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Amney Crucis
Dwelling: Vicarage (RG11/2557/4)
+Emma Sterry, Housekeeper, unm, 29, Housekeeper (Dom), born Gloucester, Glo
(Head: Robert (Rev) Dunn, Vicar Of Ampney with pupils and several other servants)

+Cross Rds Bisley Rd (RG11/2543/133)
Emanuel Sterry, Head, 42, Miller, born Longhope Glo
Anne Elizebth. Sterry, Wife, 38, Laundress, born Dancey Wiltshire
Wm. Sterry, Son, unm, 14, Scholar, born Stroud Glo
Chs. Sterry, Son, 12, Scholar, born Stroud Glo
Jane Eliza Sterry, Daur, 10, Scholar, born Bisley Glo

+White Hall (RG11/2525/148)
Joseph Sterry, Head, Widr, 78, Farmer 1 and a half acres, born Longhope Glo
Joseph Sterry, Son, unm, 37, Wood Turner Unemployed, born Longhope Glo

Bristol St James & St Paul Out
+No 47 Upper Cheltenham Place (RG11/2485/58)
Caleb Sterrey, Head, 31, Bank Messenger, born Longhope Glo
Mary Sterrey, Wife, 35, born Westbury Glo
Elizabeth T. Sterrey, Daur, 10, Scholar, born Dover Kent
Arthur Sterrey, Son, 2, born Bristol Glo

Bristol St Nicholas
+Institution: "Sailors Home" 29 Queens Square (RG11/2468/48)
Charles Sterry, Porter, marr, 38, Instn Porter Sailors Home, born Rodley Glo

+3 Eldon Terrace
Ellen Stery, Wife, 29, Husband Porter at Sailor's Home, born Bedminster Bristol
Ellen Stery, Dau, 10, Scholar, born Bedminster Bristol
Francis Stery, Son, 5, Scholar, born Bedminster Bristol
Sophia Stery, Dau, 4, Scholar, born Bedminster Bristol
Eland Stery, Dau, 2, born Bedminster Bristol
John Stery, Son, 2mo, born Bedminster Bristol

+5 Coach Road (RG11/2573/95)
Elizabeth Sterry, Head, Wid, 55, (no occupation), born Long Hope Glo

Dwelling: 6 Victoria Place (RG11/2576/101)
+Jane Sterry, Visitor, unm, 26, Housemaid Domestic Servt, born Cheltn Glo
(With H.J. Smith, Malster and family)

+20 Black Jack St (RG11/2554/85)
Eli Sterry, Lodger, 24, General Labourer, born Longhope Glo
(With Henry Taylor, Postman, and family)

Inveravon (RG11/2480/33)
+Mary A. Sterrey, Serv, unm, 29, Cook Serv (Dom), born Longhope Glo
(With Henry F. Price, Bank Manager and family)

East Dean
+Hasel Hill (RG11/2521/81)
Eliza Sterry, Head, Wid, 59, born East Dean Glo
John Sterry, Son, unm, 28, Coal Miner, born East Dean Glo
Jacob Sterry, Son, 19, Grocers Porter, born East Dean Glo
John Henry Sterry, Grandson, 5, born Mitcheldean Glo

+Hasel Hill (RG11/2521/82)
Hubert Sterry, Servant, unm, 14, Servant Domestic, born East Dean
(Head: Joseph Baldwin, Coal Miner)

Charles Sterry, Head,49, Miner, born Longhope Glo
Elizabeth Sterry, Wife, 45, born Huntley Glo
Louisa Sterry, Daur, unm, 25, born Huntley Glo
Harry Sterry, Son, unm, 19, Collier, born East Dean Glo
Allen Sterry, Son, 17, Miner, born East Dean Glo
Mary Ann Sterry, Daur, 11, born East Dean Glo
Leonard Sterry, Son, 8, born East Dean Glo
Owen Sterry, Son, 5, born East Dean Glo
Lambert Sterry, Son, 3, born East Dean Glo
Wallace Sterry, Son, 2, born East Dean Glo

+Hasel Hill (RG11/2521/81)
Isaac Sterry, Head, 32, Coal Miner, born East Dean Glo
Maria Sterry, Wife, 29, born Long Hope Glo
Rose Hannah Sterry, Daur, 2, born Bagiltt Flint Wales
Gertrude Sterry, Daur, 11m, born East Dean Glo

George Sterry, Head, 48, Hosier Out Of Business, born East Dean Glo
Jane Sterry, Wife, 47, born Okengates Shropshire
Leah Sterry, Daughter, 10, Scholar, born Wolverhanton, Stafford

Gloucester Ampney St Peter
+Charlham Lane (RG11/2557/25)
John Sterry, Head, 58, Miller (Corn), born Longhope Glo
Emma Sterry, Wife, 59, born Cheltenham Glo
Robert Sterry, Son, unm, 21, Miller (C), born Ampney Crucis Glo
John Sterry, Grand Son, 6, born Red Brook Glo
Fanny Hinder, Daughter, mar, 23, Carpenters Wife, born Ampney Crucis Glo
Walter Hinder, Grandson, 3, born Ampney St Peter Glo
Agnes Hinder, Grand Daur, 2, born Ampney St Peter Glo

Gloucester Barton St Mary
+52 Falkner St (RG11/2538/32)
Charles Fryer, Head, Widr, 53, Butcher, born Gloucestershire
Ellen Fryer, Daur, unm, 19, born Gloucestershire
Rosa Fryer, Daur, unm, 13, born Gloucestershire
Arthur Fryer, Son, unm, 11, born Gloucestershire
Ernest Fryer, Son, unm, 7, born Gloucestershire
Mary Sterry, Mother In Law, Widow, 80, born Gloucestershire

+71 Upton St (RG11/2537/157)
Eliza Sterry, Head, Wid, 62, born Gloucester, Glo
Sophia Sterry, Daur, unm, 28, Dressmaker, born Gloucester Glo
Walter Sterry, Son, unm, 25, Mechanic, born Gloucester Glo

+30 Barton St (RG11/2537/45)
William Sterry, Head, 47, Carpenter, born Gloster Glo
Sarah Sterry, Wife, 41, born Linton Herefordshire
Gertrude A. Sterry, Daur, 15, Dressmakers Apprentice, born Gloster Glo
Daniel W. Sterry, Son, 13, Scholar, born Bollow Glo
Lucretia J. Sterry, Daur, 11, Scholar, Bollow Glo
Ada E. Sterry, Daur, 7, Scholar, born Westbury On Severn Glo
George Hy. Sterry, Son, 3, Scholar, born Gloster Glo
Wintour J. Sterry, Son, 2m, born Gloster Glo

+13 High St (RG11/2538/10)
Mary A. Sterry, Head, Wid, 51, Grocer Etc, born Newport Pagnell Buckinghamshire
Charles Coombs, Nephew, 16, Solicitors General Clerk, born Bedford Bedfordshire

+No 1 St James Crescent (RG11/2537/138)
John Sterry, Head, 37, Fitter In Rail Carriage Factory, born Rodley Westbury On Severn Glo
Fanny E. Sterry, Wife, 35, born Gloucester Glo
Frances E. Sterry, Daur, unm, 10, Scholar, born Gloucester Glo
Albert J. Sterry, Son, unm, 8, Scholar, Gloucester Glo
Charles W. Sterry, Son, unm, 7, Scholar, Gloucester Glo
Beatrice M. Sterry, Daur, unm, 5, Scholar, Gloucester Glo

+5 Moreton St (RG11/2538/14)
Albert Sterry, Head, 27, Shoe Maker, born Gloucester Glo
Eliza Sterry, Wife, 30, Charwoman, born Gloucester Glo
Henry W. Sterry, Son, 14, Labourer At Saw Mills, born Gloucester Glo
Madeline Sterry, Daur, 1, born Gloucester Glo
Julia Sterry, Sister, unm, 28, Dress Maker, born Gloucester Glo
William Sterry, Brother, unm, 22, Sawyer, Gloucester Glo

Gloucester St Catherine
+5 Deans Walk (RG11/2532/74)
George Sterry, Head, 56, Gardner, born Longley Glo
Martha Elizabeth Sterry, Wife, 53, born Harescomb Glo
Rhoda Sterry, Daur, unm, 19, born St Michaels Glo
James Charles Berry, Boarder, unm, 21, Merchaints Clerk, born Penwortham Australia

