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In the Supreme Court of the Colony of Victoria
No duty payable
14 Dec 1891

In the will of Thomas Sterry late of Bendigo in the Colony of Victoria Hawker deceased
Affidavits of Executors
We Robert Upstill of High Street Bendigo in the Colony of Victoria Carpenter and Henry Gould of Queen Bendigo aforesaid Draper jointly and severally make oath and say
1. That we are seeking to obtain probate of the will of the abovenamed Thomas Sterry
2. That the said deceased died on the ninth day of October 1891 at Bendigo in the Colony of Victoria
3. The said deceased left a will bearing date the eighth day of October 1891 which is as we believe the last Will and Testament of the said deceased and which is unrevoked as we believe
4. By his said will the said Testator appointed us these deponents Robert Upstill of High Street Bendigo aforesaid carpenter and Henry Gould of Queen Street Bendigo aforesaid draper Executors thereof
5. The paper writing hereunto annexed marked “A” is the said last Will of the said deceased as we verily believe
6. The said Will was executed in the presence of Robert Upstill of High Street Bendigo aforesaid carpenter and Mary Ann Louisa Fletcher of Cambridge Street Collingwood in the said Colony of Victoria spinster
7. The said testator left real estate in the Colony of Victoria not exceeding in value the sum of fifty pounds sterling and personal property in the said Colony not exceeding in vlaue the sum of one hundred and sixteen pounds ten shillings sterling …
8. … we will well and truly collect and administer according to law … the property lands and hereditaments goods chattels and credits of the said deceased … we will make or cause to be made a true and perfect inventory of all and singular the property, lands etc … and will exhibit and deposit or cause to be exhibited the deposited the same inventory in the Master of Equity within three calendar months … we will make … a true and just account of the administration of the estate …
Signed Robert Upstill, Henry Gould 4 Dec 1891

Appendix A
This is the last Will and Testament of me Thomas Sterry of Bendigo in the Colony if Victoria Hawker
After payment of all my just debts funeral and testamentary expenses I give devise and bequeath unto my wife all my real and personal estate. Signed Thomas Sterry, Robert Upstill, Louie Fletcher 8 Oct 1891

Connelly & Tatchell
No 464 Collins Street Melbourne agents for Connelly & Tatchell Bendigo

Real estate Property situate in Hill Street Ironbark Bendigo containing one quarter acre and valued at £75 “an old German brick cottage of one room with an old stable situated at Bendigo on a small block of land”
Sale of horse £10
Sale of poultry £5 9s 8d
Harness £3
Amount of a/c Mrs Turvey £4 6s 1d
Amount of a/c Mrs Dallard £7s 6d
Sale of horse £6
Sale of Waggon £15 4s
Sale of buggy and harness £9 10s
Cash received £13 2s 3d
Total £141 19s 6d

Water rates 10s
Advertising sale 16s
Stamps and paper 3s
Cash to Mrs Sterry £1
Veterinary Surgeon £1 1s
G Hinton & Son £5 19s
W Manning £6 11s
Stamps &c 2s 9d
Connelly & Tatchell £11
Scholten and Marsh £2 7s 6d
R Upstill £17 13s 3d
W Humme £17 12s
Hugh Rigby £2 4s
Total £66 19s 6d

Balance £75
Property transferred to Mrs Sterry as devisee value £100