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[The Toronto Daily Mail [Toronto, Canada] 29 Nov 1884, page 2]
A Turnkey in the British Columbia Penitentiary Slays Another
The New Westminster, B. C., British Columbia of Nov. 5 says:- Yesterday morning the city was thrown into some excitement by the report that a guard had been deliberately shot at the penitentiary. Upon enquiry it turned out that the report was only too terribly true. Four guards named respectively, Sterry, Roberts, Hickey, and Rogers, lodged in n house about a quarter of a mile from the penitentiary, formerly occupied by Rev. Mr. Baskett. Sterry, Roberts and Hickey occupied one room and Rogers occupied another. Yesterday morning Sterry got up as usual and went to a small room of the kitchen to wash. While engaged in this act it seems that Rogers got up, went to the door of the room, .and deliberately fired at him with his revolver. The other guard heard the firing, but as there was no other noise, they never for moment suspected the real truth. Sterry seems to have turned round, and Rogers fired two more shots, every one of which took effect, and after Sterry fell he fired at him again. Roberts, who roomed with Sterry, heard an exclamation and ran to the room where he saw the prostrate form of Sterry, and Rogers standing near the door with a revolver in his haud. Rogers cocked the pistol again and said to Roberts, "if you open your mouth I'll shoot you." Roberts went off and gave the alarm. Rogers left the house, walked into the city, nearly a mile and a half, and delivered himself up at the goal. As soon as a report of the matter reached the penitentiary Warden McBride dispatched a guard to secure Rogers, but before he had overtaken him the murderer had surrendered himself. Coroner Trew was notified and held an inquest in the afternoon, the jury finding that the deceased came to his death from the gun shot in the hands of Rogers. The coroner did not commit the prisoner but decided to place the matter in the hands of the magistrate, and it is probable the case will come up for hearing to-day. The slayer and his victim were both from England, and had been about five or six months at the penitentiary. They were quiet and efficient guards and it was not known that bad blood existed between them. It in reported that Sterry had accused Rogers of theft some time ago, and that Rogers took this fearful revenge upon him. They were both young men about 35 years of age. Rogers is now in goal, and appears quite unconcerned about his position. It is one of the most deliberate murders on record. [This is William Henry Sterry 1863-1884 on the Longhope, Gloucestershire, UK line]