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1911 - SUFFOLK

**Swan Streeet Boxford (RG14PN10589 RG78PN568 RD206 SD2 ED7 SN33)
Robert Sterry, Head, 64, Bricklayer and Newspaper Agent, born Groton Suffolk
Eleanor Sterry, Wife, 58, born Rattlesden Suffolk
Robert Sterry, Son, S, 28, House Painter, born Boxford Suffolk
Frank Sterry, Son, S, 20, House Painter, born Boxford Suffolk
Gladys Sterry, Daur, S, 16, born Boxford Suffolk
Kate Howe, Sister, S, 69, House Keeper Domestic Retired, born Groton Suffolk

**Sudbury Road Bures Suffolk (RG14PN10539 RG78PN564 RD205 SD2 ED3 SN166)
Leonard William Sterry, Head, 32, Bricklayer, born Boxford Suffolk
Bessie Sterry, Wife, 36, born Dennington Suffolk
Kirza Busby, Sister in Law, M, 39, born Dennington Suffolk

*Church Row Debenham (RG14PN10752 RG78PN581 RD211 SD1 ED2 SN28)
Martha Sterry, Head, S, 56, Dressmaker, born Rickinghall Suffolk

East Bergholt
*East Bergholt Street (RG4PN10786 RG78PN583 RD212 SD1 ED8 SN74)
Eleanor Maud Sterry, Boarder, Widow, 31, District Nurse, born Barnsbury London
Hilda Maud Sterry, Boarder, 6, School, born Hertford Herts (With Mary Read, Head, S, 46, Boarding House Keeper, born Capel St Mary Suffolk)

*Churchgate (RG14PN10559 RG78PN566 RD205 SD4 ED4 SN115)
Augustus Large, Head, Widower, 77, Farmer, born Lawshall Suffolk
Marianne Sterry, Daur, Widow, 46, born Shimpling Suffolk
Albert Sterry, Grandson, S, 24, Working On Farm, born Bury St Edmunds Suffolk
Maud Sterry, Granddaur, S, 23, born Bury St Edmunds Suffolk
Eva Sterry, Granddaur, 9, born Bury St Edmunds
Ada Sterry, Granddaur, 8, born Bury St Edmunds

**46 Alan Road (RG14PN10828 RG78PN585 RD213 SD2 ED3 SN274)
Fred Goodman Sterry, Head, 39, Engine Fitter, born Ipswich Suffolk
Lavinia Priscilla Sterry, Wife, 37, born Hadleigh Suffolk
Isabel Sarah Ann Sterry, Daur, 11, born Ipswich Suffolk
Lilian Ellen Sterry, Daur, 8, born Ipswich Suffolk
Fred Robert George Sterry, Son, 2, born Ipswich Suffolk

34 Borough Road Ipswich (RG14PN10835 RG78PN585 RD213 SD2 ED10 SN153)
John Catt, Head, 66, Lawn Mower & Painter, born Ramsgate Kent
Martha Catt, Wife, 64, born Plymouth Devonshire
Peter Catt, Son, S, 24, Engine Machinist, born Ramsgate Kent
**Wilfred Sterry, Grandson, S, 16, Lift Attendant, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Sidney Pavey, Boarder, S, 22, House Carpenter, born Haverhill Essex

35 Clifford Road (RG14PN10852 RG78PN585 RD213 SD2 ED27 SN279)
Walter James Catt, Head, 28, Machine Hammersmith, born Ramsgate Kent
Edith Eleanor Catt, Wife, 26, born Ipswich Suffolk
**Thomas Leo Sterry, Nephew, S, 15, Boiler Rivet Heater, born Harwich Essex

**110 Newton Road (RG14PN10828 RG78PN585 RD213 SD2 ED3 SN27)
Albert Edward Sterry, Head, 30, Engineer Fitter, born Ipswich Suffolk
Ethel May Sterry, Wife, 28, born Ipswich Suffolk
Albert Alan Sterry, S, 5 months, born Ipswich Suffolk