Gloucester St John Baptist
+29 Alvin St (RG11/2534/51)
George Sterry, Head, 47, Boot & Shoemaker, born Newent Glo
Elizth. Sterry, Wife, 47, born Clifton Glo
Geo.F. Sterry, Son, 16, Assistant Boot & Leather Wear, born Gloucester Glo
Amelia K. Sterry, Daur, 13, Scholar, born Gloucester Glo
Edwd.Frank Sterry, Son, 10, Scholar, born Gloucester Glo

Gloucester St Michael
+42 Eastgate St (RG11/2533/56)
Charlotte Sterry, Head, Wid, 61, Retired, born Longney Glo
Daniel Sterry, Son, unm, 27, Grocer & Firm Sterry & Morris Employing 5 Men 2 Boys, born Hardwick Glo
Elizabeth Wheeler, Daur, Wid, 29, Boot & Shoe Dealer Employing 1 Assistant & 1 Boy, born Hardwick Glo
Ada Agnes Wheeler, Granddaur, 8, born Edwardstone Suffolk
Violet Eva Wheeler, Granddaur, 6, born Hardwick Glo
Elizabeth Martha Morris, Assistant, unm, 20, born West Bromwich Stafford

+15 Bell Lane (RG11/2533/73)
Frederick Thomas Sterry, Head, 38, Joiner & Undertaker, born Gloucester Glo
Emma Sterry, Wife, 33, born Gloucester Glo
Edith Alice Sterry, Daur, 11, Scholar, born Gloucester Glo
Edgar Thomas Sterry, Son, 9, Scholar, Gloucester Glo
Agnes Louisa Maria Sterry, Daur, 7, Scholar, Gloucester Glo
Louise Mabel Sterry, Daur, 3, Scholar, born Gloucester Glo
Sydney Frederick Sterry, Son, 1, born Gloucester Glo

Gloucester South Hamlet
+12 Robin Hood St (RG11/2536/17)
Benoni Sterry, Head, 43, Carpenter, Gloucester Glo
Maria Sterry, Wife, 43, born Chelmsford Essex

Bristol Rd (RG11/2536/41)
+William Hy. Sterry, Head, unm, 20, Groom, born Newnham Glo
(Lodging with Ann Lewis and family)

+Elming Row No 19 (RG11/2536/37)
Miles Sterry, Head, 37, Labourer (Unemployed), born Newent Glo
Ellen Sterry, Wife, 38, born Upleadon Glo
Charles Sterry, Son, unm, 14, Labourer, born Gloster Glo
William Sterry, Son, 11, Scholar, born Gloster Glo
Emily Sterry, Daur, 9, Scholar, born Gloster Glo
Kate Sterry, Daur, 7, Scholar, Gloster Glo
Fanny Sterry, Daur, 3, Scholar, born Gloster Glo

+Elming Row No 6 (RG11/2536/38)
Emily Sterry, Visitor, 9, born Gloster Glo
(With Kerziah Avery and family)
[Presumed duplication of Emily entry above]

+Farm House (RG11/2556/8)
Martha Ellen Sterry, Servant, unm, 19, Housemaid Domestic Servant, born Harnhill Glo
(Head: Samuel Rendall Tombs, Farmer of 500 Acres Employing 9 Laborers & 7 Boys)

+Newmarket House (RG11/2550/28)
Mary Sterry, Nursemaid, unm, 22, Nurse Maid (Dom). born Longhope Glo
(With Isaac Hillier and family)

+Little London (RG11/2525/103)
Elizabeth Sterry, Head, Widow, 80, Formerly Servant, born Huntley Glo
John Dance, G'son, 12, Scholar, born Berry Hill Glo

+Huntley Hill (RG11/2525/103)
Samuel Sterry, Head, 57, Carpenter, born Blaisdon Glo
Harriett Sterry, Wife, 54, born Huntley Glo
Elizabeth Clarke, Niece, unm, 27, Needlewoman, born Huntley Glo

+Huntley Hill (RG11/2525/103)
John Sterry, Head, 53, Painter & Glazier, born Blaisdon Glo
Patience Sterry, Wife, 52, born Longhope Glo
Arabella Sterry, Daur, 13, Apprentice to Dressmaker, born Longhope Glo

