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+4 Portland St (RG13/4935/138)
Ann Sterry, Head, Wid, 45, Housekeeper, born Blanstone(sic) Glou
James H Sterry, Son, Single, Carpenter & Joiner, born Longhope Glou
Thomas Sterry, Son, Single, 20, Colliery/Latomer? ___?, born Longhope Glou
Ada Sterry, Daur, Single, 18, born Longhope Glou
Albert J Sterry, Son, 15, Engine Driver in Pit Top, born Longhope Glou
Ernest Sterry, Son, 13, Engine Driver in Pit Top, born Longhope Glou
Harold H Sterry, Son, 8, School, born Longhope Glou
Lilian M Sterry, Daur, 6, born Longhope Glou
Rebecca Sterry, Visitor, Single, 23, Visitor, born Blaveron (Blaenavon?) Monmouthshire
William H Thomas, Boarder, Single, 21, Carpenter & Joiner, born Monmouth Monmouthshire
George H Dyer, Boarder, single, 20, Butcher's Assistant, born Blontol? Glou
Evan A Sterry, Son, 10, School, born Longhope Glou

+3 Walter St (RG13/4935/105)
Albert Sterry, Head, 34, Coal Hewer, born Abertillery Monmouthshire
Margaret Sterry, Wife, 25, born Abertillery Monmouthshire
Emily Sterry, Daur, 5, born Abertillery Monmouthshire
Harriett Sterry, Daur, 2, born Abertillery Monmouthshire

+16 Tillery St (RG13/4936/42)
Alfred Sterry, Head, 27, Coal Mine Hewer, born Abertillery Monmouthshire
Caroline Sterry, Wife, 26, born Talywain Monmouthshire
Emily May Sterry, Daur, 6, born Abertillery Monmouthshire
David J Sterry, Son, 5, born Abertillery Monmouthshire
Alfred Sterry, Son, 4, born Abertillery Monmouthshire
Harriet J I Sterry, Daur, 9mo, born Abertillery Monmouthshire

+24 Gaen St (RG13/4935/101)
Solomon Sterry, Head, 40, Coal Hewer, born Abertillery Monmouthshire
Lavinia Sterry, Wife, 35, born Bristol Somerset
Beatrice M Sterry, Daur, 3m born Abertillery Monmouthshire

+Caldicot (RG13/4915/32)
Deep Weir
Eli Sterry, Head, Married, 41, Scaffolder, born Longhope Glou
Thomas Sterry, 17, Single, Mason's Labourer, born Cheltenham Glou
James Oldmeadow, Lodger, Married, 58, Plumber, born Malvern Worcester
Oliver Oldmeadow, Lodger, Married, 60, Painter, born Malvern Worcester

Newport (RG13/4958/90)
1 New St
Eliza Sterry, Visitor, Single, 43, Stoke Somerset (With Joseph R Carr, Hairdresser and family)

+Mill Road(RG13/4944/5)
Jacob Sterry, Head, 38, Brewers Drayman, born Drybrook Glou
Annee Mary Sterry, Wife, 39, born Newport Monmouthshire
Albert Edgar Sterry, Son, 16, Colliery Labourer below ground, born Cinderford Glou
Sarah Eliza Sterry, Daur, 13, born Cinderford Glou
Ada Maud Sterry, Daur, 11, born Cinderford Glou
Gerty Mary Sterry, Daur, 7, born Cinderford Glou
Edith Gladys Sterry, Daur, 2, born Pontypool Monmouthshire
William Stephens, Visitor, Married, 23, Collier Miner Hewer, born Coleford Glou
Laura Stephens, Wife (crossed out and replaced by Visitor), 22, born St Braviels Glou
Delsie Stephens, Daur, 2mo, born Pontypool Monmouthshire

+24 Queens Sq
Walter Sterry, Boarder, Single, 20, Coal Hewer, born Longhope Glou (With David T Evans, Coal Hewer and family)

+ = Longhope, Gloucestershire, UK line
^^ = Minsterworth, Gloucestershire, UK line