**119 Rose Hill Road (RG14PN10828 RG78PN585 RD213 SD2 ED3 SN375)
Sarah Ann Sterry, Head, Widow, 64, born Ipswich Suffolk
Frederick James Dixon, Visitor, 43, Postman, born Rochester Kent
Harold Henry Tice, Boarder, 15, Iron Turner, born Ipswich Suffolk

**4 Suffolk Road (RG14PN10844 RG78PN585 RD213 SD2 ED19 SN271)
Thomas James Sterry, Head, 42, Storekeeper, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Mary Elizabeth Sterry, Wife, 34, born Harwich Essex
Mary Agnes Sterry, Daur, 10, School, born Gt Yarmouth Norfolk
Ernest Edward Sterry, Son, 8, born Ipswich Suffolk
Alice Rose Sterry, Daur, 6, born Ipswich Suffolk
Charles Herbert Sterry, Son, 4, born Ipswich Suffolk
James Sydney Sterry, Son, 7 months, born Ipswich Suffolk

**5 Alma Road (RG14PN11048 RG78PN597 RD218 SD2 ED13 SN389)
John Sterry, Head, 43, House Joiner, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Lillah(sic) Sterry, Wife, 34, born Howe Norfolk
Jack Sterry, Son, 13, School, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Eric Sterry, Son, 7, born Lowestoft Suffolk

**6 Alma Road (RG14PN11048 RG78PN597 RD218 SD2 ED13 SN390)
Samuel Sterry, Head, 67, Master Mariner on Steam Tug, born Beccles Suffolk
Ann Sterry, Wife, 70, born Pakefield Suffolk

**14 Avondale Road (RG14PN11046 RG78PN597 RD218 SD2 ED11 SN278)
Edward John Slater, Head, 38, Stationary Engine Driver, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Isabel Annie Slater, Wife, 38, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Jemima Sterry, Mother In Law, Widow, 77, born Barnby Suffolk

**4 Chapel Street (RG14PN11042 RG78PN597 RD218 SD2 ED7 SN344)
Frederick Sterry, Head, 56, House Painter, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Emma Preston Sterry, Wife, 50, born Bessingham Norfolk
Ellen Elizabeth Sterry, Daur, S, 21, Laundry Worker, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Eva Gertrude Sterry, Daur, S, 18, Drapers Assistant, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Herbert Edward Sterry, Son, S, 15, Newsboy, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Frederick Lancelot Sterry, Son, 14, School, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Stanley James Sterry, Son, 10, School, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Cynthia Victoria Sterry, Daur, 8, born  Lowestoft Suffolk

**11 Grove Road (Rg14PN11039 RG78PN597 RD218 SD2 ED4 SN108)
Mary Bishops Sterry, Head, Widow, 70, Lodging House Keeper, born Deptford Kent [Note: Wife of James G Sterry]
William Baker, Boarder, Widower, 59, Shipsmith, born Bradenham Norfolk

**25 Hemplands (RG14PN11036 RG78PN597 RD218 SD2 ED1 SN125)
Esther Sterry, Wife, 46, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Esther Sterry, Daur, S, 21, Living At Home, born Lowestoft Suffolk
George Sterry, Son, S, 19, Grocer Hawker, born Lowestoft Suffolk
William Sterry, Son, 14, Errand Boy, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Charles Sterry, Son, 12, School Boy, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Nellie Sterry, Daur, 10, School, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Agnes Sterry, Daur, 8, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Gilbert Sterry, Son, 5, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Hilda Sterry, Daur, 3, born Lowestoft Suffolk

**41 Kent Road (RG14PN11045 RG78PN597 RD218 SD2 ED10 SN303)
Frederick Sterry, Head, 27, Shipwright, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Lily Sterry, Wife, 27, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Frederick Sterry, Son, 2, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Thora Sterry, Daur, 3 months, born Lowestoft Suffolk

**London Road Lowestoft (RG14PN11037 RG78PN597 RD218 SD2 ED2 SN163)
Frank Oscar Sterry, Head, 32, Journalist and Manager, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Ethel Eglington Sterry, Wife, 32, born Kerdistone Norfolk
Ethel Rita Sterry, Daur, 7, born Norwich Norfolk
Russell Oscar Sterry, Son, 4, born Norwich Norfolk

