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Bath Parish
Bath RD
Pendennis Hotel 5 Pierrepoint Street Bath (RG15 11485 13 E RD316 RS3 ED1)
No head of household given but employer is Mrs Byng
+ Bessie Sterry, Servant, 27y 8m, born Forest of Dean Gloucestershire [Probably Elizabeth Sterry born 1892 dau Allen John Sterry 1864-1934]
Kate Cadwallader Snape, Servant, Widow, 36y 8m, born Lancashire

Bath Parish
Bath RD
The Charlton Private Hotel 9-10 Henrietta Street Bath (RG15 11480 131 1 EE RD316 RS2 ED11)
Henry George Daniells, Head, 32, hotel proprietor, born Sutton Veny Wiltshire
Helen Daniels, Wife, 25, born Tatton Wiltshire
+ Ella Sterry, Servant, S, 19y 8m, waitress & domestic servant, born Harry Hill Gloucestershire [Possibly Celia Blanch Sterry bn 1902 dau Allen John Sterry 1864-1934]
Mary Arkell, Servant, Widowed, 58y 9m, cook, born Gloucestershire
plus 11 hotel guests

Burnham Parish
Axbridge RD
Lower Field Golf Links Road Burnham on Sea (RG15 11395 184 1 1 RD314 RS2 ED1-2)
Martin Mossman, Head, 48y 9m, prep school master, born Yorkshire
Kathleen Mossman, Wife, 45y 4m, home duties, born Surrey
+ May Sterry, Servant, 18y 4m, housemaid, born Monmouth Monmouthshire [May Elizabeth d. Jacob Sterry]

Midsomer Norton Parish
Clutton RD
Midsomer Norton Parish
Clutton RD
St Benedicts School Downside Stratton on the Fosse (RG15 11452 48 E RD315 RS4 ED8)
** Hortencia Sterry, Head, 40y 11m, teacher Somerset Co Education Committee, born Brazil [Hortenzia Sterry]
plus 5 boarders who are teachers

Mudford Parish
Yeovil RD
Chilton Castle Chilton Cantelo Yeovil (RG15 11317 92 E RD309 RS4 ED1-2)
Harriet Elizabeth Goodford, Head, Widowed, 75y 8m, born Worthing Sussex
# Rachel Sterry, Visitor, S, 44y 10m, born Poltimore Devon
Evelyn Billing, Servant, S, 19y 6m, born Ealing Middlesex
Mary Watts, Servant, 15y 6m, born Marston Magna Somerset

Spaxton Parish
Bridgwater RD
14 Castle Street Nether Stowey (RG15 11253 43 E RD306 RS1 ED13-15)
James Chidgey, Head, 72, shoemaker born Somerset
Caroline Chidgey, Wife, 69, home duties, born Crowcombe Somerset
Wilfred Chidgey, Son, S, 25, wood hauler, born Nether Stowey
May Chidgey, Daur, 22, S, domestic servant, born Over Stowey
Harold Chidgey, Son, 20, wood hauler, born Over Stowey
+ Sollomon Sterry, Adopted Son mother dead, 14y 3m, born NK in Wales

Taunton Parish
Taunton RD
6 Guildford Place High Street Taunton (RG15 11245 131 E RD305 RS3 ED12)
Joseph Ellis Swan, Head, 38y 11m, gardener S Jennings, born Taunton Somerset
Florence Swan, Wife, 34y 3m, home duties, born Taunton Somerset
plus 5 children
+ William Sterry, Boarder, M, 37y 10m, fitter Goodall & Clayton, born Gloucester Gloucestershire [William Edgar Walter Sterry]
+ Gertrude Sterry, Boarder, M, 35, home duties, born Aberavon Glamorganshire
+ William Henry Sterry, Visitor, 61y 2m, grocer H Young & Co Stafford, born Newnham Gloucestershire

Weston Super Mare Parish
Axbridge RD
Weston Super Mare Parish
Axbridge RD
7 Beach Road Weston Super Mare (RG15 11415 23 1 EE RD314 RS3 ED14)
Esau Harper, Head, 46y 3m, motor cab proprietor own account, born Weston super Mare Somerset
Lucie Harper, Wife, 40y 1m, apartment housekeeper, born Devon
Adrian Harper, Son, 3y 6m, born Worcestershire
+ Gertrude Sterry, Servant, S, 24y 10m, domestic servant, born Drybrook Gloucestershire [Gertrude Maude Sterry d Allen John Sterry]
Percy Tatersall, Visitor, 39, engineering manager Birmingham Tool Co, born Oldham Lancashire

Weston Super Mare Parish
Axbridge RD
10 Clarence Grove Road Weston Super Mare (RG15 11418 386 E RD314 RS3 ED17)
Mabel Harriet Rust, Head, D, 46y 3m, born Petersfield Hampshire
Mabel Elizabeth Field, Daur, 23y 1m, government clerk HM Inspector of Taxes, born Clifton Gloucestershire
Philip Rust, Son, 16y 2m, school, born Long Ashton Somerset
Kathleen Mary Rust, Daur, 14y 9m, school, born Long Ashton Somerset
Phyllis May James, Visitor, S, 23y 2m, government clerk HM Inspector of Taxes, born Gloucester Gloucestershire
+ Elsie May Sterry, Servant, 20y 1m, general domestic servant, born Cinderford Gloucestershire [Probably Elsie May Sterry d Charles Sterry & Mabel Ridler]

* = Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK
** = Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK line
# = Ruardean, Gloucestershire, UK line
+ = Longhope, Gloucestershire, UK