 Bryan Place (RG10/259/29)
Matthew Sterry, Head, 29, Railway Porter, born Devizes Wiltshire
Julia Sterry, Wife, 25, born Redmarley Gloucestershire

#53 Tregunter Road (RG10/54/51)
Charles Sterry, Head, 59, Retired Royal Mint, born Low Leigton Essex
Sarah M Sterry, Wife, 40, Colchester Essex
Priscilla A Sterry, Daur, 14, born London Cit, Middlesex
Margaret Lane, Nurse, 32, Nurse, born Blackheath Kent
Anna M Hopwood, Serv, 46, Cook, born Westbury Wiltshire
Eliza Rutherford, Serv, 25, Housemaid, born London City Middlesex
Susannah L Jarvis, Serv, 20, Housemaid, born London City Middlesex

12 Lower Marsh (RG10/654/30)
John Kippen, Head, 44, Fishmongerer & Poulterer, born Lambeth Surrey
Mary A Kippen, Wife, 35, born Lambeth Surrey
Emma Sterry, Sister, unm, 23, born Lambeth Surrey
Caroline Kippen, Daur, unm, 19, born Lambeth Surrey
William Kippen, Son, 16, born Lambeth Surrey
John Kippen, Son, 10, born Lambeth Surrey
Emma Kippen, Daur, 8, Scholar, born Lambeth Surrey
Henry Kippen, Son, 2, born Lambeth Surrey

(Parish Limehouse St Ann's)
**7 East Church Row (RG10/552/36)
Wm W Sterry, Head, 46, Sailmaker, born Bermonsey Surrey
Alicia S Sterry, Wife, 40, born Mersea Essex
William T Sterry, Son, unm, 12, Scholar, born Bermondsey Surrey
Frank A Sterry, Son, 6 , born Limehouse Middlesex
Alfred L Sterry, 4, born Limehouse Middlesex
Amelia Field, Lodger, unm, 30, Bonnet Maker, born Deptford Kent

Mile End Old Town
5 Trentham Ter (RG10/561/11)
Amelia Rose Seulthorpe, Head, Wid, 51, Retired Licensed Victualler, born Bermondsey Surrey
John Seulthorpe, Son, unm, 35, Lincensed Victualler, born Bermondsey Surrey
Mary Susannah Seulthorpe, Daur, 19, born Bermondsey Surrey
William D Seulthorpe, Son, 16, Clerk, born Newington Surrey
**John Sterry, Cousin, Widr, 69, Annuitant, born Lowestoft Suffolk

%69 Beckway Street (RG10/619/78)
George Sterry, Head, 37, Labourer, born Southwark Surrey
Elizabeth Sterry, Wife, 38, born Southwark Surrey
Elizabeth Sterry, Daur, unm, 19, born Southwark Surrey
George Sterry, Son, unm, 15, born Southwark Surrey
Caroline Sterry, Daur, 14, born Southwark Surrey
Joseph Sterry, Son, 12, born Southwark Surrey
Lucy Sterry, Daur, 6, born Southwark Surrey
Rose Sterry, Daur, 4, born Southwark Surrey
William Sterry, Son, 2, born Southwark Surrey
John Sterry, Son, 1mo, born Southwark Surrey

St Marylebone
#21Hamilton Terrace (RG10/188/48)
Henry Sterry, Head, 71, Retired Merchant, born London Middlesex
Annie E Sterry, Wife, 61, born Norfolk
Mary A Birch, Servant, 28, unm, born Cornwall
Betsey Phipps, Servant, 32, widow, Cook, born London Middlesex

St Marylebone
*6 Little Exeter St (RG10/179/26)
Jane(sic?) Storry(sic), Head, widow, 60, Coffee Stall Keeper, born Hullavington Wiltshire
Julia Storry, Daur, Married, 28, Laundress, born Mlebone Middlesex
Mercy Storry, Daur, unmar, 20, Ironer, born Mlebone Middlesex
Julia Johnson, Grandd, 8, born Mlebone Middlesex
Joseph Johnson, Grands, 6, born Mlbone Middlesex

Somers Town
24 Church Way (RG10/222/79)
Thomas Parrott, Head, 35, General Shopkeeper, born Potters Bar Middlesex
Elizabeth Parrott, Wife, 39, born Halesworth Suffolk
William Goulson, Lodger, unm, Engine Foreman, Willarn Lee Willers(sic) Suffolk
*Thomas Sterry, Visitor, mar, 52, Agricultural Labourer, born Ricken Hall Suffolk

(Parish of St George)
25 Gum St (RG10/604/49)
Henry Sterry, Head, 30, Dealer, born [Southwark] Christchurch [Surrey]
Eliza Sterry, Wife, 32, born [Southwark] Christchurch [Surrey]
Saml Sterry, Son, 12, born [Southwark] Christchurch [Surrey]
Mary A Sterry, Daur, 10, born [Southwark] Christchurch [Surrey]
Carry Sterry, Daur, 8, born [Southwark] Christchurch [Surrey]
Eliza Sterry, Daur, 6, born [Southwark] Christchurch [Surrey]
Teddy Sterry, Son, 5, born [Southwark] Christchurch [Surrey]
Harry Sterry, Son, 4, born [Southwark] Christchurch [Surrey]
Charley Sterry, Son, 6mo, born [Southwark] Christchurch [Surrey]

Tower Hamlet
20 Albert Faml Dwelling
*Albert St (RG10/515/59)
John Sterry, Visitor, unm, 22, Railway Porter out of employ, born Deadenham(Debenham Suffolk?)
Martin Sterry, Visitor, unm, 20, Labourer, born Deadenham(?)
(With Thomas Bywater and family)

**1 East Hills Villas (RG10/710/37)
James M Sterry, Head, 42, Warehouseman, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Eliza Sterry, Wife, 31, born Hoxton Middlesex
Arthur J Sterry, Son, 5, born Wandsworth Surrey
Maud H Sterry, Daur, 4, born Wandsworth Surrey
Edith M Sterry, Daur, 2, born Wandsworth Surrey
Mary A Bartlett, Serv, unm, 18, Gen Serv, born Poplar Middlesex

# = Ruardean, Gloucestershire, UK line
** = Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK
% = Bermondsey, Surrey, UK line
* = Bury St Edmunbds, Suffolk, UK line
^ = Ipswich, Suffolk, UK