**Market Place Kessingland (RG14PN11030 RG78PN596 RD218 SD1 ED7 SN61)
Annie Sterry, Wife, 34, born Kessingland Suffolk
Charles Sterry, Son, 6, born Kessingland Suffolk
Albert Sterry, Son, 4 months, born Kessingland Suffolk

**North Parade (RG14PN11036 RG78PN597 RD218 SD2 ED1 SN278)
Herbert Steward Sterry, Head, 43, Coal Merchant, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Edith Mary Sterry, Wife, 38, born Norwood Surrey
Edith Violet Ruth Sterry, Daur, 5, born Lowestoft Suffolk
George Herbert Steward Sterry, Son, 3, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Brenda Mary Sterry, Daur, 9 months, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Emma Farman, Servant, S, 21, Housemaid Domestic, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Blanche Patrick, Servant, S, 21, Cook Domestic, born Norfolk
Gertrude Burrett, Servant, S, 26, Nurse Domestic, born Hethersett Norfolk

**14 Seamens Cottages Oulton Broad (RG14PN11033 RG78PN596 RD218 SD1 ED10 SN68)
Eliza Harriet Sterry, Wife, 34, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Sydney Sterry, Son, 10, School, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Edith May Sterry, Daur, 8, School, born Lowestoft Norfolk[sic]

**24 Oxford Road (RG14PN11041 Rg78PN597 RD218 SD2 ED6 SN48)
Victor Sterry, Visitor, S, 23, Cooper, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Florence Sterry, Visitor, S, 12, School, born Lowestoft Suffolk
At the home of William Bray, Trawling Fisherman, wife and family

**30 Park Road (RG14PN11036 RG78PN597 RD218 SD2 ED1 SN47)
Charles Sterry, Head, 55, Twine Spinner, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Jane Sterry, Wife, 55, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Albert Sterry, Son, S, 24, Fisherman, born Lowestoft Suffolk

**7 Rant Score (RG14PN11038 RG78PN597 RD218 SD2 ED3 SN263)
Ann Elizabeth Sterry, Head, Widow, 60, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Elizabeth Florence Sterry, Daur, S, 32, Net Mender, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Arnold Woodard Sterry, Son, S, 21, Labourer, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Lilian Sterry, Daur, S, 20, Net Mender, born Lowestoft Suffolk

**36 Selby Street (RG14PN11049 RG78PN597 RD218 SD2 ED14 SN82)
Thomas John Sterry, Head, 46, Fishmerchants’ Cooper, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Edith Mary Sterry, Wife, 46, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Agnes Maud Sterry, Daur, S, 23, Manageress In Confectionery, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Thomas Edward Sterry, Son, S, 16, Errand Boy, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Louisa Carolina Howard, Sister In Law, M, 52, Domestic Cook, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Eliza Maria Linder, Sister In Law, S, 54, Domestic Cook, born Lowestoft Suffolk

**37 Tennyson Road (RG14PN11044 RG78PN597 RD218 SD2 ED9 SN263)
Arthur Sterry, Head, 30, Fish Packer, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Winnie Sterry, Wife, 23, born Lowestoft Suffolk

**23 Trafalgar Street (RG14PN11050 RG78PN597 RD218 SD2 ED15 SN72)
James Edward Sterry, Head, 48, Fish Merchant’s Store Keeper, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Mary Ann Sterry, Wife, 43, born Norwich Norfolk
James Albert Sterry, Son, 12, School, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Catherine Ruth Sterry, Daur, 9, born Lowestoft Suffolk
George William Sterry, Son, 6, born Lowestoft Suffolk

**3 Walmer Road (RG14PN11054 RG78PN597 RD218 SD2 ED19 SN270)
Louisa Sterry, Wife, 46, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Horace Sterry, Son, 14, Brick Maker, born Lowestoft Suffolk
Gwendoline Sterry, Daur, 12, School, born Lowestoft Suffolk

**Hastings House Whapload Road (RG14PN11038 RG78PN597 RD218 SD2 ED3 SN98)
Mary Ann Sterry, Visitor, Widow, 48, born Lowestoft Suffolk (at the home of George Breach, Steam Drifter Owner, wife and family)