+Huntley Hill (RG11/2525/103)
Charles Sterry, Head, 28, Labourer, born Huntley Glo
Elizabeth Sterry, Wife, 26, born Longhope Glo
Elizabeth A. Sterry, Daur, 5, Scholar, born Huntley Glo
Alice S. Sterry, Daur, 2, born Huntley Glo

+1 Little London (RG11/2525/77)
Charles Sterrey, Head, 54, Carrier & Rate Collector, born Longhope Glo
Hannah Sterrey, Wife, 66, born Longhope Glo
Charles Sterrey, Son, unm, 25, Wood Turner, born Longhope Glo
Anna Sterrey, Daur, unm, 23, Domestic In General, born Longhope Glo

+Slad (RG11/2525/85)
William Sterrey, Head, 56, Market Carrier, born Longhope Glo
Mary Ann Sterrey, Wife, 57, born Churcham Glo
William Parry, Grandson, 13, Scholar, born Longhope Glo

+Slad (RG11/2525/85)
Robert Sterrey, Head, unm, 27, Coal Warf Labourer, born Longhope Glo
Ann Sterrey, Mother, unm, 61, Charwoman, born Longhope Glo
Aletha Jacksons, Boarder, unm, 32, Gl Domestic (Ser), born Longhope Glo
Dennis Herbert Jacksons, Boarder, 3, born Longhope Glo
Eva Marian Jacksons, Boarder, 3m, born Longhope Glo

+Slad (RG11/2525/85)
John Sterrey, Head, 31, Ag Labourer, born Huntley Glo
Harriet Sterrey, Wife, 22, born Longhope Glo
Mary Ann Sterrey, Daur, 3, born Longhope Glo

+11 High Street Little London (RG11/2525/78)
Ann Sterrey, Head, Wid, 60, Needle Woman (S), born Upleadon Glo

+13 High St (RG11/2525/78)
Joseph Nelms, Head, 67, Retired Farmer, born Astoningham Hereford
Ann Nelms, Wife, 68, born Westbury On Severn Glo
Mary Ann Sterrey, Grand Daur, unm, 20, Domestic, born Longhope Glo

+14 High St (RG11/2525/78)
Samuel D. Sterrey, Head, 48, General Painter, born Blaisdon Glo
Eliza Sterrey, Wife, 32, born Astoningham Herefordshire

+Dursley Cross (RG11/2525/84)
Charles Sterrey, Head, 53, Farmer, born Taynton Glo
Mary Ann Sterrey. Wife, 49, born Weston-Under-Penyard Herefordshire
Louisa Hester Elizabeth Hewer, Daur, 23, born Astoningham Herefordshire
Walter Charles Hewer, Grandson, 4, born St.Martins Worcestershire
Amelia Agnes Hewer, Grandaur, 2, born St.Martins Worcestershire
Authur Hewer, Grandson, 7m, born St.Martins Worcestershire

+Dursley Cross (RG11/2525/82)
George Sterrey, Head, 40, Farmer, born Longhope Glo
Patience Sterrey, Wife, 34, born Blaisdon Glo
Leonard George Sterrey, Son, 4, born Longhope Glo
Gertrude Emily Sterrey, Daur, 2, born Longhope Glo
Walace Charles Sterrey, Son, 7m, born Longhope Glo

+Village (RG11/2525/71)
John Sterrey, Head, 53, Wood Turner, born Longhope Glo
Lydia Sterrey, Wife, 28, born Linton Herefordshire

+Hope Hill (RG11/2525/79)
John Sterrey, Head, Widr, 51, Gl Labourer, born Longhope, Glo
Charles Sterrey, Son, unm, 30, Gl Labourer, born Longhope Glo

+2 Grocers Shop (RG11/2525/82)
James Sterrey, Head, 50, Gl Labourer, born Longhope, Glo
Clara Ann Sterrey, Wife,38, Shopkeeper, born Longney, Glo
Kate Sterrey, Daur, unm, 15, Domestic, born Longhope Glo
Eli Sterrey, Son, 13, Cripple, born Longhope Glo
Ernest Sterrey, Son, 11, Scholar, born Longhope Glo
Allice Sterrey, Daur, 9, Scholar, born Longhope Glo
Margret Ellen Sterrey, Daur, 3, born Longhope Glo
Water Charles Sterrey, Son, 1, born Longhope Glo

