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Ampney Crucis
+Mill House, London Road (RG13/2450/13)
Robert Sterry, Head, 41, Miller in Grist Mill, born Amney Crucis Glou
Mary A Sterry, Wife, 29, born Carew Pembrokeshire

+3 Eldon Terrace
Charles Sterry, Head, 54, Ship Steward, born Gloucester
Ellen Sterry, Wife, 52, born Bristol
Nellie Sterry, Dau, Single, 30, Stay Fanner, born Bristol
Flo Sterry, Dau, Single, 22, Cigar Maker, born Bristol
Charles Sterry, Son, Single, 20, Clothier's Paker, born Bristol
Ethel Sterry, Dau, Single, 18, Cigar Maker, born Bristol
Francis Sterry, Son, 15, Card board Boxmaker, born Bristol
Gertrude Sterry, Dau, 11, born Bristol

+49 Frogmore St (RG13/2371/112)
Emily Sterry, Servant, Single, 24, born Bristol (With Thomas Callow, Baker and wife)

+37 Corn St (RG13/2377/59)
Caleb Sterrey, Head, Widr, 50, Bank Messenger, born Longhope Glo
Annie E Sterrey, Daur, S, 26(?), Housekeeper, born Bristol
Charles Townsend, F. in law, Widr, 81(?), Retired Cooper, born Westbury on Severn Glo
Rose Coates, Serv, unm, 28(?), General Domestic Servant, born Banbury Oxfordshire

18 Royal Parade (RG13/2465/132)
+Alice Sterry, Servant, 16, Housemaid, born Liverpool Lancs (With Rose Harrison, Widow and children. Note aka 'Mary Alice')

+Springbank (RG13/2466/173)
Daniel Sterry, Head, 47, Provisian Merchant, born Hardwick Glou
Georgeana Sterry, Wife, 40, born Fromebridge Glou

+201 High St (RG13/2460/124)
William Coates, Head, Widr, 63, Pork Butcher, born Sandhurst Glou
Gertrude Sterry, Daur, Wid, 23, born Longhope Glou
Francis Sterry, Grandson, 3, born Cheltenham
Frederick Sterry, Grandson, 9m, born Cheltenham

Bath Rd (RG13/2464/59)
Cheltenham College
Southwood House
+Mary Sterry, Serv, Single, 38, Nurse, born Gloucester Glou (Head: Alfred A Bourne, M A, Maths Master Cheltenham College. A large number of boarders are listed.)

+Caledonia House (RG13/2423/163)
Maude Sterry, Servt, Single, 16, Gen Servt Domestic, born Drybrook Glou (With Rich Afford, Commercial Traveller in Timber and wife)

+Hazel Hill (RG13/2419/46)
Allen Sterry, Head, 36, Coal Miner, born East Dean Glou
Annie Sterry, Wife, 34, born Newent, Glou
Lily Sterry, Dau, 13, born East Dean, Glou
John Sterry, Son, 11, born East Dean Glou
Elizabeth Sterry, Dau, 9, born East Dean, Glou
George Sterry, Son, 7, born East Dean, Glou
Gertrude Sterry, Dau, 6, born East Dean Glou
Willie Sterry, Son, 4, born East Dean Glou
Gilbert Sterry, Son, 11mo, born East Dean Glou

East Dean
+Steam Mills (RG13/2419/181)
Henry Sterry, Head, 39, Coal Miner Hewer, born East Dean Gloucestershire
Sula Sterry, Wife, 37, born East Dean Gloucestershire
Arthur Sterry, Son, 16, Coal Miner Beltboy, born East Dean Gloucestershire
Alfred Sterry, Son, 14, Coal Miner Beltboy, born East Dean Gloucestershire
Ada Sterry, Daur, 10, born East Dean Gloucestershire
George Sterry, Son, 8, born East Dean Gloucestershire
Alice Sterry, Daur, 3, born East Dean Gloucestershire
Minnie Sterry, 1, born East Dean Gloucestershire

+Heywood Lane (RG13/ 2420/6)
John Sterry, Head, 48, Collier C'Hewer, born Drybrook Gloucestershire
Elizabeth Sterry, Wife, 41, born Plump Gloucestershire
Miles Sterry, Son, 16, Collier Hodder, born Plump Gloucestershire
Frank Sterry , Son, 12, born Plump Gloucestershire
Ada Sterry, Daur, 11, born Plump Gloucestershire
Elsie Sterry, Daur, 8, born Cinderford Gloucestershire
Joy Sterry, 6, Daur, born Cinderford Gloucestershire
Bertie Sterry, Son, 3, born Cinderford Gloucestershire

+East Dean (RG13/2419/37)
Hubert Sterry, Head, 31, Coal Hewer, born Stenders Glou
Fanny Sterry, Wife, 30, born Bailey Hill Glou
Edith Sterry, Daur, 11, born Morse Lane Glou
Fanny Sterry, Daur, 2, born Wigpool Glou

+Harry Hill (RG13/2419/64)
Leonard Sterry, Head, 30, Collier C. Hewer, born Stenders Glou
Martha Sterry, Wife, 28, born Drybrook Glou
Francis Sterry, Son, 6, born Harry Hill Glou
Alfred L Sterry, Son, 4, born Harry Hill Glou
Thomas Sterry, Son, 2, born Harry Hill Glou
Henry Cook, Boarder, 31, single, born Harry Hill Bilson Green

+Bristol Row (RG13/2420/91)
Wm Henry Sterry, Head, 28, Underground Labour Man, born Bristol Glou
Annie Sterry, Wife, 30, born Bristol Glou
Florence M Sterry, Dau, 6, born Cinderford Glou
Frederick C Sterry, Son, 5, born Cinderford Glou

+Ruspidge (RG13/2420/126)
Emanuel Sterry, Head, 52, Coal Miner, born Longhope Glou
Elizabeth Sterry, Wife, 47, born Walford Her'shire
Kate Sterry, Daur, 17, born Bristol
Clara E Sterry, G Dau, 4, born Bilson Green Glou

+East Dean (RG13/2419/37)
Owen Sterry, Head, 25, Coal Hewer, born Stenders Glou
Harriet Sterry, Wife, 27, born Bilson Green
Rose May Sterry, Daur, 2, born Bilson Green

Church Rd (RG13/2420/90)
+Henry Sterrey, Servant, Single, 18, Labourer for Butcher, born Longhope Glou (With Isaac Robinson, Grocer and Butcher and family)

+Plump Hill (RG13/2419/143)
Charlotte Rivers, Head, Wid, 47, born Longhope Glou
John Sterry, Boarder, Wdr, 76, General Labourer on Farm, born Longhope Glou
Chas Lane, Boarder, Single, 33, Coal Cutter & Hewer, born East Dean Glou
Wallace Rivers, Son, 14, Coal Hodder, born East Dean Glou
Maggie Rivers, Daur, 11, born East Dean Glou

+12 Robinhood St (RG13/2429/141A)
Benoni Sterry, Head, 63, Carpenter, born Gloucester Gloucestershire
Ada C Sterry, Wife, 39, born Gloucester Gloucestershire
Gilbert Sterry, Son, 3, born Gloucester Gloucestershire
Frederick Sterry, Son, 1, born Gloucester Gloucestershire

6 St Paul's Road (RG13/2429/124)
Frances M Marsh, Head, Widow, 30, Living on own means, born Paddington London
Marion D Marsh, Daur, 8, born Gloucester
+Agnes E Sterry, __, 15, General Servant (Domestic), born Liverpool

+28 Jersey Rd (RG13/2430/52)
George Sterry, Head, 46, Carpenter, born Gloucester
Maria Sterry, Wife, 42, born Gloucester
Florence A A Sterry, Daur, Single, 20, Confectioner's Assistant, born Gloucester
Lilian E M Sterry, Daur, Single, 17, Draper's Assistant, born Gloucester
Mabel M B Sterry, Daur, 14, born Gloucester
Albert A Sterry, Son, 11, born Gloucester
Sidney G Sterry, Son, 6, born Gloucester
William R Sterry, Son, 1 mo, born Gloucester
Martha E Sterry, Mother, Widow, 72 born Brookthorpe Glou