**Collingwood, London Road, South Lowestoft
Reginald Clifford Sterry, Head, 34, Manager Excursion Steamer proptr[?], born Lowestoft
Emma Jane Sterry, Wife, 32, Married 9 years 2 children both living, born Lowestoft
Reginald John Sterry, Son, 5, born Lowestoft
Ellen Audrey Sterry, Dau, 8, born Lowestoft
Lily Maud Dale, Servant, 15, Single, born Lowestoft

**Water Mill Farm Middleton (RG14PN10959 RG78PN592 RD216 SD1 ED13 SN32)
John Sterry, Head, 41, Farm Labourer, born Yoxford Suffolk
Charlotte Sterry, Wife, 33, born Sibton Suffolk
Claud Sterry, Son, 12, School, born Sibton Suffolk
Hilda Sterry, Daur, 11, School, born Sibton Suffolk
Ruby Sterry, Daur, 2, born Sibton Suffolk
Iris Sterry, Daur, 1, born Sibton Suffolk

**Nacton Nr Ipswich (RG14PN19876 RG78PN587 RD214 SD2 ED8 SN20)
Walter E Townsend, Head, 30, Bricklayer, born Wrentham Suffolk
Laura Townsend, Wife, 37, born Yoxford Suffolk
Florence Sterry, Daur, 14, School, born Yoxford Suffolk
Leslie Townsend, Son, 4, School, born Sibton Suffolk
Bertie Townsend, Son, 2, born Sibton Suffolk
Ernest R Townsend, Brother, S, 23, Bricklayer’s Labourer, born Wangford Suffolk

**Maltings Farm Hospital (RG14PN10543 RG78PN564 RD205 SD2 ED7 SN184)
Verginie[sic] Sterry, Patient, 20, Dairy Assistant, born Piracicaba Brazil S America

*Botesdale Rickingall (RG14PN10722 RG78PN578 RD210 SD2 ED7 SN32)
Mary Ann Sterry, Head, Widow, 54, born Rickinghall Suffolk
Walter Sterry, Son, 30, General Labourer, born Rickinghall Suffolk
James Sterry, Son, S, 21, Labourer on Farm, born Rickinghall Suffolk
Robert Baxter, Boarder, S, 48, Labourer on Farm, born Rickinghall Suffolk

Post Office Stanningfield (RG14PN10604 RG78PN569 RD207 SD1 ED5 SN40)
Alfred Atkinson, Head, Widower, 68, Grocer & Sub Postmaster, born Stanningfield
Alice E Atkinson, Daur, S, 29, Housekeeper, born Stanningfield
Abner A Atkinson, Son, S, 25, Assisting In Business, born Stanningfield
David P Atkinson, Son, S, 21, Domestic Groom, born Stanningfield
Winifred Atkinson, Niece, S, 15, born Walton Suffolk
*Reginald P Sterry, Grandson, 8, born Stanningfield

*Stanningfield Hall (RG14PN10604 RG78PN569 RD207 SD1 ED5 SN15)
Emily Sterry, Head, Widow, 70, Farmer, born Botesdale Suffolk
Victoria Sterry, Visitor, 14, born Bury St Edmunds

*Church Farm House (RG14PN10604 RG78PN569 RD207 SD1 ED5 SN16)
Ernest Sterry, Head, 31, Asst Overseer Of Poor, born Shimpling Suffolk
Kate Sterry, Wife, 31, born Stanningfield
Ina Sterry, Daur, 3, born Stanningfield
Brenda Sterry, Daur, 1, born Stanningfield

Stonham Aspal
*Grove Farm Stonham Aspal (RG14PN10765 RG78PN581 RD211 SD1 ED15 SN66)
David Sterry, Head, Widower, 70, Farm Bailiff, Rickinghall Suffolk
Agnes Sterry, Daur, S, 34, Housekeeper, born Burgate Suffolk

**Peasenhall Road (RG14PN10967 RG78PN592 RD216 SD1 ED21 SN147)
Emma Sterry, Head, Widower, 74, Pensioner, born Halesworth Suffolk

* = Bury St Edmunds Suffolk UK line
** = Lowestoft Suffolk UK line