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Basingstoke Parish
Basingstoke RD
6 Church Street Basingstoke (RG15 05820 56 E RD110 RS1 ED5)
Thomas Pritchard, Head, 54, Town Hall keeper Basingstoke Corporation, born Basingstoke Hampshire
Alice Annie Pritchard, Wife, 48, home duties, born Basingstoke Hampshire
Tom Pritchard, Son, 22, timber merchant clerk Sagart Morgan & Coles, born Basingstoke Hampshire
* Hubert Sterry, Nephew, S, 22y 8m, out of work builder H W Burgess Builders Fulham, born Basingstoke Hampshire
Eileen Peggy Blyth, Granddau, 4, born Basingstoke Hampshire

Bournemouth Parish
Christchurch RD
76 Surrey Road Bournemouth (RG15 05480 65 E RD95 RS2 ED5)
George Brocklehurst, Head, 56, home, born Willenhall Staffordshire
Harriet Kate Brocklehurst, Wife, 50, home duties, born Ipswich Suffolk
Keziah Fuller, Mother in Law, 87, born Ipswich Suffolk
** Sarah Sterry, Visitor, 74y 7m, born Ipswich Suffolk [Probably Sarah Ann Goodman wife of deceased George Samuel Cook Sterry 1841 -1903]

Bournemouth Parish
Christchurch RD
17 Bodorgan Road (RG15 05485 84 E RD95 RS2 ED10)
Julia Smart, Head, 63, home duties, born Glamorgan Wales
Helen Morgan, Servant, 45, cook, born Nottinghamshire
Amy Beatrice Webber, Servant, 47, lady's maid, born Bristol Gloucestershire
** Gertrude Sterry, Servant, 45y 3m, parlour maid, born Wandsworth London

Yarmouth Parish
Isle of Wight RD
# South Street Yarmouth (RG15 05449 216 E RD93 RS6 ED11-15)
Anna Gertrude Sterry, Head, Widowed, 75y 1m, home duties, born Streatham London
Gertrude Edith Sterry, Daur, S, 52y 3m, home duties, born Beddington Surrey

* = Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK
** = Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK line
+ = Longhope, Gloucestershire, UK
# = Ruardean, Gloucestershire, UK