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Nottingham Parish
Nottingham RD
+ 13 Althorp Grove Basford Nottingham (RG15 16105 215 E RD430 RS5 ED22)
Albert John Sterry, Head, M, 48y, foreman erection department Cammell Lairds Railway Rolling Stock, born Gloucester Gloucestershire
Albert William Sterry, Son, 19y 6m, detail fitter Cammell Lairds, born Armley Yorkshire
Pansy Sterry, Daur, 13y 11m, school, born Aldercar Derbyshire
Charles Wallace Sterry, Son, 8y 0m, school, born Aldercar Derbyshire [birth registered Basford Nottinghamshire]

Nottingham Parish
Nottingham RD
City Isolation Hospital Hucknall Road Nottingham (RG15 16130 3 111 RD430 R35 ED47-50)
+ Violet Victoria Sterrey, Servant, 23y 10m, assistant cook, born Gloucester Gloucestershire

Nottingham Parish
Nottingham RD
48 Maples Street Nottingham (RG15 16052 148 E RD430 RS4 ED10)
Harriet Burrows Hodgson, Head, M, 46y, dressmaker own account, born Nottingham Nottinghamshire
Kathleen Mary Hodgson, Daur, 14y 2m, student shorthand typist, born Surbiton Surrey
Eric Hodgson, Son, 12y 7m, school, born Nottingham Nottinghamshire
+ Florence Sterry, Boarder, 31y 10m, straw hat machinist Imperial Laundry Ltd, born Luton Bedfordshire [Probably Florence Emily Sterry born 1878, age should be 42]
+ Annie Sterry, Boarder, 31y 10m, straw hat machinist Imperial Laundry Ltd, born Luton Bedfordshire [Probably her sister, Annie Cecilia Sterry born 1881, age should be 40]

Nottingham Parish
Nottingham RD
+ 324 Alfreton Road Nottingham (RG15 16059 61 E RD430 RS4 ED17)
F N[sic-C] Sterry, Head, 46y 2m, journalist own account, born Gloucester Gloucestershire [Almost certainly Frank Charles Sterry born 1882 Gloucester; age should be 39]
Florence Sterry, Wife, 49y 5m, home duties, born Thirsk Yorkshire
Doreen F Sterry, Daur, 10y 3m, school, born Scarborough Yorkshire [Frances Doreen]

* = Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK
** = Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK line
+ = Longhope, Gloucestershire, UK