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+40 Strafford Rd (RG13/1204/18)
Ellen Sterry, Wid, 64, Laundress, born Harrow Middlesex
Alice M M Sterry, Daur, S, 26, Laundress, born Acton Middlesex
Annie J Cherry, Servant, S, 21, _nesher(?), born Arlesey Beds
Betsey Houghton, Servant, S, 33, Laundress, born Arlesey Beds
Jonas H Box, Servant, M, 25, Laundryman, born Middleton Norfolk
William J Stone, Servant, S, 21, Laundryman, born Drayton Berks

**Elm Terrace
Harry W Sterry, Head, 26, Carpenter-Joiner, born Harwich Essex
Elizabeth Sterry, Wife, 23, Waiter, born Harrow Mx
Harrietta Sterry, Dau, 4, born Harrow Mx
William Sterry, Son, 2, born Harrow Mx
Thomas Sterry, Son[sic], 22, Carpenter-Joiner, born Staines Mx
Clemence Sterry, Son[sic], 21, Carpenter-Joiner, born Staines Mx
John Sheward, B in Law, 25, born Harrow Mx

+60 Gordon Rd (RG13/1241/32)
Thomas W D Sterry, Head, S, 20, Laundry Carman, born Islington London

+Clarwach Rd (RG13/1208/74)
Robert Hy McKilluck, Head, 41, Manager & Publisher, born United States(American Subject)
Helen Sterry McKilluck, Wife, 34, no placed of birth shown
Donald Sterry McKilluck, Son, 3, born United States of America
Allan R McKIlluck, Son, 1, born Wembley Middlesex
Emily Sterry, M in law, Wid, 61, born Mitcheldean Glou
Henry E Sterry, B in law, S, 29, Architectural Draughtsman, born Liverpool Lancashire
Mary Wills, Servant, S, 18, Cook Domestic, born Alperton Middlesex

+ = Longhope, Gloucestershire, UK line
** = Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK line