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1901 - SUSSEX

12 Belgrave Place (RG13/927/68)
+Harriet Sterry, Serv, S, 45, Housemaid Domestic, born Cliffords Mense Gloucestershire (With Annie M Brind(?), born India British Subject)

14 Belgrave Place (RG13/927/68)
+Fanny Sterry, Serv, S, 41, Cook Domestic, born Rodley Gloucestershire (With Harriet Wyatt, Serv, Housemaid Domestic, S, 22, born Cliffords Mense Glou)

54 Buckingham Rd (RG13/929/120)
+Frederick Sterry, Boarder, S, 24, Clothiers Asst, born Yorkshire (With John Whitington, Decorator and family)

Sansay Rd (RG13/960/64)
Kate Sterry, Serv, S, 16, General Servant Domestic, born Kirdford Sussex (With Maud S Mottram, Wid, born Cornwall and sons)

+Baths House (RG13/936/149)
Medina Esplanade
John Smart Sterry, Head, 65, Caretaker, born Brighton Sussex
Miriam Sterry, Wife, 65, born Kingstone Sussex
Fredk W Sterry, Son, S, 22, Clerk to Gas Co, born Brighton Sussex
Caroline Sterry, Daur, S, 31, Collector to Bath, born Brighton Sussex

18 St Aubyrns (RG13/936/140)
+Miriam Sterry, Serv, S, 24, Housemaid Domestic, born Brighton Sussex (With Edmund Vallance and family)

+ = Longhope, Gloucestershire, UK line