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17 Vale Top avenue Moston Manchester (RG14PN24251 RG78PN1391 RD467 SD4 ED19 SN315)
James Holland, Head, Widower, 62, Warehouseman, born Matlock Bath Derbyshire
Walter Holland, Son, M, 24, Salesman, born Manchester Lancs
Annie Sterry, Daur, Widow, 28, Housekeeper, born Manchester Lancs
Madeline Sterry, Granddaur, 7, School, born Manchester Lancs
Dominic Smith, Boarder, S, 30, Printer Letterpress, born Manchester Lancs

Old Trafford
+6 Royal Avenue (RG14PN23642 RG78PN1376 RD463 SD3 ED20) (Civil Parish: Stretford)
Clara Ann Sterry, Head, Widow, 49, born Gloucester Glos
Frank William Sterry, Son, M, 29, Commercial Traveller, born Gloucester Glos
Clara Maria Sterry, Daur, S, 26, Telephone Operator, born Gloucester Glos
Mignon Alberta Sterry, Daur, S, 20, Telephone Operator, born Cheltenham Glos
Maria Bailey, Mother, Widow, 83, born Barkley Glos

Blythe Hall Near Lathom (RG14PN22938 RG78PN1342 RD457 SD8 ED7 SN97)
Fanny Sterry, Servant, S, 38, Personal Attendant Domestic, born Stonehouse Glos ( at the home of Rose Bootle Wilbraham,  Private Means, with 5 other servants)

St Helens
77 Junction Lane Sutton
Harriet Young, Head, Widow, 73, 7 children 1 dead, Domestic, born Eyton Derbyshire
Florence Young, Dau, 32, S, Domestic, born Sutton St Helens, Lancs
James Foley, Boarder, 50, S, Warehouseman, LNW Railway, Liverpool Lancs
George Greenway, Boarder, 22, S, Miner Coal Hewer, Collins Green Colliery, born Bridstow Herefordshire
+Ernest Sterry, Boarder, 21, S, Miner Coal Hewer, Collins Green Colliery, born Drybrook Gloucestershire [Note: George Ernest]
Ernest Greenway, Boarder, 19, S, Miner Coal Hewer, Collins Green Colliery, born Lanarth Monmouthshire

** 21 Underley Street Liverpool (RG14PN22606 RG78PN1326 RD455 SD9 ED54 SN23) (Civil Parish: West Derby)
Charles Stanfield Sterry, Head, 59, Merchant Clerk, born Liverpool Lancs
Frances Elizabeth Sterry, Wife, 60, born Liverpool Lancs
Arthur Vincent Sterry, Son, S, 23, Bookkeeper, born Liverpool Lancs
Dorothy Frances Sterry, Daur, S, 19 Dress Maker, born Liverpool Lancs

+  = Longhope Gloucestershire UK line
** = Lowestoft Suffolk UK line