+63 Regent St (RG13/ 2430/164)
Albert E Sterry, Head, 46, Boot and shoe Repairer, born Gloucester
Emily A Sterry, Wife, 45 , born Gloucester
Maud E Sterry, Dau, 15, born Gloucester
Kate E Sterry, Dau, 13, born Gloucester
Emily A Sterry, Dau, 10, born Gloucester
Beatrice Sterry, Daur, 3, born Gloucester

+Westhall, Hoathfield Rd (RG13/2430/191)
John G Sterry, Head, 36, Railway Engine Driver, born Kilmersdon Somerset
Rhoda Sterry, Wife, 37, born Wolverton Somerset
Mildred B Sterry, Daur, 8, born Gloucester Glou
William G Sterry, Son, 6, born Gloucester Glou
Ann Sterry, Mother, Wid, 73, born Elmore Glou

+104 High St (RG13/2431/119)
George Sterry, Head, 67, Bootmaker, born Newent Glou
Ann Sterry, Wife, 70, born Redmarley Glou [Note: Maiden name Fitzgerald]
Kate Bowen, Boarder, 20, single, Dressmaker, born Gloucester Glou
Eva Trigg, Boarder, 12, born Gloucester Glou

+178 Barton St (RG13/2430/185)
John Sterry Head, 57, Railway Carriage Fitter, born Westbury Glou
Fanny E Sterry, Wife, 55, born Gloucester Glou
Charles W Sterry, Son, Single, 26, House Painter, born Gloucester Glou
Beatrice M Sterry, Dau, Single, 24, Dressmaker, born Gloucester Glou

+Hartington Rd (RG13/2431/198)
Charles Sterry, Head, 33, Dock labourer, born Gloucester
Edith Sterry, Wife, 30, born Eastington Glou
Chas Wm Sterry, Son, 11, born Gloucester
Henry J Sterry, Son, 9, born Gloucester
John F Sterry, Son, 7, born Glouceste
Lily Sterry, Daur, 4, born Gloucester
Christopher M Sterry, Son, 2, born Gloucester
Samuel F Sterry, Son, 1mo, born Gloucester

**52 Barton St (RG13/2430/75)
John L Sterry, Head, 56, Grocer Shopkeeper, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Charlotte Sterry, Wife, 49, born Kintbury Berkshire

+43 Falkner St (RG13/2430/149)
Francis Wm Sterry, Head, 46, Newspaper Proprietor, born Rodley, Glou
Clara Ann Sterry, Wife, 40, born Gloucester Glou
Frank Wm Sterry, Son, 18, Commercial Clerk, born Gloucester Glou
Clara Maria Sterry, Daur, 16, born Gloucester Glou
Mignon A Sterry, Daur, 10, born Cheltenham Glou

+College Precincts (RG13/2425/81)
Daniel Rodway, Head, Widr, 78, Verger Church Off., Tresham Glou
Edith Sterry, Gd Daur, 11, born Liverpool
Richard Oakley, S-in-law, Married, 64, Gardner Domestic, born Brosley Shropshire
Elizabeth Oakley, Daur, Married, 45, born Gloucester

+9 Furlong Rd (RG13/2431/93)
George T(sic) Sterry, 36, Foreman Leather Merchant, born Gloucester
Kate T Sterry, 36, born Gloucester
Elizabeth M Sterry, 10, born Gloucester
Gladys K Sterry, 6, born Gloucester
Lionel F V Sterry, 3, born Gloucester
Edith Dorris Sterry, 1, born Gloucester

+36 Jersey Rd (RG13/2430/53)
William Wallace Sterry, Head, 44, Railway Engine Driver, born Whickham Somerset
Fanny Sterry, Wife, 49, born Gloucester Glou
Willfred Harold Sterry, Son, 18, Shop Assistant Bookshop, born Gloucester Glou
Ethel Louisa May Sterry, Daur, 16, Shop Assistant Draper, born Gloucester Glou
Elizabeth Gladys Sterry, Daur, 12, born Gloucester Glou

+4 Hanman Rd (RG13/ 2431/114)
William M Sterry, Head, 19, Solicitor's Clerk, born Gloucester Glou
Ellen J Sterry, Wife, 21, born Leominster Hereford