+Lone Head (RG11/2525/85)
Henry Sterrey, Head, 32, Ag Labourer, born Huntley Glo
Ann Sterrey, Wife, 26, born Blaisdon Glo
Agnes Ann Sterrey, Daur, 6, Scholar, Longhope Glo
Henry James Sterrey, Son, 3, born Longhope Glo
Thomas Sterrey, Son, 10m, born Longhope Glo

+Chessgrove Farm (RG11/2525/67)
Sarah A. Sterrey, Serv, 17, General Serv, born Longhope Glo
Allan Sterrey, Serv, 17, Farm Serv Indoor, born Lea Hereford
(With Joseph Ambury, Farmer 102 Acres Employing 2 Men 1 Boy, and family)

+Queen Street (RG11/5221/75)
Richard Sterry, Head, 58, Carpenter, born Lydney Glo
Eliza Sterry, Wife, 48, born Lydney Glo
Richard Sterry, Son, unm, 21, Carpenter, born Lydney Glo
Annie Sterry, Daur, unm, 19, born Lydney Glo
Harry Sterry, Son, 17, Carpenter, born Lydney Glo

+Queen Street (RG11/5221/74)
William Sterry, Head, 26, Tin Plate Worker. born Lydney Glo
Elizabeth Sterry, Wife, 22, born Lydney Glo
Annie Sterry, Daur, 3, Scholar, born Lydney Glo
Richard Sterry, Son, 1, born Lydney Glo
William Sterry, Son, 1w, born Lydney Glo

High Street (RG11/2524/43)
+Sarah Sterry, Serv, unm, 27, Dressmaker, born Longhope Glo
(With Louisa Jane Green, Dressmaker Employ 54)

+Cliffords Mesne (RG11/2526/84)
William Sterry, Head, 45, Thatcher, born Newent Glo
Mary Ann Sterry, Wife, 46, born Newent Glo
Mark Halford, Boarder, unm, 12, Scholar, born Taynton Glo

+Kelcote (RG11/2526/67)
Heiram Sterry, Head, 25, Farmer of 34 Acres, born Longhope Glo
Emily Sterry, Wife, 27, Farmers Wife, born Bishops Cleeve Glo
Evely Sterry, Daur, 1, born Brockhampton Glo
George Brown, Servant, unm, 56, Ag Lab, born Ashford Kent

+Up Redbrook (RG11/5223/78)
Charles Jones, Head, unm, 60, No Occupation Disabled By Accident, born Redbrook, Glo
Ellen Sterry, Boarder, Wid, 38, Charwoman, born Lydney Glo
Emma Sterry, Boarder, 6, Daur Of Charwoman, born Redbrook Glo

+Crookes (RG11/2526/ 74)
Ellen Sterry, Servant, unm, 16, General Servant, born Newent Glo
(With William J.B. Price, Farmer Of 122 Acres, and family)

West Dean
Grocers Shop (RG11/5224/57)
+Elizabeth Sterry, Head, 47, Grocery & Draper, born Newnham Glo
Mary J.H. Sterry, Daur, 10, Scholar, West Dean Glo
Rosina Ellery, Assistant, unm, 20, Grocers Assistant , born Kingsword Glo

Wotton St Mary
+United Alms Houses (RG11/2529/119)
Ann Pearson, Inmate (Head), unm, 85, Retired School Mistress, born Tetbury Glo
Eliza Sterry, Nurse, unm, 71, Retired School Mistress, born Gloucestershire

+United Alms Houses (RG11/2529/120)
Mary A. Sterry, Inmate (Head), Wid, 68, born Gloucestershire (nee Gardiner, wife of William Walter Sterry)

+Institution: "Gloucester County Lunatic Asylum" ( RG11/2530/107)
Fanny Sterry, unm, 22, (I S) Attendant, born Gloucester Glo

Wotton Ville
+10 Twyver St. (RG11/2530/45)
George H. Sterry, Head, 26, Carpenter, born Gloster Glo
Maria Sterry, Wife, 22, born Gloster Glo
Florence Sterry, Daur, 1, born Gloster Glo

+ = Longhope, Gloucestershire, UK line