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Chicago [Cook County]

%%1910 May 25 William R Sterry [Age] 63 [Residential address] 421A Berkeley Ave, Chicago [Burial Date] 31 May 1910 [Burial Place] Mt Hope [Occupation] Clerk [Birth Place] New York [Father] William D Sterry born N Y [Burial Date] 31 May 1910 [Informant] T B Johnson [FHL Film Number:] 1239874 [Source: Cook County, Illinois, Deaths 1878-1922: Ancestry]
%%1911 Nov 14 Hannah M Coffin [Age] 80 [Hannah M Sterry] [Hannah M Stern] [Birth Date] 10 Jun 1831 [Birth Place] Connecticut [Burial Date] 16 Nov 1911 [Cemetery Name] Mt Hope [Occupation] Housewife [Marital Status] Widowed
[Residence] Chicago, Cook, Illinois [Father] Elisiah Stern [FHL Film Number] 1239899 [Source: Cook County, Illinois, Deaths 1878-1922: Ancestry]
%%1921 Apr 4 Irene D Cleaver [Death Place] Chicago, Cook co. [Age] 11 [Born] 6 Aug 1909 at Chicago, Cook co. [Mother] Viola Sterry born Chicago, Cook co. [Father] Ralph Cleaver born Chicago, Cook co. [Residence] Chicago, Cook co. [Buried] 7 Apr 1921 at Oakwood Cemetery, Chicago, Cook co.
%%1923 Mar 11 Ada Sterry [Age] 69 [Marital Status] Widowed [Residence] 4464 So Lake Park [Occupation] Housewife [Birth Date] 24 Mar 1853 [Birthplace] Davenport, Iowa [Cemetery] Mount Hope [Father] A Twing [Spouse] Wm Sterry
[Informant] Rochelle Bowren [Burial] 14 Mar 1923 [Entry Number] 7890 [Source: Illinois, Cook County Deaths, 1878-1994 and Illinois Deaths and Stillbirths 1916-1947-FamilySearch]
%%1925 May 25 Viola Julia Cleavet(Cleaver) [Death Place] Chicago, Cook co. [Age] 42 [Father] William R Sterry [Mother] Ada Turing(Twing) [Spouse] Ralph Cleavet [Source] Illinois Deaths and Stillbirths 1916-1947-FamilySearch
$1991 Sep 6 Iver C Sterry [Age] 77 [Marital Status] Married [Residence] 1822 So Desplaines [Occupation] Laborer [Birth Date] 31 Oct 1913 [Birthplace] Castlewood, , South Dakota [Cemetery] Cremation Services [Father] James Sterry [Mother] Charlene Vandyke [Spouse] Name Lena Ruperti [Informant] James Sterry [Entry Number] 616891 [Source: Illinois, Cook County Deaths, 1878-1994: FamilySearch]
1953 Oct 28 Leo Sterry Strychalski [Residence] 2306 W Superior St [Age] 50
[Marital Status] Married [Occupation] Machinist [Birth Date] 14 Jun 1903 [Birthplace] Pennsylvania [Funeral Home] Barabas Funeral Home [Burial Place] Ladysmith, Wisconsin [Cemetery] Local [Father] Frank Strychalski [Informant] Martha Sterry [Entry Number] 74807 [Source: Illinois, Cook County Deaths, 1878-1994: FamilySearch]

[Cook County]
Deaths [Source: Illinois, Cook County Deaths, 1878-1994: FamilySearch]
%% 1921 Mar 4 Irene D Cleaver [Residence] 4940 No Kedzie [Age] 11 [Occupation] School Girl [Birth Date] 6 Aug 1909 [Birthplace] Chicago, Cook, IL
[Burial Date] 7 Apr 1921 [Cemetery] Oakwoods Father] Ralph Cleaver [Father's Birthplace] Chicago, Cook, IL [Mother] Viola Sterry [Mother's Birthplace] Chicago, Cook, IL [Record Number 69] [Source Reference] cn 8873

Esmen [Livingstone County]
[Source: AIS Mortality Schedules; Illinois Mortality Schedules]
1870 Mar __ Hattie Sterry, aged 1 [Residence] Esmen, Livingstone co. [Born] Illinois [Death Place] at home [Cause of Death] Scarlet Fever

Glenwood [Cook County]
Deaths [Source: Illinois, Cook County Deaths, 1878-1994: FamilySearch]
$1991 Sep 28 Lena J Sterry [Residence] 1822 So Desplaines [Age] 76 [Marital Status] Widowed [Occupation] Homemaker [Birth Date] 21 Dec 1914 [Birthplace] Spodner, Wisconsin [Funeral Home] Gordon [Burial Date] 30 Sep 1991 [Burial Place] Rosemont, , Illinois [Cemetery] Cremation Sys Inc [Father] Andrew Ruperti
[Mother] Maria Masterjohn [Informant] Marcie Pape [Entry Number] 054879

Hickory [Fulton County]
(Source: AIS Mortality Schedules; Illinois Mortality Schedules
1850 Aug __ Edmund P Sterry [Place of Death] Hickory Fulton Co [Age] 3 [Born] New York [Cause of Death] Croup

(Livingstone County)
[Source: Illinois Marriages; Illinois County Marriages]
1877 May 19 Augustus E Standish, aged 39, Single [Residence] Esmen, Livingstone co. & Carrie E Sterry (Mrs), aged 28, Single [Residence] Esmen [Marriage Place] Livingstone County

Pontiac [Livingstone County]

+++1885 Mar 5 C. H. Long, aged 35 [Residence] Pontiac [Occupation] Physician, second marriage & Lida [aka Lydia] Sterry, aged 24, Single [Residence] Pontiac [Father] C H Sterry [Marriage Place] Pontiac, Livingstone co. [Source: Illinois Marriages]
+++1895 Jun 26 Elbert M Kirkpatrick, aged 25 [born] Pike Township Livingstone Co [Residence] Chenoa Illinois [Occupation] Grain Merchant [Father] George M Kirkpatrick [Mother] Sarah C Wright, first marriage & Mary E Sterry, aged 26 [born] Esmen Township Livingstone Co. [Residence] Pontiac Illinois [Father] Christopher W Sterry [Mother] Mary C Ross, first marriage [Marriage Place] Livingstone County [Wit] Leonard E Lackland, Miss Anna Cooper [Minister] William H Wilder [Source: Illinois Marriages]
+++1896 Dec 16 Clarence B Hurt, aged 24 [Residence] Minonk, Woodford co. & Miss Jessie Sterry, aged 21 [Residence] Pontiac Livingstone co. [Father] C. W. Sterry [Mother] Mary Ross [Marriage Place] Pontiac, Livingstone County [Source: Illinois, County Marriages,]
+++1914 Aug 4 C. Sterry Long, aged 23, Single [Marriage Place] Pontiac, Livingstone co. & Helen Hortense Ryan, aged 22, Single, born Chenoa Ill. [Source: Illinois County Marriages]

Peoria [Peoria County]
[Source: Illinois Deaths and Stillbirths]
1947 Jun 2 Minnie M Newsam [Age] 76 [Place of Death] Peoria, Peoria County [Born] 18 May 1871 at Redoak Iowa [Father] Frank Sterry [Mother] Katherine [Occupation] Housewife [Spouse] William S. Newsam [Buried] 6 Jun 1947 at Parkview Cemetery, Peoria

Pontiac (Livingstone County)

+++1901 Jan 8 Christopher W Sterry [Personal submission IGI. Born 12 Aug 1826 Franklin Co., Maine]
+++1936 Dec 26 Lida(Lydia) Sterry Long [Death Place] Pontiac Livingstone [Age] 74 [Born] 14 Aug 1862 at Esmen Twp., Illinois [Occupation] Housewife [Residence] Pontiac, Livingstone [Father] Christopher W Sterry born Somerset co., Maine [Mother] Mary C Ross born Clark Co., Ohio [Spouse] Charles H Long [Bureid] 28 Dec 1936 at Pontiac Cemetery, Pontiac, Livingstone [Source: Illinois Deaths and Stillbirths]

 %% = Stonington, Connecticut, USA line
+++ = Starks, Maine, USA