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+Blackland (RG14PN11895 RG78PN660 RD244 SD1 ED10 SN39)
John Sterry, Head, 61, Flour Miller, born Gloucester
Emma Sterry, Wife, 59, born Brunhill Calne Wiltshire

18 The Green (RG14PN11889 RG78PN660 RD244 SD1 ED4 SN283)
Kate Jane Mower, Head, S, 77, Private Means, born Calne Wiltshire
Ellen Pottinger, Companion, Widow, 65, Companion, born Wroughton Wiltshire
+Ethel Jessie Sterry, Servant, S, 28, General Domestic Servant, born Blackland Nr Calne Wiltshire

+Theobalds Green Calstone (RG14 PN11895 RG78PN660 RD244 SD1 ED10 SN53)
Walter James Sterry, Head, 33, Carpenter, born Calne Wiltshire
Ada May Sterry, Wife, 31, born Blackland Wiltshire
Alec Walter Sterry, Son, 6, born Blackland Wiltshire
Frank Arthur Sterry, Son, 4, born Blackland Wiltshire
John Vincent Sterry, 1, born Blackland Wiltshire
Gilbert James Sterry, Son, 2 months, born Blackland Wiltshire

+Fever Hospital Gorse Hill (RG14PN11777 RG78PN651 RD240 SD2 ED11 SN223)
Evelyn Iris Sterry, Patient, 8, born Swindon Wiltshire
Wallace Sterry, Patient, 7, born Swindon Wiltshire

55 Hinton Street Gorse Hill (RG14PN11780 RG78PN651 RD240 SD2 ED14 SN181)
+Howard Sterry, Boarder, S, 22, Car & Wagon Examiner, born Calne Wiltshire (at home of Thomas Blackwell Milling Machine Labourer, mother and brother) [Note: John Charles Howard Sterry]

+74 Caulfield Road Gorse Hill (RG14PN11780 RG78PN651 RD240 SD2 ED14 SN330)
Charles Sterrey, Head, 42, Railway Clerk, born Stroud Gloucs
Kelurah Jane Sterrey, Wife, 39, born Gloucester Gloucs
Myrtle Gladys Sterrey, Daur, S, 17, Milliner’s Assistant, born Swindon Wilts
John Charles Sterrey, Son, 4, born Swindon Wilts
Jane Gray, Mother In Law, Widow, 70, born Cam Gloucs

+ = Longhope, Gloucestershire, UK line