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In the Supreme Court of Victoria
In the Estate of Samuel Sterry late of Westgarth Street, Northcote and formerly of 147 Plenty Road, Preston, Painter, deceased, intestate

I Walter Bryant House of New Zealand Chambers, 483 Collins-street in the City of Melbourne, Curator of Estates of Deceased Persons, make oath and say
1. That I have been informed by Joseph Eli Sterry of 69 Prentice St, Northcote, a son of the said deceased and believe that the above-named Samuel Sterry … departed this life on the fifth day of November 1922 intestate
2. … that the said deceased had a the time of his death property now in this State to the value of one hundred and one pounds or thereabouts consisting of
two adjoining allotments of land situated at Preston and valued at £100
Tools and personal effects valued at £1
3. … the said deceased was a widower and left the following persons his next of kin surviving him:- his three sons namely Samuel Sterry of 21 Warr Avenue, Preston; Alfred Sterry of 79 Egan St, Richmond and Joseph Eli Sterry of 69 Prentice St Northcote and his seven daughters, namely Edith Williams of 19 Westgarth St Northcote; Caroline Halverson of 77 Curzon St, North Melbourne; Ettie Cook and Ruby Sterry, both of 62 Fitzwilliam St, Kew; Elsie Marie Sterry of 209 Spring St, Kew; Rachel Steer of 24 Lofts Ave, Kew and Amelia Boyar, residing in Western Australia.
4. … no next of kin … is rready to take Grant of Administration to his esate and I have been requested by all of the said next of kin, excepting the said Amelia Boyer, who is resident in Western Australia, to make this application.
Dated 14 Dec 1922