+90 Victoria St (RG13/2430/99)
William Sterry, Head, Widower, 66, Carpenter, born Gloucester Glou
George Sterry, Son, Single, 23, Carpenter's Labourer, born Gloucester Glou
Harry N Sterry, Son, Single, 19, Tailor, born Gloucester Glou

(Parish of Gloucester St Paul)
+May Hill Villas (RG13/2428/28)
Olive Mary Sterry, Servant, Single, 15, General Domestic, born Drybrook Glou (With Wm Hy Bache, Upholsterer amd family)

Hawthorns (RG13/2419/48)
+Ross Rd
Isaac Sterry, Head, 53, Coal Miner & Hewer, born East Dean Glou
Maria Sterry, Wife, 48, born Longhope Glou
Elizabeth Sterry, Daur, 13, born East Dean Glou
George E Sterry, Son, 11, born East Dean Glou
Arthur Baldwin, Visitor, 30, Private Soldier S A S L J, born Westbury, Glou

+Horsley St (RG13/2442/20)
Edward F Sterry, Head, 30, Schoolmaster (Elem), born Gloucester city
Elizabeth Sterry, Wife, 31, Stratton St Margaret Wiltshire
Ella Mary Sterry, Daur, 5, born South Norwood Surrey
Lillian E F Sterry, Daur, 2, born South Norwood Surrey
Ethel M Smith, Cousin, 12, born Highworth Wiltshire

+The "Victoria" Inn (RG13/2423/140)
Daniel Wm Sterry, Head, 33, Butcher, born Westbury on Severn Glou
Frances Sterry, Wife, 25, born Brockworth Glou
Walter D Sterry, Son, 3, born Hucclecote Glou

+Hill (RG13/2418/35)
Charles Sterry, Head, 47, Carter on Farm, born Huntley Glou
Elizabeth Sterry, Wife, 46, born Longhope, Glou
Alice A Sterry, Dau, 22, House Maid Domestic , born Huntley Glou
Eva E Sterry, Dau, 19, House Maid Domestic , born Huntley Glou
William C Sterry, Son, 17, General Labourer, born Huntley Glou
Leslie F Sterry, Son, 10, born Huntley Glou
Frederick J Sterry, Son, 8, born Huntley, Glou
Eveline E Sterry, Dau, 5, born Huntley Glou

+Lane (RG13/2418/34)
John Sterry, 74, Painter and Glazier, born Blaisdon Glou
Patience Sterry, 73, born Huntley Glou

+Road (RG13/2418/34)
Robert Sterry, Head, 48, General Labourer, born Huntley Glou
Aleatha Jackson, Housekeeper, Married, 52, Hosekeeper(Domestic), born Longhope Glou
Dennis H Jackson, Son, Single, 22, Painter & Decorator, born Longhope Glou
Mabel Jackson, Daur, 14, born Huntley Glou
Oliver J Jackson, Son, 12, born Huntley Glou
Absy B Jackson, Son, 9, born Huntley Glou

+Littledean Hill (RG13/2419/9)
Charles Sterry, Head, 20, Coal Hewer, born Bristol
Mabel Sterry, Wife, 19, born Bristol

Little London
+Lane Farm (RG13/2418/10)
Hannah Sterrey, Head, Widow, 86, Living on means, born Longhope Glou
Mary A Humphries, Daur, Married, 49, born Longhope Glou
Anna Sterrey, Daur, single, 43, born Longhope Glou

+Little London (RG13/2418/10)
Ann Sterrey, Head, Widow, 80, born Upleadon Glou
John Sterrey, Son, Single, 45, Carter on Farm, born Huntley Glou
Sarah Sterrey, Daur, Single, 37, born Huntley Glou

+Dursley Cross (RG13/2418/7)
Charles Sterry, Head, 73, Small Farmer, born Taynton Glucestershire
Maryann Sterry, Wife, 69, born Weston under Penyard, Herefordshire
Mary A Sterry, Daur, Single, 46, born Longhope Gloucestershire
George Sterry, Grandson, 12, born Queensland Redbank (with Redbank Lancs added in different handwriting)
Arthur Gardiner, Servant, Single, 17, Agricultural Labourer, born Glou

+Dursley Cross (RG13/2418/7)
James Sterrey, Head, Widr, 71, Ordinary Agricl Labourer, born Longhope Glou
Emily Sterrey, Daur, Single, 18, Housekeeper Domestic, born Longhope Glou
Stella Sterrey, Daur, 12, born Longhope Glou

Tan House (RG13/2418/24)
+Owen J Sterry, Prentice, 13, Apprenticed to Butchering, born Huntley (With Fred Bradley, Butcher and family)

+Marshes Farm (RG13/2418/19)
Charles Sterrey, Head, 45, Farmer & Assistant Overseer/Tax Collector, born Longhope Glou
Mary A Sterrey, Wife, 38, born Bishop Frome Herefordshire

+North Cottage (RG13; Piece: 2418; Folio: 19)
John Sterrey, Head, 73, Wood Turner, born Longhope
Lydia Sterrey, Head, 48, born Linton Hereford

^^Primrose Hill (RG13/4918/85)
William Sterry, Head, 44, __ler(?) in tin works, born Lydney Glos
Elizabeth Sterry, Wife, 42, born Lydney Glos
Richard Sterry, Son, 22, __ler(?) in tin works, born Lydney Glos
William Sterry, Son, 20, Kitchen in tin works, born Lydney Glos
Matilda Sterry, Daur, 18, Servant Domestic, born Lydney Glos
Harry Sterry, Son, 15, Pickler in tin works, born Lydney Glos
Elizabeth Sterry, Daur, 12, born Lydney Glos
Rose Sterry, Daur, 9, born Lydney Glos
Caroline Sterry, Daur, 8, born Lydney Glos
Oscar Sterry, Son, 6, born Lydney Glos
Lillan Sterry, Daur, 3, born Lydney Glos
Dasy Sterry, Daur, 9mo, born Lydney Glos

^^Primrose Hill (RG13/ 4918/84)
Annie Sterry, Visitor, single, 24, General Servant, born Lydney Glo (Visiting Samuel A Wickson, Tinplate Boxer(?), born Aylburton Glo and family)

^^27 Queen St (RG13/4918/98)
Richard Sterry, Head, 41, Joiner, born Lydney Glou
Mary Sterry, Wife, 35, born Westbury on Severn Glou
Lily Sterry, Daur, 11, born Lydney Glou
Montague Sterry, Son, 5, born Lydney Glou
Frederick Sterry, Son, 4, born Lydney Glou
Harold Sterry, Son, 2, born Lydney Glou

^^26 Albert St (RG13/4918/104)
Eliza Sterry, Head, Wid, 68, Tailoress, born Lydney Glou

^^29 Albert St (RG13/4918/102)
Henry Sterrey, Head, 37, Carpenter at Railway Shed, born Lydney Glou
Clara Sterrey, Wife, 37, born Lydney Glou
Arthur Sterrey, Son, 15, Catcher at Tin Works, born Lydney Glou
Frances Sterrey, Daur, 13, born Lydney Glou
Florence Sterrey, Daur, 11, born Lydney Glou
Frank Sterrey, Son, 8, born Lydney Glou
Oscar Sterrey, Son, 6, born Lydney Glou
Ivy Sterrey, Daur, 3, born Lydney Glou
Hilda Sterrey, Daur, 2, born Lydney Glou
Charles Pritchard, Boarder, Married, 45, Openeral(?) Tin Works, born Lydney Glou

+Conigree House (RG13/ 2421/58)
Elizabeth Ann Sterry, Serv, Single, 28, Cook (Domestic), born Huntley Glou (With Edward Conder, J P Living on own means and family)

+Gorsley (RG13/2421/67)
Samuel Sterry, Head, 48, Farmer, born Longhope Herefordshire(sic)
Emily Sterry, Wife, 45, born Bishops Cleeve Glou
William Sterry, Son, 13, born Aston Ingham Herefordshire
Philip Boult, Visitor, 41, Fruit Dealer Green, born Reedham Norfolk
(Note: Samuel is aka Hiram)

