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In the name of God Amen

I Thomas Sterry of the Towne of Feversham in the County of Kent (Being sicke in body, but of a sound and perfect mind, memory and understanding, as at any time in my life) doe here in manner and forme following, (with my owne hand) make this my last Will and Testimony.

First I chearfully resigne my soule into the hands of god that gave it to my body and my body to the earth ther to be inter'd decently and without ostentation. I will that no more be expended upon my funurell than w[ha]t absolute necessity requires to carry mee to the earth. I doe strickely discharge and forbid the ringing of a bell, sermon, scuchions, rich banquett, much people, and such like cerimonies.

Next, my children I leave with my wife and in this my will is that shee shall keepe them, have the bringing of them up, and with the advise of my over-seer, place them to trades convenient for them as her estate will beare it to give with them, and helpe them when they come out of their times.

For this purpose, I give and bequeath to my wife Ann Sterry all my mony either now in her possession or oweing to mee. also all my household goods of w[ha]t kind soever I give to her for the use and intent above specified w[hi]ch being not performd it shall be lawfull for any of my children w[he]n they come to the age of twenty one yeares to cause her to make good all my estate and give them alike equall shares, as they come to age divideing the whole into so many parts as ther shall be of my children liveing at age to demand it. I speake n[o]t this to have my children quarell with their mother, for I know if she econtinue a widdow till they are growne up ther shall be no need of this and I straitely charge them that they molest her n[o]t. But in case they have a father in law that should be harsh to their mother and will n[o]t suffer her to doe for them, if shee so long live or upon her death bed to doe for them according to the estate shee brought then my will is they shall demand and have of him proportionable to w[ha]t my wife brought him in mony and goods. My lands I give all to my wife dureing the terme of her naturall life. At her decease, to my son Samuel Sterry I give all that parcell or parcells of land w[hi]ch I had with my wife lieng in Cambridgeshire in the Ile of Elie in the parish of March to my sons Thomas, Charles and Benjamin I give all my lands and all belonging therto lieing in the County of Gloucester in the parish of Ruardeane and let them equally share the rent as it comes to them. if one of them die let it goe betweene the other two and the longest liver of these three take all this parcell last named if the deceased have no issue and in case all these three shall die without issue then I give all that land houses, out houses and w[ha]t soever else is mine ther in Gloucestershire (all w[hi]ch I before gave to my three sons just named) to my father Mr Jon sterry to be at his disposall for ever.

Also I appoynt my wife Ann Sterry to be my sole executrix and my ffather Mr Jon Sterry overseer.

Lastly I will that my executrix discharge and bestow these legacies:
foure faire gold rings in ammeld black with large death's heads on them and within this motto: ut sum, sic eris. give these to these parties every one, one: viz my ffather sterry, my mother sterry, my ffather ffrench, my mother ffrench. to our three brothers three lesser rings enamel'd black with this posie: love one another.

This is my last will and testament, wittnes my hand and seale the tenth day of December in the of christ one thousand six hundred fifty and two.

This will was proved the second day of June 1653 at westminster before the Judges appointed by Act of Parliament for probate of wills and granting administrations intituled an Act for probate of wills and granting administrations by the oath of Ann Sterrey relict and sole Executrix named in the said will she being sworne before doctor Wiseman substitute to the said Judges and Administrators was committed to the said Ann she being first sworne truly to administer the same.

This is Thomas Sterry [1620-1653] of Faversham, Kent, son of John Sterry [1594-1672] on the Ruardean, Gloucestershire Sterry line.