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Franche Road (RG14PN17562 RG78PN1073 RD374 SD3 ED19 SN124)
%%%Lucy Sterry, Sister In Law, S, 23, Chenille Weaver, born Kidderminster Worcestershire (staying with Joseph Reynolds, Garden Florist, wife Annie, born Kidderminster, and children)

%%% 14 Hill Street (RG14PN17556 RG78PN1073 RD374 SD3 ED13 SN144)
James Sterry, Head, Widower, age not given, General Labourer, born Fringe Green near Bromsgrove Worcestershire

+Manor Avenue Habberley Road (RG14PN17562 RG78PN1073 RD374 SD3 ED19 SN15)
Charles Sterry, Head, 43, Assistant Senior Schoolmaster, born Kilmersdon Somerset
Flora Sterry, Wife, 38, born Kingston Jamaica
Gladys Sterry, Daur, 14, School, born Fulham London
Richard Sterry, Son, 13, School, born Sheering Essex
Donovan Sterry, Son, 3, born Kidderminster Worcestershire

%%%16 Back Queen Street (RG14PN17545 RG78PN1073 RD374 SD3 ED2 SN300)
Elizabeth Sterry, Head, Widow, 34, Winder, born St Mary’s Worcestershire
George James Sterry, Son, 15, Mill Hand, born Kidderminster Worcestershire
May Sterry, Daur, 1, born Kidderminster Worcestershire

Kidderminster Union Workhouse 1 Sutton Road (RG14PN17565 RD374 SD3 ED22 SN9999)
%%%Elizabeth Sterry, Inmate, 13, School, born Birmingham Warwickshire
Annie Sterry, Inmate, 9, School, born Smethwick Staffordshire
John Sterry, Inmate, 5, School, born Kidderminster Worcestershire

%%% = Worcestershire, UK line