+Cliffords Mesne (RG13/2421/79)
William Sterry, Head, 65, Thatcher, born Newent Glou
Mary A Sterry, Wife, 67, born Newent Glou
Arthur Blakemore, Serv, Single, 13, Thatcher, born Newent Glou

near Blacksmith shop (RG13/2428/38)
+Amelia Sterry, Servant, 15, Help in laundry, born Forest of Dean Glou (With Elizabeth Duffield, Widow, Laundress and children)

Bristol Rd (RG13/2428/38)
^^Beatrice Sterry, Servant, Single, 19, Laundry Maid, born Westbury on Severn Glo (With Matilda Barnett, Widow, Laundress and son)

Slad (RG13/24189)
+John Sterry, Head, 50, Cattle Man on Farm, born Longhope Glou
Harriet Sterry, Wife, 42, born Longhope Glou
Frank Sterry, Son, 13, born Longhope Glou
Harold Sterry, Son, 8, born Longhope Glou
Walter Sterry, Son, 5, born Longhope Glou
Annie Sterry, Dau, 23, Single, Cook Domestic Servant, born Longhope Glou

Parkend Farm (RG13/2432/37)
+Wm Sterry, Servt, S, 16, Agricultural labourer, born Longhope (With Walter Clutterbuck, Farmer and family)

+Stenders (RG13/2419/44)
Elizabeth Sterry, Wid(sic), Wid, 68, born Huntley Glou
Isaac Sterry, Son, Single, 22, Coal Miner, Drybrook Glou
Elsie Sterry, Grandaur, 4, born Drybrook Glou

+Ganders Green (RG13/2421/94)
Allen Sterry, 37, Ag Lab, born Aston Ingham Herefordshire
Harriet Sterry, 32, born Huntley Gloucestershire
Harold Sterry, 13, born Longhope Gloucestershire
William Sterry, 9, born Brisbane Queensland
Ernest Sterry, 6, born Teven New South Wales
Henry A Sterry, 4, born Longhope Gloucestershire
Osborne F Sterry, 1, born Taynton Gloucestershire

+Glasshouse Hill (RG13/2421/93)
Eli Sterry, Head, 32, Stone Breaker, born Taynton
Rosina Sterry, Wife, 26, born Huntley
Oliver Sterry, Son, 3, born Taynton
Clara K Sterry, Daur, 1, born Taynton
Ivor J Sterry, Son, 1m, born Taynton

+Glasshouse Hill (RG13/2421/93)
Henry Holford, Head, 37, Wood Cutter, born Taynton Glou
Harriet Holford, Wife, 28, born Huntley Glou
Francis Holford, Son, 2, born Taynton Glou
George E Sterry, Visitor, 8, born Longhope Glou
Francis Sterry, Visitor, 6, born Longhope Glou
Rose M Sterry, Visitor, 5, born Taynton Glou

Westbury on Severn
+Rodley (RG13/2417/18)
Civil Parish: Westbury on Severn
Joseph Wyatt, Head, 51, Carter on Farm, born Westbury on Severn Glos
Mary Wyatt, Wife, 50, born Aston Ingham Herefordshire
Mary E Wyatt, Daur, 24, Cook (Domestic), born Westbury on Severn Glos
Matthew M Wyatt, Son, 17, Carter on Farm, born Westbury on Severn Glos
John G Wyatt, Son, 15, Boy on Farm, born Westbury on Severn Glos
George S Wyatt, Son, 13, Boy on Farm, born Westbury on Severn Glos
Sarah E Wyatt, Daur, 11, born Westbury on Severn Glos
Joseph F Wyatt, Son, 9, born Westbury on Severn Glos
Leah M Wyatt, Daur, 7, born Westbury on Severn Glos
Thomas Sterry, Father in law, 79, Farm Labourer, born Aston Ingham Herefordshire

Westbury on Severn Union Workhouse
+Westbury (RG13/2417/113)
William Sterry, Inmate, 14, born Cinderford Glou [aka Meek]
Adeline Sterry, Inmate, 11, born Ruardean Glou [aka Meek]
Sydney Sterry, Inmate, 9, born Drybrook Glou [aka Meek]

+ = Longhope, Gloucestershire, UK line
^^ = Minsterworth, Gloucestershire, UK line
** = Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK line