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Armley Parish
Bramley RD
+ 38 Danube Street Armley Bramley (RG15 21955 154 E RD499 RS3 ED14)
Sarah Frudd, Head, M, 46y 11m, home duties, born Hockton Yorkshire
Martha Frudd, Daur, 21y 3m, cardboard box maker, born Leeds Yorkshire
James Frudd, Son, 18y 5m, horseman Joseph Waller, born Leeds Yorkshire
Sydney Frudd, Son, 15y 6m, errand boy paper & glass merchants, born Leeds Yorkshire
Hannah Elizabeth Frudd, Daur, 13y 7m, cardboard box maker, born Leeds Yorkshire
Harry Sterry Frudd, Son, 5y 3m, school, born Leeds Yorkshire
Edwin Sterry, Boarder, M, 45y 5m, switchboard attendant electricity works, born Ravensthorpe Yorkshire [In the original version Edwin is shown as Head of household and is at the top of the page. The complete top line has been crossed through and replaced with a new line at the bottom of the page where he is described as Boarder. ]

Armley Parish
Bramley RD
39 Britannia Place Armley Bramley (RG15 21977 278 E RD499 RS3 ED36)
+ Phyllis Sterry, Head, M, 57y 4m, home duties, born Emley Yorkshire
Minnie Adamson, Lodger, 18y 11m, woollen weaver F A Lodge, born Leeds Yorkshire [Phyllis Sterry is the wife of Edwin Sterry who is living with the Frudd household.]

Guisborough Parish
Guisborough RD
* 104 Wingate Guisborough (RG15 24020 157 E RD534 RS4 ED3)
Mary Jane Sterry, Head, 60 yrs 5 mths, Widow, born Guisborough Yorkshire, Home Duties
John Tom Sterry, Son, 36 yrs 8 mths, Married, born Guisborough, Yorkshire, Surface Ironstone Labourer [out of work] at Sir B Samuelson & Co Spawood Mines Guisbro
Josephine Sterry, Daughter in law, 34 yrs 11 mths, Married, born West Hartlepool Durham
Fred Sterry, Son, 10 yrs 3 mths, both parents living, born West Hartlepool Durham, at school

Holbeck Parish
Holbeck RD
+ 1 Willoughby Row Holbeck (RG15 22294 184 E RD502 RS1 ED16)
Bela Sterry, Head, 58y 4m, greengrocer salesman self employed ,born Wolverhampton Staffordshire
Ema Florence Sterry, Wife, 48y 1m, greengrocer shopkeeper, born Wolverhampton Staffordshire
Beatrice May Sterry, Daur, 14y 4m, greengrocer's shop assistant born Sheffield Yorkshire

Middlesbrough Parish
Middlesbrough RD
** 212 Borough Road Middlesbrough (RG15 24074 83 E RD535 RS2 ED12)
Hilda Mary Sterry, Head, 63y 7m, home duties, born Glasgow Lanarkshire Scotland
William Henry Sterry, Husband, 68y 3m, invalid, born Gorleston Suffolk
Beatrice Hilton, Daur, Widowed, 34y 1m, home duties, born Middlesbrough Yorkshire
Ivy Sterry, Daur, S, 21y 1m, shop assistant Dawnbrough & Son, born Middlesbrough Yorkshire
Fred Sterry, Son, S, 28y 1m, clerk steel merchants, born Middlesbrough Yorkshire
Walter Sterry, Son, S, 24y 4m, civil servant Ministry of Labour, born Middlesbrough Yorkshire
Mollie Hilton, Granddaur, 6y 9m, school, born Middlesbrough Yorkshire

Middlesbrough Parish
Middlesbrough RD
** 45 Alphonsus Street North Ormesby (RG15 24055 101 E RD535 RS1 ED29)
Albert Sterry, Head, 36y 2m, shipyard plater Sir Railton Dixons ship builders, born Middlesbrough Yorkshire
Alice Mary Sterry, Wife, 31y 10m, home duties, born Middlesbrough Yorkshire
John Albert Sterry, Son, 12y 3m, school, born Middlesbrough Yorkshire
Harry Sterry, Son, 10y 7m, school, born Middlesbrough Yorkshire
Margaret Sterry, Daur, 3y 7m, born Middlesbrough Yorkshire

