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This is the link page to military records of the UK.

Perhaps the most interesting naval character of all was Capt Sterry commander of the 'Fairfax'. According to a complaint brought before the British Council of State on Aug 23, 1659 by Lord Nieuport, presumeably a Dutchman, the captain seems to have exceeded his orders the previous autumn. The charge was that he "on November 19, 1658 seized in the Straits of Gibralter the 'Mary', a merchant ship of Amsterdam, and John Muller Caper, merchant, with a Shriedam fly boat, the 'Pro Patria', and that without any proceedings in the Admiralty Court, bulk was broken and the goods, etc unladen and detained." The Council of State ordered an investigation .. evidently [Capt Sterry] was on patrol duty at the western end of the Mediterranean with the Royal Navy. Conceivably he was the same person as the Nathaniel Sterry to whom the British Council of State on March 29, 1660 directed £30 to be paid 'towards the charge of his journey to the Sound'. ['The Sterry Family', Walter Smith, p194; his connection to any Sterry line is unknown]

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