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Date of Birth Name Birth Place Service No Next of Kin Enlistment Place
27 Dec 1906 **Harry William Sterry Kingston-On-Thames England VX2144 Jessie Sterry South Melbourne Victoria
25 Sep 1912 *Frederick Keith Sterry Bondi NSW NX74083 Frederick Keith Paddington NSW
10 Nov 1913 +William Alexander Sterrey Sydney NSW N180279 John Sterrey Millers Point NSW
8 Aug 1915 *Ronald William Sterry Thornbury, Victoria V368649 J Sterry Preston Victoria
22 Oct 1915 +Norman John Sterrey Balmain NSW N12553 John Sterrey Millers Point NSW
10 Mar 1916 *Kenneth Arthur Stanley Sterry Melbourne, Victoria V72214 Alfred Sterry Westgarth Victoria
12 Jan 1917 +Eric Archibald Sterrey Balmain NSW NX105555 John Sterrey Campbelltown NSW
11 Sep 1917 *Kevin Sterry Bondi NSW N25590 Arthur Sterry Waverley Park, NSW
6 Jan 1919 *George Thomas Sterry Richmond Victoria VX135643 Alfred Sterry In the field
8 Aug 1919 *Alfred William Sterry Melbourne Victoria VX112487 Alfred Sterry Albury NSW
14 Aug 1919 +George Charles Sterrey Balmain NSW NX105556 John Sterrey Penrith NSW
7 Apr 1920 +Thomas Sterry Brunswick NSW VX60149 Marion Sterry Royal Park Victoria
8 Apr 1920 *William Arthur Sterry Balaclava Victoria VX90577 Bonnie Sterry Royal Park, Victoria
15 Apr 1920 *Alan Rupert Sterry Preston Victoria VX112521 Florence Sterry Puckapunyal Victoria
6 Jul 1920 *Clyde Sterry Preston Victoria VX37656 Florence Sterry Royal Park Victoria
10 Aug 1920 %Thomas Henry Eric Sterry Brisbane Queensland 123379 Veronica Sterry Brisbane Queensland
14 May 1921 **Ronald Sterry Lowestoft 25430 Agnes Sterry Sydney NSW
24 Sep 1923

+Victor Stanley Sterrey

Balmain NSW NX143808 John Sterrey Yerrongpilley Queensland
24 Dec 1925 +Ernest John Sterry Panteg Monmouthshire 161777 Ernest Sterry Sydney NSW

Where more detailed service records are available, they are included below.

William Arthur Sterry [1920-1990]

[Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK line]

Enlisted Royal Park, Victoria on 19 Oct 1942
Personal Detail: Born 8 Apr 1920 at Balaclava, Victoria. Native born British Subject. 22 yrs 6 mths. Clerk. Married. Permanent Address: 50 Saturn St, Caulfield. Next of Kin/Wife: Bonnie H aka Yvonne Helena Sterry of 50 Saturn St Sth Caulfield. Father T W F Sterry of 50 Saturn St, Caulfield.
Description: 5 feet 8½ inches; 8 stone 2lbs, complexion fair, eyes hazel, hair fair
Religion: Presbyterian


Service No: VX90577
Rank: Driver
Regiments: 112 and 111 Aust General Infantry Company
19 Oct 1942- Taken on Strength R R D Royal Park; transferred to Watsonia
21 Nov 1942- To Perth then returning to unit
28 Nov 1942- On leave 2 days
6 Mar 1943- Transferred to I A R U
23 Oct 1943- Classified medically as "B" - fit to carry out certain duties which require only restricted medical fitness bt Medical Board
26 Jan 1944- Fine 15/- for neglecting to obey routine orders
8 Feb 1944- Transferred to 111 Aust Gen Infantry Company
6 Apr 1944- Classified proficient and entitled to receive proficiency pay
26 Aug 1944- Medically reassessed as B2
15 Nov 1944- Transferred out to LHQ - Vic L of C Area
21 Nov 1944- Transferred from 111 AGT Coy to LHQ & posted Q'land Ech. and Rec.
14 Apr 1945- Transferred to LHQ Car Coy
Discharged: 18 Mar 1946

** = Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK line
% = Bermondsey, Surrey, UK line
+ = Longhope, Gloucestershire, UK line
* = Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK line