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Birmingham Parish
Birmingham RD
%%% No 5 238 Heath Street Birmingham (RG15 14018 93 E RD384 RS1 ED10)
Thomas William Sterry, Head, 51y 6m, labourer screw trade GKN , born Kidderminster Worcestershire
Emily Sterry, Wife, 47y 6m, home duties, born Kidderminster Worcestershire
Albert Edward Sterry, Son, 19y 1m, fitters assistant Bellis & Markam Engineering, born Stirchley Worcestershire

Birmingham Parish
Birmingham RD
35 Little Broom Street Birmingham (RG15 14197 220 E RD384 RS4 ED56)
Charles Edward Sterry, Head, 58y 10m, general woodworker wood manufacturer, born Birmingham, Warwickshire
Frances Sterry, Wife, 48, home duties, born Birmingham, Warwickshire
Charles Sterry, Son, S, 24y 3m, harware merchant's assistant Lawrence Bros Harware & China Merchants, born Birmingham, Warwickshire

Birmingham Parish
Birmingham RD
Kenyon Street Police Station Birmingham (RG 14108 121 1 EE RD384 RS3 ED8)
%%% David Sterry, Boarder, M, 37y 3m, Detective Sergeant Birmingham City Police, born Kidderminster Worcestershire
William Leighton, Boarder, S, 32y 9m, Detective Constable Birmingham City Police, born Great Haywood Staffordshire
[Note: David's wife, Edith nee Cooper, is resident in Worcestershire in 1921 census]

Birmingham Parish
Birmingham RD
+ 110 Third Avenue Birmingham (RG15 14213 346 E RD384 RS5 ED14)
William M Sterrey, Head, Widowed, 40y 1m, advertisement fixer Rowntree & Co Cocoa, born Gloucester Gloucestershire
Phyllis L Sterrey, Daur, 16y, home duties, born Gloucester Gloucestershire
William L Sterrey, Son, mother dead, 14y 2m, school, born Gloucester Gloucestershire
Enid M Sterrey, Daur, mother dead, 10y 5m, school, born Birmingham Warwickshire
Elsie E Sterrey, Daur, mother dead, 7y 9m, school, born Birmingham Warwickshire
Amy Sterrey, Daur, mother dead, 5y 2m, school, born Birmingham Warwickshire

Birmingham Parish
Aston RD
+ 117 Anglesey Street Birmingham (RG15 14348 60 E RD385 RS3 ED5)
Herbert Caleb Sterrey, Head, 48y 8m, joiner own account, born Gloucester Gloucestershire
Rhoda Maria Sterrey, Wife, 48y 1m, home duties, born Bristol Gloucestershire
Frances Sterrey, Son, 19y 7m, clerk to W J Holmes Ltd, born Ipswich, Suffolk

Coventry Parish
Coventry RD
+ 101 Smith Street Coventry (RG15 14531 163 E RD390 Rs1 ED25)
Lambert Sterry, Head, 44y, stamper labourer Smiths Stamping Co, born Gloucester Gloucestershire
Alice J Sterry, Wife, 45y 5m, home duties, born Birmingham Warwickshire
Lavinia Sterry, Daur, 19y 5m, home duties, born Birmingham Warwickshire
Alfred Walter Sterry, Son, 16y 1m, iron stampers labourer Smiths Stamping Co, born Coventry Warwickshire
Elsie May Sterry, Daur, 13y 8m, school, born Coventry Warwickshire
Dora Sterry, Daur, 9y 6m, school, born Coventry Warwickshire
Arthur Sterry, Son, 7y 0m, school, born Coventry Warwickshire
Hilda Sterry, Daur, 3y 7m, born Coventry Warwickshire
Ethel Sterry, Daur, 0y 1m, born Coventry Warwickshire
[There is a complete duplicate of this family. The birthplaces for Elsie May onwards should be Coventry and not Birmingham.]

Meriden Parish
Meriden RD
+ 3 Albion Terrace Water Orton (RG15 14424 8 E RD386 RS1 ED10-11)
Matthew M Sterry, Head, 58y 2m, signalman Midlands Railway, born Aston Ingham Herefordshire
Elizabeth A Sterry, Wife, 63y 1m, home duties, born Chilcompton Somerset
Charles M Sterry, Son, M, 32y 2m, tram driver Birmingham Corporation, born Midsommer Norton Somerset
Edith A Sterry, Daur, 28y 3m, artist and home duties, born Redditch Worcestershire
William G Sterry, Son, 26y 3m, tram conductor Birmingham Corporation, born Redditch Worcestershire
Sarah E Sterry, Daur in Law, M, 31y 8m, born Rodley Gloucestershire
Dorothy B Sterry, Granddaur, 1y 8m, born Water Orton Warwickshire
Audrey A Sterry, Granddaur, 2m, born Water Orton Warwickshire

* = Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK
** = Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK line
# = Ruardean, Gloucestershire, UK line
+ = Longhope, Gloucestershire, UK
%%% = Worcestershire UK