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In the Supreme Court, Victoria
In the Estate of Marie Sterry otherwise known as Maisie Sterry, late of 23 Drummond St, Carlton, widow, deceased, intestate

Rule to Administer 10 Aug 1923
… it is ordered that the Curator of the Estates of Deceased Persons shall Administer of all and singular the the property of Marie Sterry …

I Frederick George Lumsden of Melbourne in the State of Victoria, clerk in the office of the Curator of the Estates of Deceased Persons make oath and say … no Will of the said Marie Sterry otherwise known as Maisie Sterry, deceased, has been lodged …
Dated 9 Aug 1923

I Walter Bryant House of 22 William Street in the City of Melbourne, Curator of Deceased Persons, make oath and say -

1. That I have been informed by Joseph Eli Sterry of 69 Penders St, Northcote, tannery employee, a step-son of the said deceased and believe that the above-named Marie Sterry … departed this life on the eighth of November 1922, intestate.
2. … the said deceased had at the time of her death property in this State to the value of twenty two pounds nine shillings and 6 pence or thereabouts consisting of
Interest as beneficiary in the estate of her deceased husband Samuel Sterry being administered by me £20
Personal effects valued at £2 9s 6d
3. … the said deceased was a widow and left the following named persons her next of kin, her surviving her sister Mary Day of Broken Hill, New South Wales, and a brother said to be residing in Geelong whom I have as yet ascertained no further particulars.
4. .. no relative or next of kin … is ready to take Grant of Administration.
Dated 9 Aug 1923