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This is the link page to Directories UK. Directories include early commercial and trade directories (the forerunners of telephone directories) and telephone directories.

Trade Directories

"Directories were first published for cities and large towns around 1800, and a few decades later for small towns or rural areas. However, there were earlier directories for London. A directory of London merchants was published in 1677 and London directories were published annually from 1734." Ancestral Trails, M. Herber.

Phone Directories

British phone books were published from 1880, the year after the public telephone service was introduced to the UK. Selected BT phone book archives have been made available online by Sterry entries are listed below.


Western Section
Gloucester and Barnwood
221 STERRY & Morris, Grocers, Provn Merchants, 18 Southgate St

Southern Section
46 STERRY J. S. & Co., Ld., Shipowners & Merchts, Commercial rd
46b STERRY J. S. & Co., Ld., Shipowners & Merchts, London rd
46c STERRY J. S. & Co., Ld., Shipowners & Merchts, Belvedere rd

Southern Section
21 (Sth)
0161 STERRY E.V., Coal Importer, Durhm whf S'htown