Middlesbrough Parish
Middlesbrough RD
** 100 Crescent Road Middlesbrough (RG15 24133 32 E RD535 RS3 ED42)
Henry Sterry, Head, 41y, wages clerk blast furnaces NE Steel Co, born Middlesbrough Yorkshire
Sarah Sterry, Wife, 40y 5m, home duties, born Lanark, Lanarkshire, Scotland
William Sterry, Son, 14y 1m, school, born Middlesbrough Yorkshire
Henry Sterry, Son, 10y, school, born Middlesbrough Yorkshire
Eric Sterry, 7y, school, born Middlesbrough Yorkshire
Douglas Sterry, 3y 2m, born Middlesbrough Yorkshire

Middlesbrough Parish
Middlesbrough RD
** 18 Enfield Street Middlesbrough (RG15 24130 342 E RD535 RS3 ED39)
William Sterry, Head, 39y 2m, joiner own account, born Middlesbrough Yorkshire
Margaret Sterry, Wife, 40y 9m, home duties, born Durham, Durham
William Sterry, Son, 18y 8m, assisting father, born Middlesbrough Yorkshire
Wilfred Sterry, Son, 15y 1m, apprentice joiner William Tait, born Redcar Yorkshire
Raymond Sterry, Son, 13y 5m, school, born Middlesbrough Yorkshire

Ryhill Parish
Hemsworth RD
+ Station Hill Ryhill Wakefield (RG15 22638 183 E RD506 RS32 ED18-19)
Sam Sterry, Head, 36y 5m, house painter own account, born Earlsheaton Yorkshire
Ethel Sterry, Wife, 33y 10m, home duties, born Thornhill Yorkshire
Edward Brown Sterry, Son, 11y 1m, school, born Ossett Yorkshire
Gordon Sterry, Son, 7y 1m, school, born Ossett Yorkshire
Ethel Margaret Sterry, Daur, 3y 1m, born Ryhill Yorkshire
Ruth Sterry, Daur, 1y 4m, born Ryhill Yorkshire

Sculcoates Parish
Sculcoates RD
** 6 Dene Street New Bridge Road Sculcoates Hull (RG15 23664 96 E RD521 RS6 ED2)
John Sterry, Head, 45y 8m, shipyard plater out of work Earley Shipbuilding Co, born Middlesbrough Yorkshire
Clara Sterry, Wife, 45y 2m, home duties, born Middlesbrough Yorkshire
John Edward Sterry, Son, 18y 2m, making lad Earley Shipbuilding Co, born Middlesbrough Yorkshire
Evelyn Sterry, Daur, 16y 9m, millinery Mr Mills, born Middlesbrough Yorkshire
Sidney Sterry, Son, 14y 2m, school, born Hull Yorkshire

Skelton Parish
Guisborough RD
* 42 Cockburn Street Lingdale Skelton (RG15 24000 242 E RD534 RS2 ED6)
William Goodwill, Head, 51 yr 4 mths, born Great Barff Yorkshire, Ironstone Miner [out of work] for Bolkow & Vaughan Mine at South Skelton
Nellie Goodwill, Wife, 47 yr 3 mths, born Sherburn Yorkshire, Home Duties
Albert Sterry, Step son, 22 yr 6 mths, Single, born Guisbrough, Ironstone Miner [out of work] for Bolkow & Vaughan Mine at South Skelton
Harold Sterry, Step son, 18 yrs 10 mths, Single, born Guisbrough Yorkshire, General Yard Labourer [out of work] at Pease & Partners at Lingdale Mine
Nellie Sterry, Step daughter, aged 12 yrs 2 mths, Father dead, born Lingdale Yorkshire, at school
Arthur Jackson, Son in law, 26 yrs 6 mths, Married, born North Skelton Yorkshire, Farm Labourer at Clapham Farm at Skelton, out of work [amended in different ink and crossed out]
Eva Jackson, Step daughter, 24 yrs 1 month, Married, born Guisbrough Yorkshire, Home Duties
Alma Jackson, Grand daughter, 1 yr 5 mths, born Skelton Yorkshire, both parents living

Soothill Nether Parish
Dewsbury RD
+ 61 Headland Earls Heaton Dewsbury (RG15 22436 110 E RD503 RS7 ED13)
Archibald Sterry, Head, 33y 1m, rag carbonizer Fred Haigh Co, born Earls Heaton Yorkshire
Bertha Sterry, Wife, 32y, home duties, born Dewsbury Yorkshire
Fred Haigh Sterry, Son, 8y 1m, school, born Dewsbury Yorkshire

+ = Longhope, Gloucestershire, UK line
** = Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK line
* = Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK