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+Strafford Rd South London Laundry (RG11/1355/52)
William Sterry, Head, 43, Laundry Man, born Longley Gloucestershire
Ellen Sterry, Wife, 44, Laundry Mans Wife, born Harrow Middlesex
Kate M. Sterry, Daur, 7, Scholar, born Acton Middlesex
Alice M. M. Sterry, Daur, 6, Scholar, born Acton Middlesex
Rose Hampton, Servant, unm, 23, General Servant, born Arlesey Bedfordshire
Elizabeth J. Cocks, Servant, unm, 20, Laundry Servant , born Fulmouth Cornwall

**3 Cottrill Rd (RG11/0296/125)
Arthur Sterry, Lodger, unm, 15, General Merts Clerk, born Wandsworth Surrey
(With George Perrin, Clerk Wholesale Grocers, and family)

+53 Hornsey Road (RG11/0269/38)
Thomas Sterry, Head, 27, Oil Holdman, Cambridge Gloucestershire
Elizabeth Sterry, Wife, 38, born City of London
Wilfred Sterry, Son, 11m, born Islington Middlesex
Alice Sterry, Sister, unm, 16, Oil Holdman Assist , born Eastington Gloucestershire

+26 Alfred St (RG11/0272/109)
Francis W. Sterry, Head, 26, Printer Compositor & Reporter, born Rodley Gloucestershire
Clara A. Sterry, Wife, 20, born Gloucestershire

**15 New St Sth Side (RG11/0468/40)
William Sterry, Head, Wid, 57, Sailmaker, born Bermondsey Surrey
Frank Sterry, Son, unm, 18, Lab General, born Stepney Middlesex
Alfred Sterry, Son, 15, Lab General, born Stepney Middlesex

**133 Narrow St Public House (RG11/0467/109)
Hannah Sterry, Manageress (Head), Wid, 49, Manageress (Inn Keeper), born Rotherhithe Surrey
Elizabeth Ives, Barmaid, unm, 17, Barmaid (Inn Serv), born Rotherhithe Surrey
Ellen S. Washam, Servant, unm, 22, Domestic Servant, born Limehouse Middlesex
Harry Monk, Servant, unm, 17, Potman, born Old Ford Middlesex

St George Hanover Square
+Institution: "St Georges Hospital" ( RG11/0109/109)
Kate Sterry, Probr Nurse, unm, 24, Probationer Nurse, born Gloucestershire

St George In East
12 Anthony St (RG11/0456/24)
Philip E. Wursten, Head, 46, Baker, born Hamburg
Annie Wursten, Wife, 33, born Bristol
Alfred Wursten, Son, unm, 17, Baker, born Isle Of Dogs Middlesex
Elizabeth M. Sterry, Step Daur, unm, 16, born Bristol St Paul
William Sterry, Step Son, unm, 14, Scholar, born Westminster Middlesex
Annie Sterry, Step Daur, unm, 12, Scholar, born St Georges E Middlesex
Alice Wursten, Daur, unm, 13, Scholar, born Bow Middlesex
Rose Wursten, Daur, unm, 10, Scholar, born Bow Middlesex
Ada Wursten, Daur, unm, 6, Scholar, born Bow Middlesex
Nelly Wursten, Daur, unm, 2, born St Georges Middlesex
Emily Wursten, Daur, unm, 3m, born St Georges Middlesex
Elizabeth M. Ford, Mother, Wid, 63, born Bristol St James

St Marylebone
#40 Abercorn Pl (RG11/0165/57)
Anne E. Sterry, Head, Wid, 67, Money In Funds, born Lynn Norfolk
Elizabeth Riches, Companion, unm, 56, Companion, born St Pacras Middlesex,
Hannah Finch, Servant, unm, 29, Domestic Servant, born Halsted Essex

+7 York Terrace (RG11/0157/51)
Margaret Sterry, Servt, unm, 22, Housemaid, born Witham Somerset
(Head: Charles J. Knight, Architect & Surveyor)

St Pancras
+9 Gt College St (RG11/0206/73)
Walter Sterry, Head, 25, Hairdresser, born Gloucester Gloucestershire
Mary A. Sterry, Wife, 24, born Greenwich Kent
Walter Stanley Sterry, Son, 1, born _____

204 Brick Lane (RG11/0435/80)
W. Sterry, Lodger, unm, 39, Labourer, born Rotherhithe Surrey
(Head: Deputy Lodging House Keeper)

**Dwelling: Church Street (RG11/1328/158)
William G. Sterry, Head, 33, Carpenter & Joiner, born Ipswich Suffolk
Emily Sterry, Wife, 34, born Coggeshall Essex
Harry W. Sterry, Son, 6, born Harwich Essex
Arthur Sterry, Son, 5, born Coggeshall Essex
Thomas H. Sterry, Son, 2, Staines Middlesex
Clement W. Sterry, Son, 6m, born Staines Middlesex

** = Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK line
+ = Longhope, Gloucestershire, UK line
# = Ruardean, Gloucestershire, UK line