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1911 - SURREY

Metropolitan Asylum (RG14PN3270 RD38 SD1 ED27 SN9999)
**Frank Sterry, Inmate, S, 47, Carman, place of birth not given

#14 Friends Road (RG14PN3303 RG78PN125 RD39 SD2 ED22 SN125)
Eleanor Sterry, Head, S, 42, Artist & Art Mistress Secondary School, born Ewell Surrey
Margaret Sterry, Sister, S, 40, Teacher Of Music Private Pupils, born Ewell Surrey
Cassandra Douglas, Servant, S, 36, Cook, place of birth not known
Agnes Annie Williams, Servant, S, 31, house Parlour Maid, born Ipswich Suffolk

Denham (RG14PN2962 RG78PN102 RD31 SD2 ED15 SN150)
**Evelyn Mary Sterry, Servant, S, 25, Domestic Nurse, place of birth not given (at the home of John William Baddeley, Manufacturing Stationer, wife and family)

Kingston On Thames
**9 Bearfield Road (RG14PN3514 RG78PN131 RD40 SD2 ED17 SN287)
William Thomas Sterry, Head, 44, Florist Shop Keeper, born Deptford Kent
Florence Sterry, Wife, 34, Assisting In Business, born Norbiton Surrey
Ivy Sterry, Daur, 4, born Kingston Surrey

68 Myrtle Hampton Hill (RG14PN3565 RG78PN134 RD40 SD5 ED5 SN346)
Violet Olive May Sterry, Nursing Child, 5 months, born Hampton Road Teddington Surrey (at home of Thomas Philip Ware, Fitter LUET Depot, wife and family)

**121 Shortlands Road (RG14PN3521 RG78PN131 RD40 SD2 ED24 SN37)
Arthur Sterry, Head, 35, Confectioner Traveller, born Coggeshall Essex
Caroline Sterry, Wife, 39, born Vauxhall London
Arthur Sterry, Son, 8, born Kingston Surrey
Ivy Sterry, Daur, 5, born Kingston Surrey
Harry Sterry, Son, 4, born Kingston Surrey
Albert Sterry, Son, 6 months, born Kingston Surrey

**88 Sydney Road (RG14PN3456 RG78PN129 RD39 SD6 D36 SN9)
Robert Cook Sterry, Head, 49, Staff Messenger, born Ipswich St Clements Suffolk
Amy Maria Sterry, Wife, 51, born Bocking Essex

**68 Cleaveland Road (RG14PN3536 RG78PN132 RD40 SD3 ED1 SN167)
Emily Sterry, Boarder, Widow, 63, place of birth not known (at home of Newton Sharp, House Painter, wife and family, plus 2 other boarders) [Note: Wife of William Cook Sterry]

#76 Ewell Road (RG14PN3540 RG78PN132 RD40 SD3 ED5 SN51)
Alfred Sterry, Head, 34, Solicitor, born Worthing Sussex
Charlotte Reinagle Sterry, Wife, 40, born Ealing Middlesex
Rex Batthyany Sterry, Son, 7, Scholar, born Surbiton Surrey
Gwenyta Reinagle Sterry, Daur, 5, Scholar, born Surbiton Surrey
Eva Mary Roper, Governess, S, 33, born Dunmow Essex
Florence Mary Shadwell, Servant, S, 20, Domestic Cook, born Mansfield Overton
Edith Annie Coit, Servant, S, 19, Housemaid Domestic, born Kingston Surrey

#206 Ewell Road (RG14Pn3540 RG78PN132 RD40 SD3 ED5 SN364)
Emma Percival Sterry, Head, Widow, age not given, born London
Ethel Mansbridge Stedman, Servant, S. 27, born Woking Surrey
Age Kate Elliot, Servant, S, 23, born Ebernoe Sussex

Thames Ditton
Red House Weston Green (RG14PN3551 RG78PN133 RD40 SD4 ED3 SN328)
**May Sterry, Servant, S, 25, Parlourmaid Domestic, born Boxford Suffolk (at home of Frederick Henry Taylor, Director Of Public Company, wife, family and 2 other servants)

# = Ruardean, Gloucestershire, UK line
** = Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK
+ = Longhope, Gloucestershire, UK line